People Try The Wine Version Of 4 Loko

(whistling) – I saw this all over Twitter and saw that it was sold out everywhere. – I don’t drink because I don’t
like the taste of alcohol, I don’t like the feeling being drunk, and I’m horrified of throwing up. – I drank a lost last night forgetting that I was also
gonna drink this morning. – Who doesn’t like alcohol? – I mean, I… I recently got turned on to alcohol. – I saw on the Buzzfeed post
that everybody was like, ‘this one got me fucked up.’ ‘I lost my life, I
threw up for five days.’ – Everyone’s like, ‘but
it’s only 13.9% alcohol.’ So, how does that (bleep) you up? – People are saying that it’s like… Like a Four Loko comparison. – You ever tried Four… – No.
– No. Did you ever hear of Four…
– Sure. Yeah, it’s an energy drink. (laughing) – Four Loko’s gross. It’s very disgusting, like you know you’re drinking gasoline, but if this tastes good, then we’re getting into
some scary territory. – This smells like sangria, like a nice brunch I had last weekend. – Whoa, that like… Hit me.
– Also smells like college. – Oh, it’s dark.
– Yeah. – It’s thick. – It is, it’s like a syrup. – Alright, cheers. – Cheers. – Cheers. Here we go. – [Both] Cheers. – Cheers, cheers. – Hm, I’m gonna try it again. (laughing) – I barely taste the alcohol in it. – It’s still sweet, it’s still good. It’s way better than Four Loko. – Yeah, this is the kinda thing that’ll sneak up on you later.
– Oh, yeah. – It’s reminiscent of childhood. Not the alcohol, but it
tastes like fruit punch. It tastes like fruit punch. – I definitely feel this already. – [Man] Whoa. – I do feel the heat. I feel… I feel hot. – I think maybe there’s
a little bit of a wine. – I can already feel the buzz happening. – Really? Oh, no.
– I can already feel it coming – I feel like they put in extra
citrus to hide their secret. – The more I drink it, the
more the alcohol comes out, and I don’t know if it’s
all at the bottom right now. – Are we supposed to shake it? Does it say you shake it? – Shake it, shake, shake it.
– Shake it, shake it. – Now I feel it. – Do you feel the hotness? – Mhm. – I actually want to
take more sips of this, and that’s saying a lot.
– Oh, I just keep going. – Right. – This is how you get
people into drinking. – This is a great gateway drink. – This is a gateway alcohol. – The packaging is beautiful. – It is very cute. – It’s, I mean, it actually
kind of matches my ensemble. – It does! Can we just… – I have a pretty high tolerance. – You have a high tolerance. – But I’m… I’ve got a little buzz. I’m feeling light.
– A little buzz, which I think is saying something from just drinking a couple
half glasses of sangria. – I’m a lightweight, kind of. I had one beer last night
and I was like, ‘woo!’ (laughing) – Are you feeling it? – Not yet. – As somebody that hates alcohol, it’s actually definitely
not the worst alcohol I’ve ever tasted. – I can tell I’m getting a little buzzed because I started to play
invisible piano keys. – I feel nothing, and
this is my second glass. Maybe it’ll catch up to me in 15 minutes. – I’m feeling it. – If you were to pregame
a night out, like quick, not expensive, meaning one
bottle is all you need. – It’ll do the job and it’ll do it quick. – Exactly.
– Right. – You should probably slow down. – Wait, can we pause and act like we’re fancy wine connoisseurs in Napa. – Yeah. (classical music) – My palate is dancing. I have a dancing palate. – It reminds me of childhood on the rivers of a country I cannot name. – Mm, yes. – I think this is just really showing that we are getting more
tipsy as we drink this. – I think so.
– Yeah. – This is really hitting me right now. This is the weird thing is it’s
really hitting me right now. This isn’t fake. I am actually ready now. I don’t know what the
(bleep) just happened. – This is better than Four Loko. This is the classier Four Loko ’cause Four Lokos were
a thing in high school where we were like, ‘oh, we bad.’ (laughing) – And now we’ve upgraded. – Now we’ve upgraded. – I didn’t tell my boss I was doing this. – I feel like if I drank a bottle of this, I would instantly shit my pants and cry. – Oh my God, college students, do not drink a bottle of this. I just have a very bad gut
feeling, but don’t do it. – Don’t drink the bottle, you’ll die. That’s written on the back here. – Honestly, it’s right here. What is it, attorney general. – Yeah, I’m gonna stop ’cause
I can feel that comin’ on now. I lied. – You can feel it comin’ on?
– Yeah, I lied. – That’s not bad. Six to 10 dollars? – I spend that on lunch.
– Yes. – Wow. – Oh, see, this is great. – I’m tipsy, I’m not gonna lie. – I think 13.9% alcohol’s accurate. – With ice.
– With ice. (laughing) – I can see how somebody would
get fucked up off of this. – This was fun. I suspected I wasn’t gonna get anything else productive done today,
and I feel like that is true. – I kinda feel like I could get some productive stuff done today. – I’m glad I got to try it. – I’m glad I got to try it too. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – And I will take the rest of it. – Alright, well anyways, cheers. I like it. It’s good, but be safe. – You really finished that. I’m scared for you, you skinny man. (Italian music)

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