Live Rescue: Sedated at the Liquor Store (Season 1) | A&E

– (ON RADIO) Copy, thanks. Guys, so we’re going on
a male possible overdose. They said he has a large
hematoma to his forehead, he’s spitting out blood. Lots of screaming
in the background. Not exactly sure what’s
going on, but PD’s on scene, it’s secured to enter. Inside the liquor store here. – Yeah, [inaudible] – What city? – [screams] Please! Let go of me! – Help! Help! Oh [bleep], help! – Please, please! [man screams viscerally] – We’re trying to help you. – Help! Help! – Yeah, we do. – Help! Help! – He’s starting to
bite us and spit, so we’re going to
give him some medicine to help calm down a little bit. – This is ketamine. It’s going to help sedate
him so we can can help him. [man screaming] – Help! Please help! – Usually takes about 30
seconds or so, and he’ll start– hopefully he’ll sort of
relax, we calm him down. – Help! Ow! – Here you go. – Keep breathing, buddy. – There you go. – Help! – So, we found a meth pipe. – When people do
meth, what happens is they could be violent,
combative, and unpredictable. But the medicine’s working. He’s calm now. We’re going to keep him tied
in the gurney just in case. Take him over to the hospital
and see what they can do over there.


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