#myNCstory ~ Niagara College Teaching Winery: Icewine Harvest

(upbeat music) -It’s a perfect day for
the ice wine harvest. – So it has to be picked, the
legal limit is minus eight so it has to be that or colder. So if it’s minus ten
at two in the morning, that’s when you pick. If it’s minus ten at seven in the morning, that’s when you pick. – [Voiceover] Ice wine
is one of those things that puts Canada on the map. We follow the same regulations as Germany so getting to know how to
actually harvest ice wine in the conditions. Actually gather the grapes so that they last through the season without the birds. – [Voiceover] Perfect
conditions this morning last night was terrible. We almost called it off but
then this morning turned out to be just perfect, no snowing. – When I graduate, I really don’t know exactly what I’m going to do. But, they have us doing so many different aspects of the wine industry. So they got you doing a
little bit of everything. – [Voiceover] I think I
want to be a wine maker, I know I like to travel a
lot so I want to do a harvest and I’m just gonna probably
be a cellar hand for a bit. Couple years, get my traveling in and then hopefully set my way up
and be a head wine maker. – [Voiceover] Yeah, it’s
a great day and just to see all the students out here be involved has been wonderful. You know again, this is a
once in a lifetime experience to be involved with it. – [Voiceover] Because we’re
the only school on the planet that has students do this. All around the world, wine
schools all around the world, we’re the only training school
that has on-site vineyards where we actually pick our own grapes and make our own ice wine. This is a once in a lifetime thing. (upbeat music)

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