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Some of the greatest vineyards in all
the world are hillside vineyards and today we introduce you to one of the
highest in all of Napa Good to finally meet! Welcome to have
some Noble wine with me. Oh my goodness, my pleasure! And I love the wines, I love
the label, I love the story.. and I think what I really love is the location how
you decided, ‘okay I want to produce hillside wines’. Why hillside wines and
what is special about them to you? I think it’s the character, the vines typically struggle. My little vineyard here on the top of the hill there’s probably a less than a foot and a half of ground soil that I get off to the side of the vineyard I’m at five or six feef which is more typical valley floor Right. So it’s a little bit of a challenge on watering when you’ve got a hill you have to water a little bit more on top knowing
something’s gonna roll down the sides. I would imagine. And I think it’s just been
proven that the hillsides, a lot of really fine wines come from.
And speaking of hillsides, let’s orient ourselves and the audience to where we
are because I’m looking down on Lake Hennessy. You are. And Lake Hennessy is a stone’s throw from St. Helena, right, so walk us through where in the heck we are, because we’re pretty high up as well We are. We’re at 1,500 feet, so there’s probably only a handful of vineyards at that level in Napa Valley. And so you’ve been passionate about hillside fruit for the kind of complexity that it provides Correct. So when when did you get into wines how
does someone decide you know what I’m gonna leave the Midwest and I’m gonna go west and make wine and put my name on it? My first career was actually in food and
beverage. My father was a chef, worked at big hotels Okay. Ran a university food
service out in Illinois but don’t hold that against me. Yeah after I’d left the
food beverage industry I went to work for my father-in-law a
wholesale supplier of specialized animal foods. Always a smart move going to work
for the father in law. Well it was, he just was a great guy. What do you think of the 2006? I’m a big fan everything about it I mean the explodes out of the glass, the color is very concentrated and I know part of
that is obviously the fruit source is spectacular but you also age the wines kind of.. I love it, because it’s the consumer I don’t have to. Right. So that’s part of your philosophy. Exactly correct. Dave Lattin and I, who you can almost see the vineyard right behind me that’s made over actually Kuleto I’m lucky being a neighbor that I get to make my wines there and Dave has a great winemaking philosophy You won’t release a wine.. tell
me the aging. We usually, to date the earliest we have released a wine’s been
six years. Wow. So, which you know, right now our current releases are 2004
through 2007 Cabernets. It lets the consumer know a little bit more what the wine’s going to taste like and the fact there’s a lot of talk out there about
high alcohol wines don’t age that California wines don’t age. Well, I
like to think I can prove people wrong you know what you do is pretty neat and
pretty amazing and being a small newcomer it’s nice to get my name out
there in other markets we’re starting to do pretty well here in California and
just taken on our first New York distributor. Excellent. So now you can get my wine to the finer restaurants in New York City There’s a few of them. There’s
a few of them. And you talked about being a small producer and small is kind of sometimes a misnomer, but you really are micro boutique. I guess if that’s a term, yes. I’m gonna make it a term. It’s a new term, let’s start using it. Yes. So what is case production, ’cause it’s perfect? We’ve never had a case a year over a thousand cases. Alright. Most of the time now we’re averaging
about 250 to 350. So essentially if you can find it get it. I think it’s it’s not you know when you look at the scope of the wine made in the world we make a
very small percentage of that wine. Special thanks to George noble today.
Outstanding time, do yourselves a favor purchase as much as you can and take
advantage of the special case incentive. Thanks so much for all your support.

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