Let’s Not Get a Drink Sometime | Hardly Working

(upbeat music playing) – Patrick – Grant! How the hell are ya? – I’m great man, what are you doing here? – Oh, I’m just grabbin lunch with Trap – Nice nice nice. When’s the last time we
did something like that? – Oh, I don’t know we.. Were supposed to get drinks last month but then it fell apart. – Oh yeah (guilty sigh) (bumbling violin plucking) That was great. – Yes – We should not get another drink sometime – Definitely We are just at the right level
of friends where we should constantly talk about but never ever ever actually get a drink sometime – Yes – Does Saturday work for you? – Eew crap. I’m actually
totally free on Saturday – [Patrick] Oh no! – Yeah – [Grant] I’d love to avoid
a strangely-business-like, non-romantic, two-person
meeting with you. But there’s not this other thing I have to do. – That sucks. I’m totally fine to hang
with you at a party, but one-on-one? – [Grant] Neither one of us want that. – [Patrick] Does next month work? – That’s also weirdly open. Shit. (bumbling music playing) – You don’t actually want
to hang out with me do you? – [Grant] No, nothing like that. Come on, you’re my most
indifferent close acquaintance. I’m sure we can find a way to
avoid getting a drink sometime (bumbling music playing) – [Grant] How ’bout this: I’ll get back to you. – [Patrick] Okay, but don’t
actually get back to me. – Wouldn’t do it. – [Patrick] (laughs) I’m
gonna hold you to that. – Hand to God. Look, you can see I’m not
setting a reminder for myself – Great. You’ll definitely forget. – I already have. – I think we might actually
be able to make this not work! (gasps) And then! I’ll reschedule to right before Holiday weekend. – Perfect. I’ll definitely
have other plans then. Then I’ll get back to you a week later, – Oh! And then I won’t
respond ’till the day after with a text like, “Oh
no! I just saw this!” – Amazing. That would
work terrible for me. Is there any place specifically
you wouldn’t want to go? – How about that loud
bar with expensive drinks on the other side of
town that says that it’s a Speakeasy but it has like
a million reviews on Yelp? – Oh yeah, I’ve been
meaning to avoid that place. – It’s supposed to be awful. – Does five o’clock work? – Oh! Almost certainly
not, I’ll be at work. – [Grant] Then, it’s settled. We’ll get a drink at that
awful bar at five o’clock, not this coming Saturday, but never. – Great! I’m not putting
it in my calendar (tapping) (bumbling music playing) – [Girl] Wait a minute! You guys aren’t not hanging
out without me are you? – Huh? – Wait, what? (music abruptly stops) (heartbeat) – Just promise me you’ll include me! – We’re not gonna get together That’s the whole thing. – But you’re including me in that, right? (camera zoom sound effect) – Hey, it’s Grant from College Humor Click here to subscribe to the channel, Click here for more fun stuff, and… sorry, you guys it feels
like I’m out, am I out? (slow drum solo playing) ‘Cause I can see the top of the camera so it’s (record player scratching) Is this better? (slow drum solo playing) Alright, it feels worse (record player scratching) Okay uh, Thanks for watching!


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