Master Class | KadinBudu Köfte από τον Σελίμ Σελτζούκ

Hi there, today I have the honor of having a very good friend with me and he’ll be cooking something terrific for us, I still don’t know what he’s going to make, I’ll ask him now. Selim, first of all, thank you very much for coming, it’s an honor. I thank you very much, honestly, it’s an honor for me to be cooking with you today. Me too, me too. We’re going to cook something different today, a Turkish recipe called kadinbudu. kadinbudu Do you know what it means, tell us. -Lady’s thigh?
-Exactly, the lady’s thigh. Lady’s thigh. Great, first of all, do we have ground meat here? Two different kinds of ground meat, the one is from lamb and the other one from beef, we’ve got some herbs to mix them in. We’ll make a salad to accompany them and a yogurt sauce to slide. So, let’s start. -Chef, if you want, take your onion and finely chop it.
-Great…I’ll take the onion and clean it. Sauté it with the ground lamb. We’ll be mixing the ground beef raw and this one we’ll cook. Therefore, I clean the onion. We’ll put all of it, right? No, just put half, it’s too much. And I’ll make a yogurt sauce. Whatever I put as an herb… This is isot, a spice that’s hot to sweet. Let’s put a little pul biber… that’s hot like boukovo. Boukovo is made out of the seeds, ours is made without the seeds, only the inside of the pepper. So, I’m finely chopping the onion that you asked for. A little salt, olive oil and it’s ready. Because we’re going to cook with rice, for a garnish you can put whatever you want, potato puree, eggplant puree… I thought about putting a nice salad such as ‘politiki’ because it’s a dish from Constantinople. So, we continue….I’ve got the onion, which ground meat did you tell me? -And I sauté.
-You start and the rest I’ll prepare over here. Selim, do I have to sauté this really well first
and then put the ground meat, or together? -Whatever you say….
-It’ll have the same result. And I’ll prepare the cabbage that has to be rubbed with salt to soften it up… So it releases its juices and becomes something like pickles. Exactly, we’re essentially making pickled cabbage. When we rub this cabbage to soften it up, it makes a sound…. when that “crunch” stops, it means it’s ready. Let me see now, does it do it? It stopped… So, Selim, all the liquid has left from here, the ground meat has started to sizzle, it’s gotten some color, it’s crispy. Are we alright for me to stop? For sure it’s ready, chef. And I’ll cut a few herbs for the salad. A little parsley and a little celery. Chef, our salad is ready, only thing, we put a little vinegar and oil. Olive oil… and we’ve also put the parsley… ….parsley, celery…. and the celery…..bravo. Wait and I’ll bring you bowl to put it in. -Selim, I’m going to taste a little, okay?
-Of course. Exceptional and fast. Very fast…. let’s go make the rest. The basic ingredient. Here we’ve boiled a little rice to gain time, you put a little rice, it boils, you drain it and it gets like this. We want it to be quite boiled, so it’s softer than usual so it’s not flaky, to be a little sticky. Of course. We put the ground meat we’ve prepared, we put the ground beef… …one is raw, the other cooked Of course. Boiled rice… …by eye, right? About one, one, one… As long as the raw ground meat and the sautéed one and rice, you can put as much as you like You can put a little, you can put a lot. I like a lot. Very little…Cumin, -Do you like cumin?
-Very much, like crazy. ….oregano pepper… -black pepper.
-Of course. and a little allspice. We didn’t add salt when sautéing and we put it altogether, as much as needed We’ll put a few fresh herbs… A little parsley and a little fresh mint Now we put an egg. Chef, we knead it, just like we see it, until nothing shows Nothing, the rice is also incorporated and the ground meat is in it’s become one mass mixture -Do you also want to do it, chef?
-Yes, yes, show me how you do it. It shouldn’t be very small. We make it into a meatball, we put it here, we press it….oop Okay, we can put them like this. Generally, these meat patties need to rest a little in the fridge because it contains egg, to chill. So the mixture sets a little. We start up the flame with the oil. Our egg. We beat the eggs and then we do the breading. Of course, you can choose not to put flour, only the breadcrumbs. We take it very delicately, because we didn’t put it in the fridge, we shake it so it doesn’t have too much flour, we put in in the egg… -Should we make one with breadcrumbs?
-Whatever you want, you tell me. We’ll make 2-3 with flour and 2-3 with breadcrumbs. We’re ready, we’ve got everything in front of us. It’s time to choose a plate, chef. I’ve got a plate ready for you which I think you’ll really like. Let’s see? I got it from Turkey. It shows that you’re a man from Anatolia. I thought, chef, about spreading a little salad down, putting a little yogurt sauce like you showed us. Because we were frying on the right, there’s a little flour on the left. We wipe it and clean it well. So the pieces of egg are cleared away. Chef, we’re ready. It looks really great Selim. Break open a meatball so we can see it. It’s perfect, warm and juicy. Exceptional. You definitely have to try it. Bon appetite. We’ll see you next time, bye.


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