Local Legends: André Hueston Mack, Winemaker & Entrepreneur, Brooklyn

This is the true heartbeat
of New York City is Brooklyn. Hi, I’m Andre Mack. I’m a husband, I’m a father, I’m a designer, I’m a winemaker, and I’m the creator
of Mouton Noir wines, and today, I’m going
to show you my Brooklyn. Mouton Noir translates
to black sheep. And that was a nickname
that was given to me when I moved to New York
in 2004 by fellow sommeliers. What it means to me,
and what I think it should mean
to everybody, it’s about embracing
what makes you different. I think Brooklyn is the creative
universe in a way, for me. Right, I think by being here
and surrounded by other creatives, it’s really helped me push
the limits of my creativity and what I can accomplish,
and what I could do. I could honestly say that I
probably wouldn’t have the success that I have today
if I did not live here. Wow that was a good pass,
that was a good pass. And so now we’re headed to one
of my favorite wine shops in all of Brooklyn,
Little Mo Wine, which is just down
the street from my house. Hey Mark, what’s up man? Hey how are you?
Doing good. Did you get that case
of wine I shipped you? Absolutely.
Great, good to see you man. Thanks so much.
One of the best reasons why I love this store is that
it’s just friendly and it’s inviting. How could you not be excited
about picking wine? They have like this
little wine maze of like what to- how to choose wine
for dinner right? That’s fun, right? You don’t have that
in most wine shops. That’s not considered
a ‘serious wine shop’. But don’t let this place
fool you it’s very serious, the selection is great,
and don’t forget, this is New York, and so they do deliver. We’re at the Brooklyn Museum,
just got off the train, it’s a straight shot
from Manhattan, so you definitely have no excuse
for not making it here. I love being about
to walk from my house and being inspired
by world class artists. And that’s why this museum
is so special to me. I spent so many hours here, not even in the inside of the museum, but even on the outside. My children learned to walk
on this green patch over here. So now we’re off to one
of the best kept secrets in all of Brooklyn,
Blue Marble Ice Cream. Make sure you get here early
to fight off the locals. This is a local hangout. So this is ice cream
with a cause right. And they’ve opened up
several locations around the world to kind of help stimulate the economies. What I really like about coming here is that not only do they have
their traditional flavors, they have things that are kind of off
the wall like a rosemary ice cream. And this really brings me
to my happy place. This is so great,
thank you so much! Yeah. This is definitely off
the beaten path, and it’s something
that you have to look for, but it’s worth seeking out. We’re at one of my favorite places
in all of Brooklyn, Franny’s. So I’m super excited to be here. What makes this place
really great is that their wood-burning fire oven, right? So you can see all the wood here,
they put it in the fire here, and they make these
really terrific pies. Everything’s sustainably farmed,
and locally grown. What’s going on Andre?
Hey what’s going on Richard? What’s up baby?
How’re you doing? One of my favorite parts
about eating pizzas here at Franny’s
is that- you get these! Right. And this is
how you cut your pizza. Ah, this looks delicious! Ah that’s so good!
So great. If you’re not making
your way to Franny’s, than you’re not living right. And now I’m off to one of my
favorite places of all time, the Grand Army plaza,
farmer’s market. That’s beautiful! And this is the center, the hub
of everything cultural in Brooklyn. Right over here we have
the Grand Army plaza arch, which is modeled after the great
Arch de triumph in Paris. We have the public library,
and we have the botanical gardens. One of the best parks in all of this country
is actually Prospect Park. Very similar to Central Park,
but done in Brooklyn’s own way. If you’re taking
a trip to Manhattan, spend the extra day,
come to Brooklyn. Take it from me; I used to live
in Manhattan, right? And it took five years
for me to get here, and that was five years too long. And I’m telling you right now, that you’ve got to make it here,
you’ve got to get here. I’m Andre Mack, and I am Brooklyn.

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