Mayan Mystery Drink Taste Test

– Today we taste soft drinks of anarchy. – [Sarah and Kurt] Let’s talk about that. (alarm rings)
(playful theme music) (fire blasts) – Good Mythical Morning. – Quick announcement, tickets
are officially on sale for our first ever UK show
in London on February 15th. So go to the link below
for more information. – But today we’re not
talking about the UK, we’re talking about MC,
Mayans M.C. that is. And we’re joined by two wonderful people from that new drama on FX. Please welcome the show’s
creator Kurt Sutter and one of the stars, Sarah Bolger. (crew applauding) – Come on in, guys. – Welcome to the show.
– Scooch on up to this table.
– Thank you. – This is so snug.
– You guys thirsty today? – I am so thirsty. – Good. (chuckles) You’re gonna be drinking a lot. – You might regret that. Now, I was a big fan of Sons of Anarchy, which you created. – Really?
– Yeah. So I’m really excited for Mayans. And if you don’t know, the title refers to the motorcycle club the
Mayans which itself represents the ancient Maya civilization centered where modern-day Mexico is. See I did my homework. – Did you guys know that?
– I didn’t know that. – I do now.
– That’s all news to you. Okay, and today we’re gonna
be drinking like the Mayans because they actually
did drink aguas frescas and they predicted we
would be drinking them at the end of the world so
it was nice knowing you all. All right it’s time for– ♪ Oh Mayan God ♪ ♪ Becky look at that drink ♪ ♪ It is so fresca ♪ All right we’ve got multiple
rounds of mystery Mayan drinks AKA aguas fresca, but these will not be the typical aguas fresca,
they’re gonna be made from some really weird flavors. – Uh-huh, we’re gonna taste and
attempt to guess the flavor. Whoever wins gets a prize of
a mystery delicious horchata made right here, crank it up! – [Rhett and Link] Round one. – Okay we’ve got our drinks here. Now before we taste it,
here’s how this is gonna work. We’re gonna taste it and
then you’re gonna try to identify the flavor
and you’re gonna do that on the white boards here
so grab the white boards. – Thank you. – And you’re going to
write, here’s your options. You can just taste it and then guess and if you get it right,
you get two points. Or, you can wait for a hint from Stevie if you don’t quite know
and then after that if you get it right, you get one point. Okay but we all hold our
answers to the very end. – Just dink it.
– Oh lovely. – Dink it, dink it.
– Dink it, sink it, lovely. – Let’s just drink it.
– All right there we go. – Ooh.
– Mm, okay. – Whatever it is, it’s good.
– Can I guess? Am I allowed to write it down now? – [Link] Mhm. – I feel pretty confident
about this one as well. – I’m tasting something that I know! But I can’t figure out what it is. – Really? You can’t figure it out? – No!
(Rhett laughs) Can you?
– I might be wrong. – No it’s the same thing. – Have you tasted this before? – I know what it is. – I’m gonna need a hint ’cause I just, oh you’re gonna write it down?
– No I need a hint. – Okay, Stevie we need the hint. – [Stevie] Okay here’s the brilliant hint. Don’t try to jam this
into your mouth, you nut. (crew laughs) – Wow that’s so wrong.
– Mhm. – Got it. – I don’t know if I’m spelling
things correctly, all right. (Sarah laughs) – I misspelled doctor on this show, so anything goes. (Rhett laughs) There’s no E in doctor, by the way. (chuckling) – [Stevie] All right Link, let’s see it. – Peanut butter and jelly sandwich. – [Stevie] Okay, Kurt. – Pancake batter. – Didn’t you hear the hint? (laughing) – It didn’t matter! – Don’t jam that into your
mouth, you nut. (laughs) – Pancake batter. – [Stevie] Sarah? – Peanut butter. – And that’s what I said as well. – I can’t believe that I didn’t recognize that it was peanut butter. – [Stevie] We have one sole
winner here and that’s Link. – Yeah.
– That’s a PB and J sandwich. – Okay now okay but, I mean– – You missed the jelly.
– I defer to the judges. I definitely shouldn’t get two points, but I got half right and guessed early. Shouldn’t that be one point? – I say give ’em one point. – [Stevie] All right
so I’ve conferred with the Mythical crew, so
Link of course you get the one point and we’re also going to give a point to Sarah and Rhett as well. – Woo! – Which is half of two points. – That makes no sense. (Rhett and Sarah chuckle) – [Rhett and Link] Round two. – Okay. – This one looks a little scarier. – How would you describe the
looks of this one, Sarah? – It’s flame-colored. (Rhett laughs) – Flame colored.
– Yes. – Is it hot though? Let’s taste. Tangy. Again. – Wow there’s two conflicting
things happening here. – I got it.
