PewDiePie’s Secret Spooky Drink

Gamma-Labs in association with PewDiePie released the “PewDiePie’s Favorites” Premium Pack with which you can make something very Halloween. The pack contains 4 different flavors. Sour Cherry Cotton Candy Sour Blue Chug Rug and Blue Ice All of them in fantastic colors and flavors. The pack also contains a shaker, the PewDiePie TallBoy and it is…pretty spooky, why? Because when darkness covers all, the shaker…illuminates [thunder] This way you won’t lose your G-fuel even in complete darkness. Up to here, everything is good But the 4 flavors of the pack hold a secret. [more thunder] In order to uncover it we must mix them all together. First of all, we’ll need a bigger shaker. Since each flavor requires half a litre of water for all 4 we’ll need 2 litres So I got the monster. We take off the lid and the net, we rip open the packs and pour all the flavors into the cauldron-shaker! [even more thunder] We close it up and…we shake. [slow motion shaking] [lid pops] Let’s see…How did the potion turn out? We need a glass of equal size [pouring spooky purple G-fuel] Wow! The ultimate color for Halloween in G-fuel! And the taste is truly amazing, with something…spooky, in every sip you can taste something different! The flavor changes constantly! PewDiePie’s Halloween drink! And have fun!

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