Paula Pell Bought $900 Worth of Vibrators for the Wine Country Cast

-I want to talk about
“Wine Country.” -Yes. -I’m so happy that you
did this movie. -Ohh.
-You crush in this movie. Check out “Wine Country”
on Netflix. It’s you, it’s Tina Fey,
Rachel Dratch, Maya, Ana. -Emily Spivey who wrote it…
-Emily Spivey. -With Liz Cackowski, yep. -This is based on a real trip…
-Ana Gasteyer. -…that you guys did?
You went — -We went on two real trips
for people turning 50. And I missed the boat,
so they’re going to do a retroactive one,
’cause I’m 56. Thanks.
[ Laughter ] -Oh, my — No one clapped.
-No one. No one. “I thought she was 90.” [ Laughter ] But so we’re — we’re — We’ve been doing these trips. Like, every other year,
we go on a trip, and we went on a 50th Rachel Dratch birthday party
weekend. And a lot of things happened.
And we — And Amy produced it
and directed it, Amy Poehler. And Emily Spivey — yeah. -Well, can you tell the story?
This is a little off-color. -Well, there’s a lot of things
that really happened — that happened in the movie that
really happened in real life. And one of them was
the night before I left — I’m living in L.A. now. The night before I left is, I ran to the Hustler store
at midnight, because I had a 6:30 flight
in the morning, and I bought high-end vibrators
for all the girls. [ Laughter ]
And I mean really high end. Like, they’re —
They can, you know, test your temperature
and adjust to it. They’re just really —
-Oh, my gosh! -And they tell you
the weather. It’s — there’s a lot of things.
[ Laughter ] You can check sports scores.
-Check sports scores? Oh, my gosh.
-It’s amazing. Yeah, yeah, it’s amazing.
And — And so I went and bought
all these. And, of course,
I bought Rachel one that was, like,
even bigger and better and really elaborate
with, like, magnet technology. I don’t know what that means,
but — And the girl behind
the counter — ’cause everyone in L.A.
that works at those stores is just like — always like,
“What are you looking for? What are you looking for
tonight?” You know, they’re just, like,
really comfortable in their skin and young and not like
I used to be, like, in the shadows if I ever
went in one of those places. Sorry, parents
in the third row. And so — and so I went in there
and bought so much stuff that she finally went,
“I got to say, can I just give you
my employee discount?” [ Laughter ]
-Wow! -‘Cause she said,
“This is going to be $900.” -Wow!
-And it was $900. And then I bought batteries. ‘Cause you don’t buy a toy and not give batteries
to somebody. It’s, like…
[ Laughter ] That’s not how Santa Claus
works. -Santa Claus?
Oh, my gosh. -So I created a character
at the real weekend named Dilda Clause, and…
[ Laughter ] jolly old Saint “Richard,”
for short. -Alright. Yeah.
[ Laughs ] Oh, my gosh.
-And I distributed — I distributed them. And so in the movie,
I actually do that with a beard made out
of paper towels and… -[ Laughs ] That really
happened in real life? -It really happened.
-I want to show everyone a clip. Here’s Paula Pell and
Rachel Dratch in “Wine Country.” Take a look at this. -She’s too young for me. -Val, may I offer you
some feedback? -Go for it.
-Okay, I mean, when it comes to age, the number
itself truly doesn’t matter. It’s — I mean, I wish Abby
could understand this, ’cause she’s coming at me like,
“You’re 50. You’re 50. You’re 50.” It’s like, what
matters is how you feel inside. So, with all that in mind, what would you say
your soul’s age is? -I’d say like 12. I mean, maybe a little older. Probably old enough to drink
and bone. Maybe 18.
18 1/2. Almost out of the house. Don’t have my own car yet. But I have a bike.
[ Laughter ] -It’s a start.
[ Cheers and applause ] One of the best people I’ve ever
met in my entire lifetime. Paula Pell, everybody.

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