LEO | You Are About to Turn Water Into Wine | PSYCHIC TAROT 🌞

Hi Leos and welcome to your time with
Renee Tarot we’re going to do Tarot and oracle card readings for your
inspiration and motivation we are going to start off today using the Iyanla Vanzant daily living cards this is tips for daily living we’ll start off with that
and then we’ll look at the Tarot I’ll just do a general tarot spread for you
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from YouTube let’s get started we’re recording this on October 10th 2019 but
this is good for you for whenever you need it okay where in your life could
you be more flexible have a nice Ballerina here of course we know that
ballerinas aren’t tip-top condition they’re very flexible beautiful card are
you willing to bend a little today Oh seems like some Leo’s are going to have
to be flexible we don’t want to do that do we certain situations call for you to
bend in the most appropriate directions so not necessarily uncomfortable but
appropriate okay so let’s see what this means from a tarot point of view we’re gonna do a five card reading I’m
gonna lay the cards down in front of you as you concentrate with me and then that
card came out on its own we’re gonna let it stay there we’ll lift
the cards up so that you can see them okay there’s a very very bright card but
you are Leo exemplified by the Sun now Leo went since you are basically
exemplified by the Sun there will be tons where the sun’s placement will
affect you and right now the Sun is in Libra so there may be some some
situations you should pay attention to Venus you should the planet Venus in
your astrology or in the current astrology chart you should pay attention
to Libra what’s going on in Libra so that you can get what you need to get
out of your energies and understand what’s happening in your life okay all
right overall energy is a reversed card seven of swords I’m going to turn this
right side up so that you remember what it looks like right side up and then
we’ll talk about the reverse energies the seven of swords has to do with you
really getting something that you don’t necessarily have to work so hard for but
that you actually just end up running into it or you accept it without
expecting to have to work for it and as this is reversed it indicates that
something you have worked for is um or that you’re in the process of working
for it which probably has to do with the seven of Pentacles as you can see this
person is in the process of working a field of
coins haha okay making sure he gets the promotion making sure he gets the the
investment paying attention to where his money is going and putting in the
necessary work to make it grow so we’re talking about not that you’re not being
lazy with this reading you’re actually taking the time to do what the iyanla
Vanzant cards say you’re bending you are being flexible you are coming up with
creative ways to do things and you’re making sure that you stretch a little to
do a lot and you have the gift and the ability to be able to do that now
what’s going on in the midst of that we have the queen of cups I’m using the
Illuminati tarot today and any of the cards that I use you can purchase by
clicking on the Amazon link in the info box to include the iyanla Vanzant deck
queen of cups it’s about love it’s about a woman who understands what that love
is not just about a feeling it’s not just about what we receive from others
it’s about what we give and this woman is not a stranger to giving she wants to
give she’s open to giving you may be a person who has the Sun and leo
but you have a lot of water in your natal chart meaning you have a lot of
planets and/or asteroids in cancer Pisces Scorpio you may be someone who is
a water sign who is connected to a Leo personality and then we have the Sun for
some of you this will this will represent a literal Sun for some of you
this will represent a situation in your life which we want to get clarification
on let’s get clarification on this situation that is represented by the Sun
in Leo’s reading okay
it’s about decisions it’s about deciding what you want and because I’m seeing
lots of wands & Pentacles in your reading I’m thinking this has to do with
your career it has to do with your job and you may be faced with an opportunity
and this opportunity may be a little bit different than what you thought will
come your way but you see the opportunity to grow and to make money in
it so it’s it’s really about what are you gonna do are you gonna take the
plunge now seven of ones maybe you feel like there are some people around you
who don’t agree with what you want to do and maybe it’s a situation that’s gonna
require that you change things around you you may have to move you may have to
take a temporary cut and pay in order to get a big reward in the future like for
instance let’s say your that you’re facing some stock purchase decisions and
you got to decide do I get in on ground zero am I going to make take the plunge
and make this investment and then end up with less money right now but a big sum
of money in the future and there are people around you who are like no don’t
do that don’t do that you’ve worked so hard for what you have why would you
take a risk like this let’s clarify this card with regard to you feeling like
people don’t get what your decision may be or even what you’re contemplating oh it’s a wheel of fortune oh my god you
you need to do what you feel you need to do because you need to trust yourself
okay despite what others say your decision
will bring prosperity because you’re you okay not only do you think things
through and not only are you willing to put in the work to make it happen
you also have that special something that turns the water into wine okay so
you’re getting ready to make that make that plunge and you’re holding on to
your feelings you’re holding on to your information you’re keeping all your
plans secret you’re saving your money and you’re preparing for a windfall good
luck to you okay good luck to you Leo’s because you’re about to be very
successful in turning this water into wine take care bye bye

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