Pairing Fine Wine with Cheese Toasties | The Curd Degree Episode 2

I wonder if anyone’s done this before?
Pairing wines with toasties. welcome to another episode of
the curd degree. absolutely thrilled to welcome Ben from novel wines this week
who’s going to take us through some flavor pairing with the cheese toasties here today to match with your three
toasties I think they’ll be really cool so I’ll talk you through the toasties. and walnut and then the smokehouse which is going to be smoked bacon barbecue sauce bacon bits and then or special
limited edition mascarpone strawberry jam on white chocolate red velvet
cupcake so Ben can you talk us through what wines you’ve bought to go with these? got a English wine from A Beckets which
is Wiltshire’s largest vineyard just down the road we’ve got the Del Pedregal
Tannat from Antigua bodega Stagnari which is a Uruguayan winery and I’ve got
the really exciting Monsoon Valley Thai dessert wine hundred percent chenin blan from Thailand. wine is just sounds incredible alcohol with breakfast stem you use it very easily first time
so you say that was my first time you just stick it on the table the two
fingers either side like that okay and then when you get more confident it pick
it up but then your put your nose right in take a long slow so we smell it
because 60% of what you smell is what you taste so it gives you really good
indication to what the wine might taste like and also if it’s off as well
most of these wines are but first time you taste it just drink it and see if you like it okay that’s really nice it’s quite subtle, I kind of expected it be a bit more acidic from the smell but it’s
actually really smooth still get the acid it back here which
when you pair it with food everything will soften and mellow so you have that
lovely Crisp Apple fruit but you’ll have a much softer acidity at the back which means with the food it will balance out really
beautifully pairing it with the food that I’m
pairing the wine with the food yeah what’s the kind of what’s the etiquette do
you go food first wine wine food how’s it go? so the best way to do it so either the food is gonna make the wine better which hopefully it will or the
wine will make the food better so that’s usually one person will go one way the
other person will go the other way so to test it we always do just a little
bit of wine then food then a little bit the wine and just see what works for you
so little bit of wine, lovely apple flavor and a little bit of the food. very nice! i like that follow up with the wine and just watch that acidity just mellow completely Right yeah!
You feel that? there’s no acid at all. Well there is but you can’t taste it and I see what you mean about the salt balancing with the acidity of the wine as well
yeah and it’s like you’re eating this and you’re having a really crisp granny
smith apple or something So Ben, what have we got next? so this is Uruguayan Tannat which is a
French grape variety Tannat but it’s found its home in Uruguay because it’s
much warmer there, so Tannat can be quite a high tannin variety so it’s got that dry
flavor you know when you have a red wine it makes your whole mouth feel very dry
Tannat it’s also really full body so you’ve gotten rich fruit jammy flavors
a little bit of meatiness as well so pairing with the bacon in this toastie
and the smokiness as well as should work really beautifully talking about artisanal wines and artisinal producers and that kind of thing so this is our smokehouse toastie
so this has got BBQ sauce which is made by this guy called Tubby Tom in
Gloucestershire it’s the best BBQ sauce you’ve ever tasted in your life it
really is incredible so help yourself! I’m gonna do this down there I’ve not quite reached your level of expertise when it comes to swirling! so it’s got quite a plummy, meaty sort of knows but then when you taste it is quite full. Yeah I see what you mean about the meaty kind of depth to it Yeah it goes really nicely. particularly
smokiness with the wine and now hopefully when you go back to the wine that tannin that dryness should be really really soft and again it’s fruittier
I wonder if anyone’s done this before? pairing wines with toasties… if not this is… this is worth doing! we’re probably the market leaders mmm that’s lovely. the sauce is gorgeous and something full-bodied like this it needs that smokiness that meatiness yup to pair so beautifully have you ever drunk a glass of red and just felt really
heavy yeah yeah the best Reds balance the alcohol with the acid so it’s back to
that balance thing the way it feels fresh but it’s nice and full and like a warm
hug at the same time so you’re not feeling tired out after a glass you could quite happily have two or three. best thing really is go to your independent and say I like
this I got this to spend recommend me something we do it on Novel wines all
the time people pop up say I love Malbec recommend me a Malbec. I’ll go look
if you want to start out, Del Pedrego is great if you want something ultra
chocolaty luxurious full-bodied extreme yeah then we’ve got an artisan Tannat
who are the specialist in Uruguay amazing and people can do this all on
your website so they just log on and then you get recommendations just as you
go through the processes is that right? yeah me and my business partner George are on the other end we just tell them what they should go for right brilliant so personalized advice
on the website? amazing so Ben what have we got here this is our
third wine to go with our dessert flavor yeah this is something properly
unique Thai dessert wine the main reason people say I don’t like
sweet wine is because they say it tastes like syrup or honey or whatever whereas this is it’s sweet it’s got that fresh acidity at the back so you can drink
more than one glass again quite happily which sounds ideal! so these wines that you’ve bought along today this isn’t the sort of thing that you can get in the supermarket is that right? no, we specialise in stuff other people don’t do so there’s so many places doing the classics so
well so we sourced the weird and wonderful the best thing about our wines is
whatever the occasion whether your buying as a gift or just the wine to have
dinner you can bring it out and you can talk about it, it makes it less of something
you drink in front of the telly and more something you share with friends that’s amazing I love that it’s you kind of position it is like a talking point
and that’s kind of what we’re trying to achieve with Cheese Posties you know is like making flavor combinations and balance and getting people talking about
food so here we go wine and so we got the red velvet next so this is red
velvet bread we’ve got white chocolate mascarpone cheese and strawberry jam and we’re gonna pair this with a Thai Chenin Blanc. that’s amazing it’s a lot more kind of subtle than your average kind of dessert wine isn’t it. yeah it’s like sweet apple fruit yeah
but it doesn’t feel like syrup I think wine makes everything better! so again I see like we’re starting to balance kind of flavors between the what you said about the
acidity and then the salty like in the bread here we got like a little bit of
salt it’s just kind of a subtle bit because I’m a pop tart fan I’m a pop tart fan as well! that is better than a pop tart cuz it’s tempered by that tiny bit of saltiness in the bread
yeah which makes it really really nice it’s also a great blue cheese wine so if you want to go savory with the
toastie because blue cheese has a huge acidity in it versus other cheese when
you pair up with something like this which has the acidity in bucket loads
but as sweet as well combination is great my biggest sort of indulgence is a block of Stilton and a bottle of that Thai dessert wine Excellent taste! I can just sit there all afternoon! So, also a question I should really ask everyone that comes on a this show favorite cheese? favorite cheese? roquefort blue didn’t eat cheese for 18 years and I jump straight the for blue! crazy! stright in at the deep end right? Stilton, roquefort, gorgonzola, all of it, loved it! so we’re gonna wind up there, if you’re interested in finding more about incredible wines like this you need to head over to NovelWines.couk and
chat to Be or George on live chat and find a perfect wine for you or to go
with your toastie join us next time when we’re going to be doing some more
obscene stuff to cheese sandwiches because YouTube. Thanks again for watching another episode of the curd degree if you’re sick of trying the same old boring
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