Put Your Phone Away | HOT DATE

(neon sign buzzing) (phone buzzes and chimes) – Holy shit! One of the Stranger Things kids got a DUI. – I thought you were taking my picture. – Man, they grow up so fast. – All right, let’s put the phones away. You know, there was a time
when two people could go out and enjoy a meal without
bleeps, and bloops, and you’ve got mails
interrupting their every bite. – You know what, you are absolutely right. – Thank you.
– Except about the you’ve got mails. That came outta left field. – That’s better, right. – Yeah.
– A real human connection. No devices separating us.
(phone chimes and buzzes) (suspense music)
– Holy shit. – Emily.
– Om my gosh. – Phones.
– No, no, no, no. This is big. North Korea…
– Emily, all I hear is phone, phone, phone. Could you rip the morphine
drip outta your arm already? – Okay. This feels really irresponsible. – To live in the present moment? The here and now? – To be uninformed. I mean, who knows how much
longer the here and now is gonna be here and now if North Korea… – Ahem. (phone chimes and buzzes) – Okay. Okay. (phone chimes and buzzes) Oh my God. – So how was your day?
(phone chimes and buzzes) – Oh, Holy shit! – Emily, you are addicted. – This is real. – What is more real, the
fantasy world of your electronic device, or a
ripe orange, freshly plucked from a tree in the south of Italy? – We’re in downtown Los Angeles. – Than a ripe orange, freshly
plucked from a Trader Joe’s. – Will you just please give me my phone? There is serious stuff happening. – You don’t actually want it. Believe me, I deleted
Twitter from my phone seven months ago, and
I’ve never been happier. – Just because you delete
Twitter, doesn’t mean bad stuff stops happening. – But they don’t happen on my phone. – Okay. – You know what I like? The smell of flowers. (inhales deeply) – What? – And the sound of freshly baked bread. (crust rips) Listen to the bread Emily. All right, I’m actually
starting to realize that I don’t have anything
to talk about when I’m not telling people
to put their phones away. So I’ll just do us both a favor. – Thank you. (gasps) Holy shit! – World War Three? – One of the Stranger Things
kids body slammed a reporter. – That’s awesome. (heart beating) – Hey guys, thanks for watching. Tune in every week as
Hot Date gets hotter. Nope, nope, nope. We stop at shirt, we stop at shirt. Oh, okay.

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