– It’s tangy. How is it conflicting? Tangy and what? – ‘Cause there’s like a sweetness, but then there’s like
this spice or something. – Listen, I’m going out again. – Me too. – With no hint.
– I got it. – I’m tasting two things.
– Mhm. – Me too. – But I don’t know how they go together. Oh no, don’t do it before me. I want a hint.
– I know what it is too. Ah, I know what it is, Sarah! – You know what, there’s
no shame in getting a hint. It’s okay.
– No I don’t like that. – (chuckles) You’re competitive, right? – Pancake is two Ks. (laughs) – Yeah there’s one in the
middle and one at the end. – All right I’m going for two points. So is Kurt, so is Rhett. – May I have a hint, is that okay? – [Stevie] Yes. Aguas diggity fresca. – Oh that doesn’t help me at all. – Oh man, okay. – [Stevie] Okay Sarah,
you’re going for one point so I need to see your answer first. – Tomato soup. – Tomato soup. – [Stevie] Okay, Rhett? – Stevie said okay.
– I said ketchup. Ketchup and mustard. – Okay Kurt?
– Tasted both of those. – I said mustard and relish.
– Oh. – [Stevie] And Link? – Hot dog with toppings. I could taste that hot
dog in there, y’all. It snuck in at the end. – [Stevie] This has
never before been done, but Link is right again
and he gets two points. – Wow. – [Rhett and Link] Round three. – All right so let’s give Kurt one point so he can get the benefit
that we got in getting some of the ingredients
in the first round. But we’re not gonna do that anymore. – No more.
– That’s out the window. You gotta get it completely
right to get points. – Hm, looks like the color of what, Kurt? – Weak kale. – I was thinking pancake batter but– (Sarah laughs) Whatever, weak kale is very accurate. – Thank you.
– Huh. That is not good. – It’s horrible. – Really is. – I kinda like it. – I mean we’re so far
behind at this point, guys. Somebody’s gotta make a blind guess. Not a blind guess but a unhinted guess. It has a familiar flavor
but not familiar enough for me to say what it is. – I need a hint.
– Yeah I gotta take a hint. – I’m gonna go.
– Oh. – Kurt’s going in, y’all. – Wow it’s so strange. – Rode in on his motor, you call it a hog? – I don’t but you can.
(crew laughs) – I just wanna call it the
right thing, Kurt, just tell me. – It’s a Harley. – Harley.
– Yeah. (laughs) – Rode in on his Harley,
the whole place shook. – [Stevie] Here is your hint. Urine for a treat in about 20 minutes. – What?
– Urine. – It’s pee. – That’s the scariest hint ever. (crew laughs) – Ah. – Okay.
– Okay. – [Stevie] Link, let’s see what you got. – Asparagus.
– All right, Sarah. – Melon. (all laugh) – You know how you pee melons. It really hurts when you pee a melon. – [Stevie] Rhett? – Asparagus. – [Stevie] And Kurt for two. – I probably should have
waited for the hint. I said mud and honey. (Rhett and Link laugh) – Why? – Harley.
– Tastes like mud and honey. – [Stevie] It’s asparagus. – Really?
– Yes! – Mud and honey.
– You know when you pee asparagus later, it stinks. – I know but it doesn’t
taste like asparagus at all. – Taste it again. – No, now that I know. – [Rhett and Link] Round four. – Got a brown one. – Link’s not letting us pull ahead. He’s not letting us pull up beside him. – Nope, nope. You know how sometimes
motorcycles, they’ll like, two of ’em will ride beside each other. – Yeah like two hogs. – Yeah, like two hogs in a pig pen. – In pancake batter. – What is that called when they– – Riding next to each other? (crew laughs) – I thought there were more terms. – There probably is. – Oh gosh. – Oh my God. – Oh I know what it is but
I don’t know what it is. You know when that happens? – Oh my God. – It’s so specific. I know it is a flavor that
I could fully identify if you just told me what it is. – I got it.
– Really? – Oh, it’s so vile.
– I’ll give you a hint. You’ll never get it, but–
(Rhett laughs) I’m nailing it. I don’t know what happened
to me this morning but I’ve woke up a winner for once. (laughs) – I need a hint.
– I can’t do it, I gotta have the hint. – [Stevie] All right is anyone else going for the two points? – I wish I could, but I– – [Stevie] Okay, here’s your hint. Let’s not beat around the Bush’s. (crew laughs) – Wow, uh. It’s mud and honey. (Sarah sputters) – Around the bushes? – [Stevie] The Bush’s. – Can I draw a picture? – Yeah, draw a picture.
