| Paper Inspiration #415 – Screen Printed Rattlesnake Wine Bottle

When your client’s creative direction is
to “go wild,” go for it. Create a 360-degree, all rattling label experience. Hi
everybody I’m Sabine Lenz, the founder of PaperSpecs, with your weekly dose of
paper inspiration. If you know anything about me you know that I LOVE paper, from its limitless versatility to the way it feels in your hands. But as designer
Jenny Doll discovered, sometimes in an effort to create the perfect wine or
spirit label, you have to eliminate the middleman and print directly onto the
bottle itself. Specializing in label design for small-lot producers (meaning
ultra-premium small quantity wines), Jennifer’s creative direction from a
client was to “go wild” and that is exactly what she did. The vintner also included the request for a pattern and a rattlesnake but left
the how – and look and feel – to her. Jenny’s goal was to use the entire
bottle as a canvas so she mocked up the label design on a bottle and rotated it
all around to animate the snake. Ultimately the Cabernet Sauvignon for
Angelo Cellars featured a snake that winds itself around the bottle, with a
more traditional looking label (mimicking a bellyband) encircling the bottle’s
middle. Both were screen-printed by Monvera Glass Décor. As with all printing
and finishing techniques, the key to a memorable print project lies in
pushing the envelope beyond the expected. This requires a very special print
partner – a print partner who views every design project as an invitation to learn
and allows you to explore. In this case the explanation of colors was critical,
viewing precious metal alongside pigment-based inks, which ultimately led
to the final color choices. The screen print uses only two colors but wraps 360
degrees around the bottle, which makes it impossible to say where the snake begins (or ends for that matter), which creates a very dramatic effect that would be
impossible to achieve with a traditional paper label. One of the branding
advantages of screen printing directly onto the bottle is that you can
produce designs that are either very difficult or impossible to achieve with
paper labels. Add to this the light tactile experience that raised screen
printing ink naturally adds to the bottle and you have a very memorable
experience that not only attracts but also keeps the buyer’s attention. If you’re
printing directly onto the bottle or create sumptuous paper labels, the
principles of good label design remain the same. If you are a PaperSpecs PRO
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