PROWEIN 2017 | Düsseldorf

Good morning everybody! This morning I’m going
to Düsseldorf, destination ProWein. I’m finally arrived in Düsseldorf. Now I go in Cologne, in which
I’ve booked a house because Düsseldorf is very full. There will be a lot
of people in the fair. Today is the first day
of ProWein. Unfortunately the weather
is bad, but it’s not a problem! I’m finally arrived, now I’m going to take
the ticket. Now I go in New Zealand and Australia. Second day of ProWein. Third day of Prowein, this morning
I start from Champagne. These three days of ProWein
are ended. A great experience, a lot of interesting wines. Next appointment is Vinitaly
(Verona), 9th of April. Bye! Before to back home,
let’s take a walk in Düsseldorf. Bye!

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