So.. I’m gonna become… (clap) ..a bartender! (dramatic music) + (montage) Here we go. The first drink, everybody! The first tri- (burps) Jesus! What happened? First drink is whiskey. All right, now. I’m not a stranger to whiskey. Oh shit! Holy shit! I’m fucking good at this, boy. (groans) I’m pouring into my eyes. My eyes! It should be burning.. Look at this bottle flip though… Woah! Bottle flipping me.. Woah! Woah! Oh my god! Is bottle flipping still cool? Fuck you! Yes! Hell yeah! Did you see that? Did you guys? (cricket noise) Okay, all right. Who wants a whiskey. All right. We grab a glass. Excellent. I.. you looking thirsty, bo-! Okay, that’s great, but… Good game. Good game, everyone. All right you want ice? What are you fucking gay? Who adds whiskey..? Who adds ice to your whiskey? You want some? *spits* Want anything else to ruin a perfectly good drink? All right, next one! Vodka on the rocks. Excellent choice, my friend! We got some vodka. Right here! With ice.. .. and a lemon! I meant a lemon. Whoa! That was cool? Yeah, this is cool. I like this. Now.. I’m going to make the same drink… … in real life! Let’s see how it goes… Okay… Here we go. My first drink… Vodka tonic. I won’t be needing this… (clap) Now, first of all we got to get… … the glass… … which are over here! Yes! Got my glass. Hell yeah! What up? There we go. That’s… Now, let me just get that one guy that is over… … here.. Is it the vodka? I think it is… It feels like uh… Yes! That’s vod- It smells… … smells nice. Now… … lemme add- just pour three ounces… … of uhh.. vodka! For you. There you go. What’s that? Is that enough for you, sir? Okay, lemme just get some ice! Let me try that again. Where is this glass? There it is! Let me get some of that tonic for you, boy! What’s that vodka tonic? Where? There you go… And… serve, please! That looks pretty good. It’s pretty good actually. Oh shit! Wait actually… How could I forget about? The lime. The fresh lime. So much better with a nice slice of lime. Or orange. It’s always better when I make it. It’s kind of a cool chill game. I actually like it. You know I used to work at a bartender once. I say “once” because I was never hired again. Whiskey cola coming right up, my man! Let me just get me a glass. A glass that I keep, keep right here. There we go… Oh, it’s the wrong one. Is it? No, that’s perfect. Alright. What’s… What’s cracking, y’all? Is this making anyone anxious? I think yes. Okay, let me get that whiskey! Hey! Whoa, whoa, what’s happened? Okay, we’re fine. Now… Just uuh how much you want three ounces? Three ounces of whiskey Now, I’m not really a fan of mix-mixing with Cola, but you know you gotta… You got to do… … what you got to do all right? There you go. Now let’s just get… what… Now, let’s just get the coca-cola! (end of my sub) You want ice with that boy? I got you Whiskey cola coming, right, this just an excuse for me to drink (“CHUG,CHUG,CHUG” slowly getting louder) All right Here we go, another drink everyone that’s exciting a gin on the rocks Hey, we got some nice hennigan gin, hell yeah. woah,woah,woah,woah,what are you- OH MY GOD,OH What are the odds? What are the odds? I legit wonder if I can juggle in VR The answer is no.The answer is no, everyone. okay? All [right] here we go vodka on- What?It changed?Ah,fucks sake Okay, here’s the gin on the rocks Perfect. *BELCH* wHO WANTS a GIN ON THE ROCKS? [i’m] Burping a lot, okay here We go. Let me just get that glass Being a bartender is awesome It’s the best. all right let me just get my gin. It’s exactly where I want it. So fuck Is this the gin? It’s the gin Okay Let me just pour that for you. You want anything else with that boy? Don’t worry about it. Don’t worry ’bout it. Want some ice? No, I got you fam. Don’t worry about it here you go, gin on the.. gin on the rocks or gin on the rock This has been my pleasure, My name ahhh JeEeeEff, and uhh thank you for watching You ever want to come by the poodiepie bar just hit me up on Craigslist. I, I come, I do parties Every Wednesday, and if you guys want to leave a like and support my patreon for a chance to become an alcoholic hit me up and reach out to my agent his name is aa *sensual lips moves* Jeff

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