Linux Gaming: DXVK, Wine, and Lutris (Part 2 of 4)

We’ll play the game well, yes, I mean that’s overwatch, but it’s not available on Linux But I’m playing on Linux. Anyway, I’ll run what I want where I want when I want If you’re just joining us, I’m Wendell and this is level one What did it have an earnest and frank discussion about gaming on linux and this is part two of that conversation before we get to the nuts and bolts of how Let’s talk about part one. If you missed part one. It’s linked in the description below Part one is all about gaming on Linux mainly with steam and good old games Those things make it super easy to game on Linux honestly, it’s better than it’s ever been but we still got a ways to go and Over the last couple of years we’ve seen the entire graphics subsystem reworked on Linux to be faster and more efficient Really just closer to the raw hardware and we’re still not a performance parity with Windows I mean the experience for games natively on Linux This is pretty good at this point though still some rough edges, but pretty good and that’s all covered in part one I was talking about mainly steam good old games now. This is our test system for gaming on Linux It’s an AMD rising 2700 X and this is on the msi gaming Pro. Carbon AC It’s in the lovely NZXT s340 case and it has a C sonic power supply The GPU is a sapphire Vegas 64 So we’re running 16 gigabytes of GCL trata and z memory and we’re running an octane 900p for storage. That’s a 240 acre 280 gig this is gonna be a bun to 18 point o4 for this demonstration And as a disclaimer, I’m not sure that gaming on Linux is a better experience It’s mostly not faster yet, but Linux offers a lot of promise and flexibility. Even if it’s not really easier But I still think this is a worthwhile Adventure. So what did you just see there with overwatch? That’s a Blizzard title. Blizzard doesn’t support Linux You can’t install it from staying up. Let me explain some of the most played games over the last couple of years include overwatch and fortnight and player unknowns Battlegrounds far cry 5 is shaping up to be a big release of 2018 and it looks like monster hunter world Which was just released. It’s gonna be another big release title for 2018, but none of those have linux support So we’re stucked, right? No When the going gets tough the tough turn programmer and you can ride their coattails so for overwatch Why are we gonna let a little thing like no Linux support stop us from playing well It’s running in Linux and I’m using wine and D xvk with food trous in order to be able to play overwatch on Linux for this video wine and D xvk are programs that you know from different development teams to programs from different developers and they provide a sort of Windows wrapper from Linux wine provides a Wrapper for Windows and the xbk provides DirectX to Vulcan translation on the graphics side of things now wine is open source But there is a group of programmers that make up about 2/3 of the code commits online and their company’s called CodeWeavers You should definitely check them out the CodeWeavers website, you know, it’s a pretty good-sized team and put a lot of work into wine so if you use wine or if on the Skype app, Andy Please consider giving them money or buying crossover donating to their project or something. Then it turns out programmers like to eat too So if you try this Please please please consider Giving them some support because hey a little bit of money goes a long way when your developer Oh and wine and crossover also lets you run Microsoft Office and other site other stuff other than games now DX BK is much newer and it’s a separate project and it’s about translating DirectX 10 and 11 calls to Vulcan DirectX as a Proprietary API for gaming on Windows. Well, Vulcan is a truly cross-platform and speedy open. Graphics API Now I tried to find where we could support the D xvk folks buy them some coffee or beer or something But they don’t accept donations So this is truly a labor of love If you don’t think of D xvk as a hobby, you know think of it as a job would be my message to the developers and if you want to make the transition from Job to like hobby to career. Let me know contact me out Why the DX BK have loads of configuration options that can vary from game to game? It can be a lot of work to figure out exactly what combination of settings lets a game run like overwatch Well interlude trous which is a website and a game launcher that will let you see, you know What combinations of settings have worked for other users of a particular game? So you can spend less time fiddling with those settings and getting it up and running So for instance while overwatch is basically point-and-click Once you’re set up with with wine and loot hrus and DX BK You just go to the loot roast website and run the Installer script and it configures everything for you with the latest version of wine That you need and on all of the options when you go to play overwatch depending on your particular hardware setup when you are actually in the game the Looks screen like the mouse look may jump immediately to the top or it may be spinning all the way around to the side Let’s just there’s some weird bug where your screen resolution needs to be 16 by 9 or 16 by 10 so if you play with a screen resolution or you hit alt in turn to go back and forth between You know a full screen mode in a windowed mode. It’ll it’ll help you, you know, sort of work around that issue There’s gonna be lots of little weird quirks like that with the gaming on Linux So like I say it’s not for everybody but it is an adventure and it is worthwhile. So with these two packages And Linux become sort of a wolf in sheep’s clothing In other words the games don’t know that they’re not running on Windows But Windows really isn’t there. So it’s not really accurate to call that an emulator either. It’s more like the game Programming interface as it relates to Windows is sort of recreated in Linux and so like there might be something lost in translation Hearing La Boheme In your native language. There’s probably something lost in translation going from Windows to whine Whine and you know sort of this wine D xvk game sandwich might not work rot games