Little Big Town Answers Rapid Fire Questions With Kelly Clarkson (And Wine)

– I thought we should
end the interview right. We only have a few minutes left, so I’m gonna bring out some wine, okay? – All right, yeah. (wooing) – I’m gonna ask y’all a bunch
of rapid-fire questions. – Wow, oh this is–
– Thank you. – Cheers.
– Yeah, I know. We’ve got a good one. (cheering) Tell ’em about that,
this is your wine, right? – Yeah. – This is your wine. – [Kimberly] It’s ours. – So, it’s that, by Little
Big Town, Four Cellars. – It’s our wine. – We also sell it in– – Get it, in four, get it? (laughing) – See what we did there? – Okay, this is a little thing we like to call, “The Wine Down.” Okay, Philip, I’m gonna start with you, who’s most likely to pull a prank? – Jimi. – Jimi.
– Jimi. – Why, what kind of pranks? – He’s always prankin’– – But, you got him. – Well, we all got him
good one time because Karen, it was when Karen
was pregnant with their son. – Real pregnant.
– Yeah. – We were in the studio, and Jimi had a– – I had nothing left to
give this baby, I was. – [Kelly] I get it. – She gave it all.
– Yep. – So I said, “C’mon girls, we can pretend, “And pretend like your
water broke,” so we. – Oh my God, that’s mean. – Jimi was in the bathroom.
– That is terrible, right? – Jimi was–
– That’s not a joke! – And we were in the studio together, and we took a water bottle
and poured some on the floor, and when he came around from the bathroom, we were like, Jimi– – She was standing there and there was water all over the floor,
I’m like, “What the freak?” – Oh my gosh. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – And then they all got to
watch you, that’s so mean. – I squealed so loud. – He’s hard to get, so. – I love it, those are the best ones, when you get them, my husband
and I do the same thing. – [Philip] Yeah. – Kimberly, who’s the
messiest on the tour bus? – Well, Philip, ’cause he spills a lot. (laughing) We call him Spillip. – Probably ’cause he’s drinking. (laughing) Karen, who’s the biggest crier? – Philip. (laughing) – He’d cry, yeah, he cries literally– – Surely. – Philip, I feel like you’re getting picked on a little here, man– – [Karen] No. – No, I’m– – He’s very emotional.
– I’m a close second. – [Kelly] I’m a middler. – Jimi’s a close second. – I love that it’s not the women. – [Karen] I know. – [Kelly] It’s so amazing.


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