New Utah Liquor & Wine Store opens in Syracuse

had friends that have passed away. AND THIS YOUNG UTAH COMPANY… IS HOPING TO CHOKE THAT STATISTIC OUT… WITH THESE NIFTY NECK ACCESSORIES. we’ve taken those habits of GET INVOLVED IN THEIR CAUSE… AS WELL AS RESOURCES FOR THOSE STRUGGLING WITH ADDICTION… VISIT OUR WEBSITE… ABC4 DOT COM. DON A NEW 14 THOUSAND SQUARE FOOT STATE LIQUOR STORE… OPENED IN DAVIS COUNTY PART OF A PARTNERSHIP BETWEEN THE DEPARTMENT OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE CONTROL AND THE DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE. DURING THE GRAND OPENING… DABC OFFICIALS ALSO TALKED ABOUT THEFT IN THE STATE LIQUOR STORES. [B6]NEW STATE LIQUOR STORE 5-SOTVO 00:23:30;10 1154TO.MXF Our loss is pretty minimal we do a pretty good job across the state and in fact is i would venture to say that a lot of retailers are jealous of the numbers we’re able to have when it comes to shrink, we have a lot of cameras, we have a lot of security in place, our employees are pretty vigilant about that. 00:23:46;29 DON THE SYRACUSE LOCATION WILL ALSO FEATURE ENVIORNMENTALLY FRIENDLY

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