might crash about behave weird For example, I ran the 2016 version of doom for years but then suddenly just one day it broke and after a lot of digging I figured out the reason it broke is because there was an update to doom which added razer chroma RGB support RGB lighting effects from doom, basically and That’s been fixed where someone in the community like figured out how to patch that chroma DLL But it took forever So a game that works today Might not work fine tomorrow After an update and then you have to spend a crazy amount of time figuring it out or somebody does somebody’s coattails that you have to ride on copy-protection gained copy-protection is one of the big ones that doesn’t work a lot of the time so something is definitely lost in translation for copy protection for example far cry 5 great game works perfectly under wine and the xbk But it’s copy protection doesn’t so there’s a pirated version of Far Cry 5 It’s available on the internet without it’s de novo DRM and that’s the only version that’s really playable under Linux at this time So if you want a game and try to get it under Linux on Far Cry 5 You’re out of luck. It lists If you buy the retail version now, I mentioned fortnight before none is crazy popular and it is playable under Linux But it has two forms of ante cheat and only one of them works on Linux so you gotta jump through some hoops and Really those hoops are much longer than I can get into in this video, but fortnight unlit –ax does work now What about monster hunter world that just came out? Well, I’m happy to report the Monster Hunter world also works at least for the moment under wine with DX VK and Lucas I mean honestly, if I were gaben, well, I’ll be like, oh, let’s just give these guys the bathtubs of cache or whatever they need Always check the looters website for current Statuses and updates because I’m telling you this but I’m gonna be out of date to check the loot Respite side now there are those in the community to say that you shouldn’t support companies that don’t don’t make a Linux native version and there’s No room in their world for a transitionary period from moving from one platform to another don’t listen to them We are in a transitionary period it’s fine There are other still more toxic elements of the Linux community that want to act as knowledge gatekeepers Those guys act like installing Arch Linux is some sort of great Personal accomplishment and that’s where to see it. Like congratulations to get your operating systems merit badge Those folks are toxic and they are the reason that we don’t have things like a Witcher 3 Port to Linux now Witcher 3 will run anyway under wine and exp Kay and runs pretty well. It’s a recent development And we showed that on our collaboration with the Linus tech tips channel It’s it’s it’s a lot of fun and you should really should check that out level one is hopefully the next generation more mature version of That community or people who among other things are excited about the promise of a free and open-source future I mean for me computing is about an extension to myself I can offload Stuff going on in my brain onto a task on a computer That the computer can do and I find lytx is particularly well-suited for doing those kinds of things so I’ll compute the way that I want to with the tools that are available to me be that wine at the Xvk or if I want to run a full fat Windows virtual machine. Well, I can do that, too That’s what our next video is about in fact I don’t have to use windows much and as awesome as Y and a DX BK are I Really don’t want to fiddle with the settings and stuff. That might break like my doom 2016 incident instead I might run something that just works and for me that’s a virtual machine full Windows virtual machine It’s a closest thing to just working as I’ve ever experienced It’s got some rough edges too and all the license fees and stuff like that goes with it and all the general windows terribleness But I could just boot it up under Linux whenever I need it and shut it down when I don’t I can run games with No fiddling, but to do that you’re gonna need two graphics cards and a fast modern machine. So it’s not for everybody You’re also gonna have to wait till our next video to hear more about that Or go back to some of our older videos where we’ve covered that in the past. But hey, it’s it’s developing rapidly And there’s a lot of new information That’s going to be in part three and four of this series but If all this is exciting and you’re willing to jump through some hoops and deal with some British performance then welcome Let’s add gaming with wine and the xbk to your skill set Beyond just native gaming with steam which we showed you before in part one of this video We’re glad to have your noobs self here in other words it is a grand adventure and for the new folks as you read you need to get the information from the larger Linux community at large You’re probably gonna see a lot of the kind of people that are well embarrassing some of those toxic people I was talking about the for lots of posts that read like they were written by you’re mad at the world angsty emo teenager cousin And let’s face it he gets around on the Internet. Let me tell you when you see that please remember the open source community is still maturing and It doesn’t belong to those gatekeepers that Want it their way or no way if you see bad behavior, and that kind of toxicity Please call it out for what it is your next step This process is to go through the full guide for setting up or getting set up with D xvk and blue tress and wine on a bun – it’s a continuation of our tutorial for part 1 and it’s on the level 1 forums it’s all linked to in the description now that’s gonna take some fiddling but you’re gonna be able to play games like Fortnight and overwatch under Linux most games run at about 70 to 90 percent performance Windows speed and it’s always improving if you run into problems Come hang out with the level 1 community and we’ll try to get you sorted with a minimum of toxicity Happy computing. I’m Windell over now When did the S&C sound the same when they’re necessary like this video I’ll see you the cows

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