today we’re in the Tualatin Valley
situated between Portland Oregon and the Oregon coast this region is filled with
internationally renowned wines and beautiful rustic landscapes let’s go
check it out of our lives and we started as all of the movie posters of movies
made in Portland Oregon’s oh my gosh Free Willy this is the valley and this is where
we’re gonna be going tomorrow the tool mountain valley is only 35 minutes from
downtown Portland and has over 700 wineries Washington County Oregon just
made it to Ponzi it’s right behind us right there we are in Oregon and look at
this beautiful road this beautiful farm country that we’re in we’re in the
Wilmette Valley these beautiful grapes we are getting ready for harvest season we are in the low value Emporium and
we’re gonna taste some delicious Pinot Noirs today this whole region is known
for Pinot Noirs and also Pinot Gris D or again the Ponzi winery is a family-owned
winery started by Dick and Nancy Ponzi in 1970 it’s been credited for helping
to put Oregon wines on the map and we have a little bit of atmosphere today
we’re here in early August you don’t get much reading this time of year but it’s
very nice really from the hotter parts of the country this time of either a
cloudy day but just a very atmospheric and beautiful so we’re at the bar and might you’re
trying the region’s cooler climate helps to produce some of the most
internationally recognized Pinot Noirs here at Ponzi they’re getting ready for
harvest season which normally happens around mid-september why making up ponzi
is a family tradition let’s learn a little bit more about the history mechanical engineer for Disney the wine
produced at Ponzi was even served at the White House state dinners
a part of the menu of the state dinner at the White House production facility
so we’re in the production facility right now these are all French oak
barrels and each one costs about a thousand dollars just for the barrel so
it finally cleared up no Maureen and our guide said that the harvest is starting
September 15th his ears and see the grapes have color on them
we also pair the wine with local goat cheese made in the region next we head
to Murray Hill which specializes in brunch and local fish we are at Cafe
Marie ho and we got a crowd and crab Benedict Marie Hill is found in a park-like
setting with a beautiful pond outside next we head to our second winery Raptor
Ridge Winery only four minutes away good afternoon we’re at the Raptor Ridge
Winery really beautiful really incredible dramatic valley views
beautiful architecture work here just true dedication to their craft you’re at
Raptor Ridge Winery we met with owners Annie and Scott Shaw who specialize in
hand-picked single vineyard pinot noirs and a beautiful tranquil setting to try the demo Pinot Noir Pinot Noir
from the Raptor Ridge Winery it’s okay it has blue fruit aromas and
they’ll swell up a little bit enough to kind of close up the space between the
grapes Raptor Ridge has a beautiful tasting room overlooking the mountains
and the vineyards they also feature yoga classes on site be sure to check out the
link in the description below for the event list next we get a glimpse at how
the wine is made on the on-site production facility so we just met the
owner at this winery this is called Raptor winery and he was a former Intel
technologist and he started this winery it was his hobby and then it grew into
this acres and acres of beautiful wine the hospitality of this vineyard
intimate setting and beautiful tranquil scenery make it one of our favorites
we’ve ever visited next we check out the nearby Hoffman farm store where you can
pick your own blueberries strawberries and blackberries here in August visit
the link in the description below for the details I have a lot of picking farms here and
one of them has fresh blueberries and if you want to bring something home with
you check out the store for the local pies we hope that you enjoyed this look
into the beautiful Oregon wine region the nature the family atmosphere and the
passion for wine making here is exquisite we hope to be back very soon
on your next trip to Portland be sure to check out the Wilmette Valley and if you
liked this video hit the thumbs up button and subscribe for more travel

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