Police arrest Jayam Ravi | Sakalakala Vallavan Appatakkar Scenes | Jayam Ravi closes wine shop

‘Jack of all trades’ ‘Jayam Ravi’ ‘Prabhu’ ‘Soori’ ‘Radha Ravi’ ‘Trisha’ Move aside ‘Anjali’ What’s the matter, sir? 2 of you go in there and check See if he is inside An ‘accused’ is locked inside
and refusing to open, sir Move, man Give it to me Hold this Follow me In my service, I have never
seen such a forgery case He’ll be behind bars
minimum 3 to 5 years He has been charged
of kidnap and rape also He’ll serve jail time
at least 7 years Not only that Attempted murder also That’s another 10 years in prison Plus he has 12 cases against him If he is prosecuted
for all these cases… …he’ll be in for life Head constable,
to adjudge his cases… …a special court may be set up Higher officials
are debating on it ‘This is our hero’ ‘To be plagued by so many cases
under so many sections…’ ‘…what did he do?’ ‘Let’s watch his flashback’ ‘Chairman
TN 76E 8384’ – Good morning, sir
– Good morning Please take a seat In the wine shop
near our temple… …I believe boys are getting drunk
and misbehaving with girls Our folks have complained
about them creating a ruckus I’ve already complained
5-6 times about this to you You haven’t taken
any action so far Now I’m submitting
this complaint once more If you don’t take action on this… …I’ll be forced to
complain to the collector I’m meeting the collector
in the next few days I will definitely
discuss this with him Once he okays it… …the concerned officers
will shut down the wine shop It’s only because I still have
faith in you, I’m talking to you Please do the needful Sir, so you intend talking
to the collector about this? Yov! This is the only wine shop
that hits a lottery in our town If we shut this down,
who will answer the Govt?! Politicians will keep complaining
to be in the good books of the people How can we waste
our time over all that? Who is he? Piss drunk near the temple
and fighting with passers-by Ask him to clear out Move out of the way Drunk and making trouble? Tahsildar is in the car
Behave yourself Get lost! How dare you- You said Tahsildar is inside I can see only a tutti-fruity! – Get out, di
– Hey! Back off – Get out of the car
– Let go of her Listen to me Let go of me Keep quiet and come along How dare you mess
with my own daughter? If I set my mind to it
I’ll make you count bars now If I make up my mind
I’ll take her right now Get lost! Let me go Hey! Don’t try to resist Adjust and give in I’m telling you
not to fight Don’t you understand? Sir, when it comes to your daughter
you don’t think twice to kill, right? Ditto with me If my father has a problem, I can’t
sit quiet and twiddle my thumbs My father has complained thrice
to close the wine shop And even protested 4 times You don’t want to
take any action I’ll go any extent to
fulfill my father’s wishes Now it’s your call Whether this wine shop
should be open or closed ‘This wine shop has been
shifted to Venkateswara Nagar’ “He reached great heights
before reaching Heaven” “A God on earth with
dignity and self respect” After universal hero
Kamal Haasan… …only you can carry off
this khadi shirt so well More than this pot of cold water
your words refresh me a lot, dear My name is not ‘dear’ I am Chellamma That’s what I said
in an endearing way! Cheer up, dear “Over brimming with sin
in angel’s domain” Useless fellow! Thinks
he’s God’s gift to mankind Stupid thing! Forever loud
and bringing the roof down Kick the tape recorder
to your foot’s content! But you can’t break my record He and his silly shorts! Disgrace to our family Get my ‘veshti’ Serve tea for everybody here Boss, you’re selling tea and
fritters next to our party office The opposition camp
is taking a dig at us happily Shall we run a brothel instead? – Soooper idea!
– You’ll get it from my slipper! Hey! Is running a tea shop
beneath your dignity? Boss…boss Why is our fighter running
like his pants on fire? Boss, you’re sitting jobless
and cracking nuts here He has shut down
the wine shop near the temple And buttering up the public We should think and decide
what we should close down Party office maybe What? You keep asking us
to think always You should also
use your gray cells One who thinks and voices
his opinion is not a leader One who voices the thought
of another is a leader My dear chap is thinking
on a real large scale He’ll go places for sure
in the near future Yes, boss Hey! Gym-body!
What are you thinking? If ‘vadas’ are left over
we make ‘vadacurry’ with it If ‘bhajjis’ are left over
what can we do? What can we do? Shall I pack them home? You weren’t thinking of my party But how to take away
left over fritters from my shop Eating like a hog and bloating
like the collection box in Tirupati All I ask is an idea for
developing my party- I have an idea, boss What? He earned a good name
closing that wine shop Close the wine shop
next to the school – You get your votes
– Very good idea Now that you’ve told me this
wait and watch my next move Students, come this side Don’t go over there Boss, this is the shop These coolers confused me Bro…? – Me?
– Come here How will school kids pass with
a wine shop facing their class? You had better close down Is this some bunk shop? You take turns in
asking me to close shop I’ve just now shifted from
the temple to this venue If any of you open your mouth
once more, I’ll skin you alive – Clear out now
– Yes, sir Thank God, boss
Your glasses are intact My cheek is red and swollen And you’re bothered
about my coolers If he says, they agree If I say the same
they get angry Why should we fight
with the Govt directly? There shouldn’t be a wine shop
next to the school, right? We’ll close down the school! Wonderful idea Votes from drunkards
are increasing day by day Boss, shall I throw
each kid outside? It will take one week,
is that okay? Brawn like an elephant
Brain less than a cat I’ll bring out all the kids
in a minute, just watch Give it to me – Come on, boys
– Okay, boss Hey! Stop Think you can come in a group
and close down the school? Why did you ring the school bell? You’re running a school
opposite a wine shop How can drunkards
drink in peace? Isn’t this a disturbance?
That’s why I rang the bell Close down the school
and go home soon You’ll support drunkards
and close down our school You got any brains? Beat him to a pulp Call the police You’ll escape promptly
when I am being hit! How did you enter
on the dot after their exit? We have gun timing sense Your sense of timing is none! ‘Dear friends, for my sake
if you resort to vandalizing shops…’ ‘…none of you should steal’ Take care, boss Till our boss gets back
I will rule the roost He ate, sir Ate, huh? Give him food Your turn now What? Chairman’s son is here to see you Good afternoon, sir Good afternoon What is it? You’ve been transferred
to our area now, right? My father asked me to greet you,
garland you and hand over a petition Why all this formality? Our pleasure, sir Hold this Give me the petition My profession takes
priority over garlands Rowdies rule the market Please keep an eye on them That’s our request Don’t worry
I’m here now I’ll take care of every single
scumbag and rowdy If you know any jobless jerks
plus their useless factions… …tell me, I’ll shoot them down They are the ones
who are trouble makers Disturbing the public
And the police too Don’t get stressed Even if you have
a bald spot, it’s okay But you’re completely bald It’s okay if everyone
is responsible like you But they are unruly rowdies He has also eaten, sir I have a small job to do I’ll be back soon – What?
– Come here Why does this inspector
get so hyper? That’s why every 6 months
he is transferred to a different area 1 hour since he took charge
and he has beaten up 20 men If he removes his false moustache
he’ll beat everyone black and blue You leave now, bro This is for your tea expenses Let’s go

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