Oscar Isaac Dances Drunk Around a Christmas Tree at the Holidays

Hey, Oscar. Hi. It’s good to see you again. Very nice to see you, too. You’ve been on the
show, and then you came and visited one day. That’s right. We were on the lot. I was shooting a
film with Matt Damon, and George Clooney
was directing. And then he was like, want
to come take a walk with me? And so we walked over and just
barged in and said hi to you. Yeah. That was so nice that you
just came by to say hi. Yeah, yeah. It was really nice. Yeah. Well, and I heard
you have a new baby. I have a brand new baby. Is it your first? Second. Second, so– How old is your first? –No sleep at all. He’s two and a half. Two-and-a-half-year-old. And this one is how old? Eight weeks, yeah. Eight-and-a-half-week-old. Oh, wow. So he’s not sleeping. I was saying that– He’s actually sleeping
way more than we are. Yeah. I mean, it’s just
delirious, you know? Yeah. It’s a lot. Well, congratulations on that. And I saw a picture of
you being a good dad. You were playing with
puppets or something. [LAUGHING] You know, I tell her not
to put these pictures up. Yes, I was doing a
puppet show for my son. And I think she got distracted. [LAUGHING] Well that’s why
we’re showing it. So your wife is Danish. Is that right? Yes, she is Danish. So Christmas must
be a big deal, then. Yeah. I mean, they invented Christmas. Right. I mean, it’s from there. So you go there. You feel like you’re
in the North Pole. It’s amazing. And they have really fun
traditions, lots of warm wines that you can drink. And dancing around the tree. Everyone holds hands and
dances around the tree. Wait, what do you mean
everybody holds hands and dances around the tree? Everyone in the
room holds hands, and we all sing and
dance around the tree. It’s like a Danish thing. How often and how long? [LAUGHING] For a while. It’s a pretty big repertoire. Uh-huh. For a while, yeah. So the tree has to be, then,
in the center of a room. Yeah. The tree is in the center. And it’s all with
actual candles, too. In the tree? Yeah. Well that’s not safe. [LAUGHING] The Danes are fine with it. But there’s lit
candles in a tree? Yep. And we’re dancing
around it, too. And you’re dancing around
it drunk on warm wine? It’s the best. It actually is starting
to sound good to me. It’s sounds pretty
amazing, right? Yeah. Oh my God. I can’t believe there’s
candles in a tree. I can’t get over that. So can you tell me
anything about– I mean, you’re on to
talk about Star Wars. But yet, I don’t think
you can tell us anything. What can you tell us? I can say that it is the
end of a nine film saga, and it spans 42 years. I just saw it last night
for the first time. And what J.J. has done– J.J. Abrams, the director of the
movie– it’s just spectacular. I mean, he had to land
this massive thing. And he has so many
expectations, so much pressure. And he just does it with such
joy, and it’s overwhelming. That’s great. And you were actually in– where’d you shoot this? We shot it– a lot of it
was in the UK in London. And then we also went
to Jordan and shot out in the Wadi Rum Desert. And you met the king of Jordan? Yes. At one point, we were
shooting out there, and they said the kind of
Jordan is landing, and some of the princes as well. And so we all ran
over to meet him. And I was expecting– I don’t know, a
cape and a crown. And I don’t know
what I was expecting. And he was just in
these army fatigues and a tight black
shirt, and he just looked like a total bad ass. Yeah. And yes. We said hello, and he
invited us all to dinner. And we all went to
dinner that night, and it was pretty amazing. Like at a restaurant
or at the castle? No, at his– well,
it’s not a castle. It’s just their home. Yeah, but it’s
probably a nice house. It’s a nice spread. Yeah, yeah. It’s a pretty nice place. All the kids have these arcades. And it was– What? Yeah. The kids have arcade games. Like big ones. They had a bunch of different– Like an actual arcade? Yeah. Why am I shocked by that? I don’t know why I’m shocked. Of course, he’s
the King of Jordan. He would have all kinds
of things like that. Very cool. All right. Well, we can’t wait to see it. It’s going to be massive. I think so, yes. And very, very successful. Congratulations. Thank you. Good seeing you again. Star Wars: The Rise of
Skywalker opens December 20th. We’ll be right back.


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