Kura outraged over new liquor store across the road

The community of a school
is outraged at the opening of a new liquor store less than 200 meters away
from its gates. Raniera Harrison has more. Te Kura Maori o Nga Tapuwae fears
a new precedence has taken over its community. Money has become the priority over our children. This store was recently granted
an alcohol license by the Auckland City Council. Our requests for an interview
were not responded to. However, it seems
a battle is brewing. Anger is growing
as the community’s pleas fall on deaf ears. That’s why we will continue
to fight this, so that it doesn’t affect
our school. Even though there’s a petition
doing the rounds, it seems as if it’s all in vain. In the future,
they hope the Auckland City Council will listen to the communities
they represent. Raniera Harrison, Te Karere.

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