Lauren Drinks Fireball Whiskey

– Have you heard of Fireball?
Do you know about Fireball? [cheers and applause]
Wow. Wow. It’s popular, isn’t it. It’s cinnamon whiskey, and some stores in the UK
are recalling Fireball because it turns out
it has an ingredient that is also found
in antifreeze. [audience murmuring] Mm-hmm. That’s true. And the FDA is saying
small amounts of this antifreeze is “generally safe.” [laughter] Which is
“specifically not comforting.” But because I like to look out
for you, I wanted to test exactly
how much Fireball is safe to drink, so–
well, not me. I’m not gonna do it. But my writer Lauren
was told to volunteer, so, Lauren, come on out here. Hi, Lauren. [cheers and applause] – I just got an idea. Hi, Lauren.
– Hi. [audience exclaiming]
– Ugh. Let’s–ugh. – I have an idea.
– It’s very heavy. – What are you doing?
– You can’t see me if I do this. [laughter] – Is that your idea?
– Uh-huh, I like that idea. – I can’t see you.
Where’d you go? Hey, look.
There’s some Fireball. Have you ever had Fireball? – I have tasted it once.
– You have? – Yeah.
– And do you like it? – I don’t remember. [laughter] – All right, well, why don’t you
take one of those things. – Okay.
– Are you good at shots? You know how to just–
– No, I like to sip things. – You do?
– Yeah. – We don’t have that much time.
It’s a one-hour show. We have guests.
– I’ll do my b– – So why don’t you just
do a shot and see– – This is very large. – It is?
– Mm-hmm. – Chris Pratt didn’t have
a problem with it the other day. How’s that? Good? It’s not bad.
– Okay. [laughter] Okay, so that’s one. [cheers and applause] – Whoo!
– Whoo! – [coughs]
– Is it warm? – It burns.
There’s a burning sensation. – It burns? Yeah. Does it taste–
can you taste the antifreeze component
in there? – No.
– No? – Just do one more.
– Oh, God. – Do you want to do one more?
I’m not gonna make you. Go ahead.
[laughter] – Oh, golly. – Do you want to? – So bad. [laughter] Oh, my goodness. Bye. [laughter] – You’re gonna be dancing
with Craig in a minute. [laughter] And Emily and… – Mmm!
– Is that good? – Mm-hmm.
– Okay. [laughter] Would you suggest it to people? – Mm-hmm. [laughter] Mm-hmm.
– Is it down now? – Got it.
– Okay, so– – Let me just finish this up. – Okay. Okay.
[cheers and applause] That’s fine
That’s enough. Put that down. All right, that’s–
I don’t want you– I don’t know why
they brought that many out. Is there anything you want
to get off your chest now that you’ve had some– anything you want to talk about
or anything? – Nope.
– Nope? You sure?
– Uh-huh. – Okay. – Do you?
– No. [laughter] I’ve loved having you work here.
– [laughing] – I just thought–no. [laughs] It’d be a good time to fire you,
yeah. [laughter] Oh, Lauren, I love you so much. All right, don’t operate any
heavy machinery when you leave. You’re getting a ride home
for sure. Or walking.
– Yeah, I’ll walk. – You should just hitchhike. [laughter]

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