-Cardonnay.- -Everyone loves the- My name is Tamie Aceves. And I’m the owner of Crema Espresso and Wine Bar. And La Creme Monterey, Fresh Creative Eventws. -Have a good night.- -Thanks.- I started in the hospitality industry twenty-nine ;years ago. -And if you want to put- When I was sixteen I had my first waitressing job. I lived all over the place. And I love the family type atmosphere that come with the hospitality industry. Crema, Espresso and Wine bar, it houses an old Victorian. Its has a bunch of fun. I think fun and funky decorated rooms. Everyone is very comfortable. So while we have the best espresso in town, great wine list. Great California style tapas, My goal is to make it the kind place people want to be their spot. Tonight we’re having a wine pairing dinner with a local winery. We like doing this. It’s a way to showcase our food. We do five courses.Paired with five different local wines. And for the third course we have caramel roasted salmon. Summer squash. Lentels. Smoked bacon. And a brown butter vinegrette. -Okay. Here you go.- -Where are my girls?- -Girls?- And it’s a really fun way to taste different wines, and have them really sparkling shine best on the menu we provide. -You guys had the avocado again?- -Yes.- -‘Cause is so yummy.- -It is.- -What about the rissotto paste?- My grandma was a huge inspiration for me. In terms of cooking and hospitality. She literally loved people with food. Every time you went visited her, she’s cooking and bringing food to eat. And manga manga. And that just really inspired me. With Crema and Le Creme I’m totally living my dream. I love been able to have a spot where people could come and congregate. I love hosting and planning parties. Pop in their lives and be their muse. and make their parties special. I’m living the dream because get to do what I love. And it’s really awesome.

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