McDonalds McNuggets Paired with GREAT WINE

Rebecca Rose P.: Have you ever wondered, does
wine pair with fast food? Rebecca Rose P.: I’m Rebecca Rose Phillips,
certified sommelier, wine director, and junk foodie. And I’m back again with more great wines and
fast food to see if we can find the perfect pairing and prove that wine does in fact go
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videos just like this, crazy canned wine reviews, and more pro tips for the not-so-pro wine
lover. Rebecca Rose P.: This week, I am pairing McDonald’s
chicken nuggets. Two different sauces, y’all. A little six-piece of chicken nuggets. We’ve got all-white meat, breaded, fried,
delish. And then we’re rocking these with a little
honey mustard sauce and a little tangy BBQ. Rebecca Rose P.: So in this corner, paired
with my honey mustard sauce, I have the 2014 Pence Chardonnay. This is a Santa Barbara Chardonnay and this
is oaked. In the next corner, paired with my tangy BBQ
sauce, I have the Domaine de la Terre Rouge Syrah. This guy’s coming from Amador County. It’s 14% ABV. This is a big boy, ladies and gentlemen. Let’s put these pairings to the test. Rebecca Rose P.: Okay. Pence Ranch Chardonnay, honey mustard, and
chicken nuggets. 10 out of 10. This Chardonnay has so much going on. It has everything we want from sort of a California
Chardonnay on the nose. We get popcorn, we get caramel, we get coconut,
apples, flowers, super layered, right? And then I pair it with this tangy, sweet
mustard and all of it just sort of went like this. So it was just like layer, layer, layer. And then even the chicken nugget had the fried
flour-y kind of thing was that final aftertaste. This was killer. The chicken nugget tasted better, the Chardonnay
tasted better. This is exactly what we want in a perfect
pairing. Rebecca Rose P.: Okay. So now we’ve got the Syrah and the barbecue
sauce. This Syrah, like I said, it’s a big boy, 14%
ABV. We’ve got lots of big, beautiful, dark black
fruits, blackberries, plums, there’s a lot of vanilla. There’s definitely some oak treatment on this
wine. In the barbecue sauce, we’ve got tangy, we’ve
got smokey, we’ve got sweet. Well, these are sort of complementary flavors. The smell and the taste of the barbecue sauce
was awesome. The barbecue sauce has this little hint of
sweetness and this wine got dryer from that sweetness. So it wasn’t a bad pairing at all and if you
like things that are not sweet, if you like just that sort of savory layer and that dry
mouth feel, then this would be a great pairing for you. Eight out of 10 on the Syrah, barbecue sauce. Rebecca Rose P.: All right, wine friends. If you liked this video, be sure to check
out my other episodes of Let’s Taco Bout Wine, where my friends and I put more great wines
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Taco Bout Wine. Lastly, but certainly not leastly, please
remember, wine goes with everything.

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