New Zealand Vlog – Day 2 (Waiheke Island, Stonyridge, Mudbrick, Man O’War Vineyards)

Second day in New Zealand is all about wine tasting, relaxing, and enjoying the nature We went to three vineyards for wine tasting this time Let’s start from our third place Third place for us, was Stonyridge Impressed the second we entered the vineyard A helicopter parking space?! Don’t tell me that’s how the rich does it, just fly in for a glass of wine when they feel like it First impression upon entering is Wow, it’s crowded There’re also many tour groups that are bringing in more and more people Why was it ranked third for us? For us it’s mainly because it’s too commercialized, crowded, and noisy Doesn’t have the atmosphere I think a nice wine-tasting experience should have On top of this, the wines we tasted didn’t stand out that much Second place went to Mudbrick Immediately, the environment seems better than that of Stonyridge The Vineyard is located on top of a little hill, facing the sea There’s also a little garden outside Waitresses here are very friendly and professional While the wine tasting room also has a lovely interior You can enjoy your wine both indoors and outdoors, while enjoying the view First place… goes to Man O War Although not as famous as the previous two, also further away from everything (30 min drive) but it was well worth it environment was great, actually located just near the beach Many working here are people from neighboring countries in New Zealand for work friendly and full of energy Before wine tasting, we had bread with their famous locally made olive oil Fresh salad and Pizza After lunch, we came to the tasting room of Man O’War After our French waitress nicely introduces every wine including their favor and their specialties We each picked a few bottles we want to try out Really, every one of them was great One of the most impressive one was a red wine This bottle that almost led to me bringing a few bottles back with me to Japan At night, we returned to our camping ground And start to cook our New Zealand dinner We are cooking Salmon, Steak, and Lamb for dinner today Yes, while we cook, we have wild birds visiting us and joining our dinner In no time, we’ve become so used to having wild animals accompanying us everywhere First time washing dishes like this so close to the ground Quite an experience.. Among all the campsites we stayed at, this is probably the one that’s closest to nature Bathroom was also very eco-friendly At night, the light only turns on when someone enters what time is it now? it’s about 20:30 Look at us, second day, we’ve improved so much! it’s all about team work We’ve made our bed, put everything away, so ready for a good night sleep and the weather today is awesome unlike yesterday especially when we were trying to close all gaps of windows and doors to not let mosquitos come in I was quite worried we’d actually suffocate in the car Yes that’s right, camping 101 Make sure to put up your mosquito tents and make your bed before it turns dark, or else you’ll have to be fighting against mosquitos all night long..

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