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[acoustic guitar music] – Yadkin Valley is
sort of the epicenter of the vinifera, which
is European grapes and wine making
in North Carolina. – The industry is flourishing, Wilkes County’s embracing it and think we’re just beginning to peel back the onion as to the potential
for Wilkes County and the wine industry. – Jay Raffaldini
is a successful stock trader but had another passion
he wanted to explore. His family had a long
standing tradition of making wine in Italy, so he decided to purchase
an abandoned farm near Ronda to plant grape vines native to that country. – Drinking wine is part
of my Italian heritage and I wanted to maintain
that in the United States, ’cause I’m a first
generation Italian. So, both my mother and father were both born in Italy. – Initially,
there were two objectives when planning out the property. – It did two things,
the first was, it stirred the soul
of fellow Italians. It reminded them of where
their family came from. And the second, which
is for all people, not just Italians,
is when you walked onto this property you have, what I call, an exhale moment. You walk and you look
around, you’re like, “Ah, okay, now I can
unplug and reconnect.” And that was the purpose for all
people, not just Italians. – It’s kind of a very
Mediterranean experience. You feel out of place
when you come here. The ambience, the
whole decoration, the whole place
just transports you and it’s been a very
rich experience. – Raffaldini is a
little piece of Italy. We’ve been to Italy
and this is gorgeous. I brought my sister
here from Ohio to visit and she loves it. – As you make the
turn onto a winding road that leads through the vineyard, you’re rewarded with
breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Suddenly, you feel
as though you’re in a different place and time, with an Italian villa
as the centerpiece. – Classic Tuscan style
and nothing is uniform. All right, if you’ve
been to Italy before, you see these beautiful villas. They’re made up of all
these different rocks because it’s been
there for 500 years. – It was simply beautiful. The roses in front
and grape vineyards and the mountains. – It’s just beautiful,
it’s a paradise. – We’re the only
Italian themed winery in the entire state. So, you came to the right spot if you’re a big
Italian wine lover. – The only white we have is a white called
Vermentino, which of course comes from the
province of Sardinia. And in terms of the
reds, we have Sangiovese. Sangiovese is the main
grape used to make Chianti and we have Montepulciano, and then next we have,
called Sagrantino, and then we have a
grape called Abrusco, which is a blending
grape that what have, then we’re planting Trebbiano, which is from the
central to northern part and that will be the base
for our sparkling wine. – The Montepulciano,
I think, is a reserve. Very fine, very
soft wine to have. It actually is the one
that I’m taking home. – If I had to describe one word on my feelings in Wilkes County, and what it means to me, that word would be home. It is that karmic,
it is that essence of what I want to live, to be, and to be surrounded by. These people, this location,
this wonderful area. – Raffaldini
Vineyards and Winery is at 450 Groce Road in Ronda and they’re open
everyday except Tuesday, from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. On Sundays they open at noon. For more information, give
them a call at 336-835-9463 or go online to raffaldini.com.

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