Marketing the Wines of Chile

We took 21 students down to Chile in a global initiatives course
Because Chile is an emerging market we decided to take an industry that was successful and that was the wine industry We broke up the course into groups, teams of students that would be
focusing on individual wineries and so we ended up having four different teams studying four
different small boutique, high end family wineries we’re trying to help them improve
exports into the midwestern market Our team worked with Casa Silva which is a family-owned winery that has a real emphasis on
tradition My group is studying Siegle Family Wines which is a family company that’s been around
for thirty years Our winery ended up backing out of the program that we had set up with them right as we had gotten to Chile So my team has changed years now and
will be studying wine tourism in the Colchagua Valley more generally instead of one specific winery. Differentiating factor for
wineries is the story behind the winery if that’s experienced firsthand by tourists that creates powerful
associations and brand loyalty that this is what we call learning in
real time this is unscripted learning there’s not an answer at the end of the
course and I’m not going to tell them whether they got it right or not they’re really working on real problems I’m convinced will add value to the
business models of these small producers The way that they can really understand the wine business industry and understand how we work, how we distribute wine worldwide But the real challenge is the distribution
system here in the United States it highly regulated and getting a small
boutique winery getting their product on supermarket
shelves or in wine bars is not a trivial matter and so now we’re really focused in
making the distribution system work here can be complex and it’s going to be hard
but it’s definitely something that we have the creativity and knowledge to do
ok Normally for spring break I go with my family
to Florida, sit by the pool take in some sun. But this spring break
surpass that by a mile, coming to South America and learning while having an
unbelievable time, it was definetly the best experience I’ve had at Michigan so far

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