Muscadine Wine Straight from the Vine

so muscadines
are kind of a staple of the south I remember growing up it seemed like
everybody you knew had a musket on vine at their house people like to eat them
just fresh off the vine you can make jelly out of them and then some people
make wine out of them as well muscadines typically do well in warmer
climates they say they don’t do good in climates where the temperature can
frequently get below 10 degrees so they do well here in the south and not as
well in the northern climates so there’s many different varieties of muscadines
out there there’s some odd 40 varieties maybe more I’m not really sure what
varieties we have here I know we have four different types we have a a larger
purple one a smaller purple one and then we have a larger bronze muscadine and
then a smaller bronze this vine was planted way before we were here by my
wife’s grandfather and it’s been here a while you can tell by the size of the
the vines and the roots and everything that it’s been here a while so I’m not
quite sure what varieties these are whether they’re definitely good ones
muscadines are pretty maintenance-free as far as things you can grow on the
homestead once established they don’t really need a lot of care you just need
to prune them back in the wintertime once the leaves fall off so we’ll take
these usually around January prune them back real close and then they grow out
this much every year in the spring we don’t ever put any water on these guys
we don’t ever give them any fertilizer they’re pretty well established and they
just grow as long as we prune them back so on our particular vine which is about
a hundred feet long the purple ones seem to get right quicker than the bronze
ones do every year so we always harvest the purple ones first
we’ve harvested almost all of those now we got about twelve to fifteen gallons
of the purple ones and then we usually get about that same equal amount of the
which will start harvesting now so besides eating a lot of these muscadines
we make wine out of iris and have for about the past two to three years we
picked the purple ones first we’ve already got about twelve to fifteen
gallons of those picked and we’ve got those crushed we put them in a great
crusher and crush those twice and then we put them in a juicer we have a juicer
that has a a bladder in the middle that feels the water and then squeezes them
against the sides and that squeezes all the juices out of them and that’s how we
extract the juice for the wine making process


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