My First Same Sex Partner and I Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

– Why did we break up? – I mean, you were a bitch
sometimes, let’s be honest. (bright classical music) – I’m Julia. – And I’m Maria. – And Maria was my first
same sex relationship. – But we are no more. – We are no more.
(laughing) We are no more.
– We’re no more. (laughing) Cheers. – Let’s play.
– Lets. – Do you want to go first? – What was different about
dating a woman compared to a man? Was it easier or harder? – The difference is, that’s obvious. With you I felt this
huge mount of freedom, particularly in communication. You were literally like
a breath of fresh air. I remember just feeling alive again. – Well, that’s so nice
of you to say, thank you. – It’s the truth. Do you think I would date
a guy or girl after you? – Well, I thought you
were gonna date a guy. And I feel like you had this
confusions and doubts about, “Oh, I want to start a
family, I want to settle down, “I wanna marry, blah, blah, blah.” – Did I share that with you, that I said I wanted to be with a guy? – Yeah, you said you don’t really think that’s gonna be me or a girl, in general. – Wow, yeah. I guess it’s really difficult
when you’re attracted to both men and women. You’re always kinda thinking, well, I’m gonna miss one or the other. – I guess if you meet someone
and you know he, or she’s, the one, you know. You don’t really question any of that, what you’re gonna miss
from the other gender. – Maybe, yeah? – We’ll find out one day, I suppose. Oh, did you ever cheat on me? I already know the answer
to this question, but. – What’s the answer? – No!
– Oh yeah, no. No, no, I had never cheated on you. Why did we break up? – Oh, good question. Well, I dunno, you tell me. – I think we broke up
because I was at a crossroads with my identity and I think
I felt like I was trying to see us in the future
and I was struggling to. I needed to make a really
awful, hard decision. But I just felt like we
weren’t quite the right fit. – It’s okay. – You know? Anyway. – If you could do something
differently, what would it be? – During our breakup, I tried to do everything
so you weren’t in pain. – Yeah. – I know that you might not agree. – I mean, you were a bitch sometimes, let’s be honest. (laughs) – But we all can be. I think with a woman it’s
hyper-sensitive in each other– – But I think it’s so much better to talk about your feelings and communicate with each
other rather than not do that. – Yeah, and I think I learned
how to do that with you. – Yeah, well, I hope so. – What is difficult about being friends? – Well, I personally feel
like it’s a one-sided way at the minute and I really
don’t see us being friends. – Why is it one-sided? – I don’t think we have
been friends for awhile now. – I’m not friends with you? – No.
– That’s not true. – Yes, it is.
– How is that true? – Read your WhatsApp messages. – I am so friendly.
– No, you’re not. – But what do you want me to do, though? – I really think, for me, friendship is when you
both care for each other and you both are interested
in each other’s lives. – I am interested in your life. – Well, no you’re not,
I don’t think you are. All right, my turn. Who’s hotter, me or your girlfriend? Of course, me, so. – I’ll drink to that! – Yeah, I’ll drink as well. (laughing) – Are you happy with broken up? – Well, I wouldn’t say I’m happy or sad? I kinda feel like it was
a blessing in disguise, that we broke up. – Really, why?
– I feel like… happier.
– Oh, my God, I’m gonna cry. That’s so mean. – I don’t mean it in a mean way. And I achieve more things
while I’m by myself rather than being in a relationship. – With me, specifically.
– Yeah. – That’s kinda hard to hear.
– Oopsie. Do you regret being in
a relationship with me? – I really wanted to feel loved and you just gave that to me. I think even said this to you, I think I said that you healed me. Definitely, no regrets.
– Yes. (laughs) (blows raspberry) – Was I the best sex you ever had? (laughing) If not, who was the best sex with? – Well, I don’t kiss and tell, so… You’ll never find out. (laughs) – No, you meant to say
that I was the best sex you’ve ever had and no
one else can ever compare! – Well…
– You gotta drink. – For fuck’s sake.
(laughing) What do you miss about me? – Oh, I miss the Bulgarian
food you used to make me. – Oh, you miss the honey, don’t ya. – I miss you, you were there one day and then you just weren’t. And that still makes me sad, you know? Cheers.
– Cheers. Yes, bitch.
– Thanks for doing this. – Yeah, thank you, it was fun. – It was cathartic.
(laughing) – [Narrator] Buy the
Truth or Drink game now. You definitely don’t
wanna miss out on this. It’s a (beep) blast. (funky electronic music)


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