Pairing Wines from Uruguay with Grilled Foods!

Happy Fourth of July, everybody! You know, there are few things that are more
American than grilling, right? Well, believe it or not, there are other parts
of the world that share our same passion for grilled fare – like South America. Today, we’re going to do a wine and food pairing.
We’re going to pair up grilled fare, with wines from Uruguay. I’m super-excited about this, these are delicious
wines. I think you should stick around to see how it goes! Located at the southern tip of Brazil, Uruguay
has been making wine since the 1870s. Its Maritime climate is perfect for growing
grapes. Near the Capital of Montevideo, you’ll find
Artesana Winery. The name “Artesana,”is a nod of respect to
female artisans all over the world, maybe more specifically to the two women who make
the wine and those who work at the winery. The wines of Uruguay are like no other, thanks
to a deep, dark red grape known as Tannat. With three to four times the antioxidants
of most grapes, Tannat is super-healthy. But even better is that it makes for bold
wines that pair well with food. Particularly, with grilled food – which is kind of a
National pastime in Uruguay. With refreshing flavors of kiwi and grapefruit,
the Tannat rosé is the perfect way to start a meal, or pair with lighter fare. I’m a vegetarian and the wine paired perfectly
with baked beans and the sweet corn. Fabulous. And I love that it’s made by ladies.
Girl Power! And, of you like big red wines, then Tannat
is your grape. It’s bold, juicy, full of black fruits and spices. This is such a nice example of Tannat! It’s
a deep and inky wine and I wasn’t sure if I’d like it in the summertime. I thought it
might be too heavy, but it was great with the grilled food. Usually I’m a beer drinker when it comes to
my grilled foods, especially for 4th of July, but I was really pleasantly surprised at how well
this paired with the grilled meats. I really enjoyed it. And if you’re looking for a more complex,
velvety, California-style red, Artesana makes a blend that uses Tannat, Merlot and Zinfandel. It’s a little more, almost smoky, tobacco… yeah! That is a HUGE wine, the Tannat, Merlot Zinfandel
has the added spice from the Zinfandel, which pairs perfectly with the spices in the Hot Dog! Feeling thirsty? I’ve got great news. These
award-winning wines are now available in many states right here in the US. That was another fantastic wine and food pairing:
Grilled American Fare, right here on the Fourth of July, paired up with the wines of Uruguay.
Went over very well! Now that you know a little bit about them,
I urge you to go seek them out for yourself. Thank you to Artesana for the opportunity! Cheers!!


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