– Some flower. – Yeah, yeah, that’d be great. – Oh gosh, I don’t know
why I didn’t get this. I feel ashamed of myself. I feel very ashamed of myself. – You’ll get used to it. – [Stevie] All right
let’s go with Kurt first. – I said bushes. (all laughing) – I love this man!
– Yes! – This is my favorite guy! (Rhett laughs) We’re kindred spirits. I gave you my ability to lose horribly. – Yeah, something transferred today. (all laughing) – [Stevie] Okay, Sarah? – I just said dirt. – Oh, wow. – And you’ve given her something. – I did. My stupid.
– Could you write it a little smaller? – Next time. – [Stevie] And Rhett? – I feel like I let down a lot of people and I’m sorry that I
didn’t get this initially. It’s baked beans. – [Stevie] And Link? – For double the points of Rhett– – Oh my gosh.
– Baked beans. – [Stevie] It’s baked beans, guys. – I didn’t get peanut
butter with two, and– – I don’t know, it’s so obvious. – That’s his favorite food.
– I love beans. I have no idea, it was like so familiar, but it was like, I was too close to it. – Yeah you’re too close to it.
– Too close to it. – [Rhett] I was this close to it. – [Rhett and Link] Round five. – Okay let’s make this interesting. Double the points across the board. Four, two with a hint. I wanna give you guys a fighting chance. Of course I have to zilch out on this. – Well I don’t think Kurt and
Sarah have a fighting chance at this point. You know what, if you guys can get it without even tasting it, you
get 20 points, how about that? – Pancake batter.
– Milk. – Milk. – [Rhett] Okay here we go. – All right.
– All right. Dink it. – Dink it, dink it, dink it. – Sink it. – I haven’t dinked you yet. – I haven’t sunk you yet. – Wow. – Oh my God. I might know what it is. (coughs) – I’m going for it. – It’s thick and white. – Wait a minute, wait a minute. – This one’s not gonna sell well. If that’s what this is about. I don’t know if that’s what– – Rhett, you’re not going
in for four without me. Of course I probably–
– Hold on, yeah. This is risky. This is risky.
– I should probably– – If you’re confident though, man. – It’s six to three. – The only way I could beat
you is if I get it right without a hint and you
get it completely wrong. So a smart person would wait for the hint. (crew laughs) – That ain’t me, man. I’m going hard. I’m going over the handle
bars as they say, Kurt. – I– (Sarah sputters) – No one says that on bikes. (laughs) – I’ve done way too many drugs, I can’t taste anything anymore. (all laughing) It all tastes like mud and honey to me. All right, here we go.
– You need a hint? – Yeah, I need a hint. Nobody else needs a hint? – I don’t think so but I might be wrong. – Okay, all right.
– Okay the hint is, are you lovin’ it? Are you lovin’ it? (sighs) – No I’m not lovin’ it! – That’s so unfortunate. – Mhm. Mhm.
– Are you serious? – Mm-hmm. (laughs) Ah, ooh hoo hoo hoo! – [Stevie] All right, Kurt, let’s see it. – Bushes.
(Rhett and crew laugh) – Bushes, man. – When in doubt, bush it out. (Rhett and Sarah laugh) – [Stevie] Okay, Link? – That’s what I tell my groomer. – [Stevie] Let’s see it. – Me?
– Yeah. That’s you. – Tartar sauce. – [Stevie] Okay, Sarah? – I said chicken and
gravy maybe with pickles. – Maybe. There’s a lot of hedging in there. – There’s pickle in there.
– Yeah. – [Stevie] And Rhett. – (sighs) For the not win, clam chowder. (chuckles) – [Stevie] Well guys, it’s a Filet-O-Fish. – Oh!
– McDonald’s. – Dang!
– Okay, woo! You scared me, man.
– Yeah, yeah. – I was close, that’s the topping. I did the toppings.
– All right, congratulations, Link. You get to taste some– – [Rhett and Link] Mystery horchata. – You guys get to watch. – Yes, and thanks to Kurt
and Sarah for joining us. The season finale of their
show airs this Tuesday, November 6th on FX so check it out. – Mayans. Thank you for liking,
commenting and subscribing. – You guys say, “You
know what time it is.” – You know what time it is? – Oh no.
– What, go. – (laughing) You know what time it is. – Do you know what time it is? I don’t know, do you know what time it is? – We just drove an hour to get here. – We’re in Fruitland, Idaho– – [Together] And it’s time to
spin the Wheel of Mythicality. – Oh it’s not just Fruit
Land, it’s Fruitland? – Fruit Land, Fruitland.
– Shattered my dreams. Click the top link to
watch us taste a mystery or Link to taste a mystery horchata. – I’ll give you guys a little bit. – ‘Cause he’s the winner,
in Good Mythical More. – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality’s gonna land. – [Rhett] Mythical Amazon
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