Mumbai Weekend Getaway 🍷 Wine Tasting @YORK Nashik Winery

So we’re on our way to Nashik had a great lunch at this place called Shawaya Dhaba we had some chicken and amazing desserts one was a kheer and one was a sitaphal cream and we’re here, we’re on our way to Nashik to celebrate… Tinaz’s birthday! Happy Birthday Teenzy! … and that’s Basel …from Jordan! So this our very awesome AirBNB place it’s an entire apartment, so i just love that! that’s the hall the verandah it’s some kind of function going on here that’s the kitchen that’s gonna be my room Room No.2 with a bathroom here … and that’s Room No.3 so we have a room to each of us! that is so awesome! Driving to York Wineyard (30 mins). we’re on this beautiful drive on the way to York vineyard we’re going there for a sundowner! the lush Godavari basin Tasting Room – where they present wine flights with a breathtaking view of the vineyards! Meet Kailash Gurnani “this water is drinking water for Nashik” “and it also… there’s ways to take this water… … to the interiors of Maharashtra like earlier this year, when there was a draught in Marathwada and all those regions they actually, kind of supplied water from here as well. This property of ours is 9 acres it’s all family owned property this used to be a farmhouse in 2003” So what happens is, once you put your berries here the helical shaft will push the bunches towards the end and in that process all the berries get trapped in these holes, and they fall below… into this and at the end of that, the stock gets thrown out so all your berries are here… all your stock is there, and this is the de-stemming process this is the first thing that happens… this is what is crushing… this is crushing. right now we’re bottling, so that’s the sound from the bottling area in there so it’s a linear floor we’re receiving our grapes here, that’s where the processing happens… we’re fermenting here York Chenin Blanc We started in 2008, and i started making wines in 2012 i was studying in Australia. i spent 5 years there. came back and joined in 2012 and the idea was to make wines that have flavour so to the consumer, it’s like “Oh, this is sweet!” i’m like… “no it’s not sweet, this is flavour” so if you perceive it has sweetness, that’s fine with me! and… if you give people a flavourful wine that’s not sweet over time they’re more likely to like that over the sweet wine so anyways… we’ll get started! CHEERS!! See – Swirl – Smell – Sip – Savor
(The 5 S’s of wine tasting) Sauvignon Blanc is more heavier also, as a variety it’s natural properties … it just has more flavours and character than Chenin Blanc Chenin is a bit more simple, easy drinking wine York Rosé so because you press it straight away, there is colour that bleaches out of the skin and with colour there is also a little bit of tannin so rosés generally have a much better structure than white wine you can actually taste like a … i call it the backbone but you can actually taste this little tannin that’s floating at the back of the barrel “the idea is to make a rosé that’s not too sweet” – Kailash York Shiraz it has about 13.5% alchohol it’s something that even someone who’s drinking wine for the first time i want them to not turn away from wine i want them to continue drinking wine a lot of people, they drink for the first time and they’re like “यह तोह बहुत कड़वा है” (it’s bitter) “spicy” / “खट्टा” so again, the idea is to make something that has not too much oak… just the right amount of flavour Tinaz: “but this tastes woody” Kailash:”Yeah” it’s the ageing Tinaz “it has the after taste also” normally Cabernet and Merlot have a whole different range of flavours than Shiraz Shiraz is more lively, vibrant. Cabernet is more… this one is more jammy and savoury characters and also has a hint of like, leather kind of flavour Sundowner Break! Arros Vintage (Signature) York Sparkling Cuvée Brut The French way is basically fermenting the wine for a second time in bottle. The first fementation is normal, like how you make your whites. “… i’ll add yeast and sugar” sugar because it’s food for the yeast it ferments for a second time in the bottle we keep it for about 12-14 months whatever CO2 is formed as a by-product that gets dissolved in the wine that’s what makes it fizzy and at the end of it, that’s when we “riddle” it’s called the “riddling” process so we gradually bring all the yeast down to the neck then we freeze the neck by dipping in a glycol solution that’s -30° York Late Harvest
(super sweet. the only one i didn’t like). See you again soon, York Winery! Next Day’s Lunch Resto
(recommended by Kailash) we’re now gonna have lunch at Divtya Budhlya what we have here is the chicken thaali which i’m having Trirashmi / Pandav Leni Caves
– Quick stop on the way home. go here for the breathtakingly beautiful
2nd Century AD stone carvings… …and a bird’s eye view of the city of Nashik! The Hinayana Buddhist caves comprise of
24 caves carved between the
3rd century BC and the 2nd century AD

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