Parents & Kids Play Truth or Drink (Bo & Gerald) | Truth or Drink | Cut

– Do you send nude images
to people you’re dating? – No, have you ever sent – No, the phone was not big enough. (laughing) – My name is Bo. – My name is Gerald. – And, I think this is my father. – I can’t think of a topic
that we haven’t talked about. Maybe some not in detail. – Right. – Mhmm. – Yeah, it’s gonna’ be
exciting. I’m going first? Have you ever caught me
masturbating or having sex? – You masturbate all the time. – All the time. (laughing) All the time. – When was a time I didn’t catch you. – Yeah, exactly. – I was walkin’ into your room one time and you were smiling for no reason. – Yeah, I definitely remember that ‘cuz you just opened
the door and closed it. And, I was like, “bye dad!” (laughing) – Yeah. When did you lose your virginity? – Oh, I was a late bloomer. Twenty actually. – Where was you at? – You wanna’ take a guess? – Upstairs. – Yeah. – His bedroom, upstairs. And, I always wondered why we always walked by the room and
it was kind of funky, so. – Sex. (laughs) – Oh, Lord. – Do you ever do butt stuff? – We tried wipin’ my ass, no. – Cool, lets immediately
move on ‘cuz this is awful. – Have you? – Yes. Not on myself, on other people. – Two legged or four legged? (laughing) (coughs) All right, I was still laughin’. Do you send nude images
to people you’re dating? – No, have you ever sent – No, the phone’s not big enough. (laughing) – Oh my God. The phone’s not big enough. Are you kidding me? My turn? – Mhmm. – Have you ever had sex with someone who was already in a
committed relationship? – When I was like 16
or somethin’ yeah, but Have you? – Yes. – Numerous? – Yes. I break up houses. I break up houses. If they’re down, I’m like, yeah I’m cool. Like, I’m not ruinin’ anything, you are ruining your relationship. I’m just here (laughs). So, I’m like, I don’t care. – Oh, okay. No. – Touch my hand real
fast, it makes a noise. No! – All right. Are you gonna’ change my
diapers when the time comes? – As soon as you guys
start pooping your pants, you’re going to a home. Your dukes are horrendous. But, at the same time, who knows, I’m probably gonna’ mature
by then and be like, yeah dad, I’ll wipe your butt. Come here mom, you’re next. – I think that’s rather shitty. (laughs) – Is it my turn? All right, where’s the
strangest place you’ve had sex? – Good Lord, these questions. – Mhmm. (laughs) – Where’s the strangest
place you’ve had sex? – JcPenny’s. – What area? – The dressing room. I’m pretty bad ass, I don’t mean to brag. – That’s why Penny’s is closin’. – Yeah, well absolutely. There’s semen everywhere. (laughs) – Woo. What kind of porn do you masturbate to? – Cheers. – If I had to guess, any, anything, you know,
he’s just a horny bastard. – All the time. – I think he masturbates
to the news, actually. – Yep. – Dog food commercials, masturbate. That was his nickname in high school. – No, that wasn’t it. The masturbator, okay. – Oh, okay. Who was a better parent,
me or your mother? (laughs) – Don’t just – Pussy. – That’s my dad. – Oh shit. – Uh oh. – List all the illicit drugs you’ve tried. What more would you like to try? – I’ve done weed, I have tried cocaine and it was bad. It made me fall asleep
immediately and I hated it. – Really? – Yeah. – Well, you’re weird. – Yeah, I know, like
that’s strange, right. I’ve also done shrooms and shrooms is fun. – What else would you try? – If I was younger, what
I would try would be acid if I was like 21, but now I’m like yuck. Who has the time? (laughing) What about you? What drugs – I’m a strong believer that drugs are terrible for your body. – So, just do a shot. Just do a shot. Perfect. I told you it wasn’t gonna’ be that bad. – I know. – Do you wanna’ do
somethin’ like this again? – Never. – Are you surprised by what you learned? – The cocaine, the shrooms, your fascination with masturbation. (clapping) Was that, well did we do okay?


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