Potable Water (I’m going to drink baby poo to show how chemistry can be used to save the world)

Hi guys, it is a lovely, lovey summers evening
just after we’ve gone back to school. So The perfect time for sitting in the gardens and
having a drink. Here’s a lovely glass of water buts it missing something, some really, really
stinky, not very fresh baby poo. If you are in any way squeamish don’t watch this video.
So, here, I’m just going to scrape eergh this stinks. Absolutely reacks to high heaven.
There we go, Lovely baby poo, I’m just going to mash this around a bit. Make sure it is
all lovely and liquified so the I can drink it. Primrose and hobo are playing in the grass
it is very cute. And if I mash this up. There we go, do you think that looks gross enough!
I can see some sweet corn in there, I can see some little bits of tuna we had for lunch
yesterday. Yep that is pretty disgusting and it smells absolutely foul as well. Now I’m
not going to be drinking it straight from the glass, I’m going to be using one of these.
This is a life straw and these are absolutely fantastic. So I’m just going to take the end
off here. Unwrap the cord. Bit nervous about this. Take the end off there and away we go.
Pop the end in there. And there it is. It doesn’t taste great, it
taste a little bit off. Actually if I can get a bit more for you.
Ok that’s actually pretty disgust, we can see here it’s gone from this cloudy solution
to this kind of clear solution. I mean If you drank a normal glass of clear water and
spat it out that’s the consistency you’d get. It doesn’t taste great, it taste a bit chemically
to be honest. Um but the really, really, great thing about this water is that it is completely
safe to drink. Now, if you’re one of my students you’ll have
heard this rant I go on about about saving the world. I start off with, you know, I’m
here to help you get your GCSE’s your A-Levels. But I’m not here just, the cats are playing,
to teach you physics and chemistry. I’m here to empower you to save the world.
And honestly guys, my generation, the generation before, we haven’t done a great job with the
planet. Ummm We’ve messed thing up with climate change. We’re not look after all the people
on the planet In a great way. Which means that 9 million people a year die
from diseases that are easily preventable. 1.5 million children a year die from diaerihhero,
and this a disease that is easily, easily ore table with the lifestraw. Um and this
is a fantastic piece of innovation, a fantastic piece of technology that we can use science
to save millions of lives every single year. What it does, is that it filters out 99.9999%
of bacteria like e.coli. It filters put 99.9% of parasites like Giardia lamblia. Both of
these cause um, both of these get into your intestine. They inhabits the intestines and
they make a really yucky, horrible environment and they cause diaerihhero.
When you have diaerihhero really really badly you become dehydrated and vulnerable group
like children under five, pregnant women and people with HIV/AIDS are really susceptible
to dying from diaerihhero. It also has a 2 micron filter that is 2/1000 of a mm. It is.
Wry very tiny it is 0.002mm. Its absolutely tiny. So any bits of dirt or any bits of algae
that are in there, are also going to be get rid of by the lifestraw, that’s why it went
in dirt and cam out relatively clear. Now the way the lifestraw works, inside here
there is loads of um hollow fibres. There’s is load of hollow filters. And these straws,
these hollow fibre, have loads of holes in them. So as you’re sucking up, and I really
had to suck quite hard, I really had to suck quite hard, to get it thought the filters.
You have to put it under quite a lot of pressure to get it through really, really tiny filters.
And all the yucky stuff stays inside the hollow fibres, inside the straws. And you have these
teeny tiny little hole in there and that’s were the fresh water comes out. And that’s
what you’re going to be drinking. There are about 780 million people I the world
that don’t have access to clean water. And this is on a regular basis, when you add in
things like, earthquakes, floods or other natural disasters. People that are used to
having access to clean water might suddenly find them selves In a situation where they
don’t have access to clean water. And this is where diseases are going to spread
quite rapidly. The lifestraw not only comes In a personally version, but come in bigger
screen versions that you can provide a whole community in developing countries with clean
water. This is not going to be good for Saving people
lives but it means that people don’t miss school when they’re I’ll. because you know
when you have a d&v bug that it is not nice and you are not allowed back in school for
a long time. So I’m not just here to do the chemistry and
the physics, I’m not just here to to the GCSE and the A-Level thing, I’m here to inspire
you to save the world. And I hope that by drinking my babies poo – it was pretty gross
that a little bit of you, is maybe going to come up with an idea. How we can help people
in developing countries, how we can reduce the child mortality rate. How you can fix
the problems that our generation has caused. And how you can save the world.
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