Kumquat Fruits & Vassilakis Company (Corfu, Greece)

Companywas established in 1960
in the village Agios Ioannis (Corfu, Greece) and is mainly active in the production and
marketing of kumquat products Kumquat is a small tree-fruit of the citrus family, native
of Southeast Asia, brought in Corfu in the 19th century Fruit, having the size of an large olive,
has orange colour and it is very fragrant The name comes from the Cantonese dialect
(China) and means “golden tangerine” In store-exhibition we are kindly expected for
products presentation, free tastings and shopping Guides provides detailed explanations to us On the screen, images of the production,
from fruits collection to their final processing We begin with the presentation of liqueurs Kumquat pulp yield colorless liquor,
harsher taste preferred by men, 27% alcohol This is the most popular variant,
containing kumquat peel extract Peel, naturally, give drink color, sweetness
and flavor It has 25% alcohol and is bottled in glass different
sizes, large and small, suitable for gifts The same liquor is produced at a concentration of 35% alcohol Perhaps the ladies prefer something less strong There are and light variant, a liqueur type beer, with milk
and honey. Must to be kept cold It is produced with aromas of kumquat, strawberry,
pineapple, banana and lemon Vassilakis family, in addition to kumquats and olive groves,
has lemon groves from which they produceBesides traditional products specific Corfu, you will
can to taste andbranded Vassilakis and also(40% alcohol), which would be the third
Greece’s famous liquid after sea water and olive oil This is a product that I really like it.
The colorless liquid content is the kumquat liqueur On twigs there are kumquat essence,
crystallized using sugar After consuming the liquor, 3-4 times you can refill
the bottle with neutral alcohol (vodka, gin ….) and after a month, the beverage will have kumquat flavor In the summer, kumquat fruits can be found only
candied, so or individually packaged In the sweets category falls and the kumquat jam
(sweetness with whole fruit, currently missing) This is a very interesting package
that can be offered as a gift It contains candied fruit, colored liquor, colorless liqueur
and limoncello. There is and a variant with 2 bottles An alternative to Turkish delight, is this, made
from kumquat and very different Also on found caramelized almonds, sesame with honey,
fig paste, nougat and other traditional sweets Once we taste the two liqueurs, kumquat fruits
and Turkish delight, at the end of this table we find all drinks, Corfu producing excellent red and white
wines and many liqueurs liqueur with Greek coffee flavor, bitters … This drink is great for men
(helps potency …) Now we can move to test the products.
Prices are listed on shelves Presentation of wines Pieces of bread soaked in ±flavored olive oil Vassilakis company makes and other products of kumquat:
cosmetics and toiletries, extracts, sauces, etc. All of them are sold in their stores, in other stores
from Greece, in hotels and restaurants

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