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I hope that you had enjoyed the videos that I created in the playlist, Breakfast in Malaysia If you had not watched that, do not miss it The link is in the description box Today, we are going to create a very delicious dessert It is called ‘cendol’ It had been requested by Sarah Onn and also Wawachee on nyonyacooking.com Thank you for the request Now, ‘cendol’ is actually a very delicious dessert that we Malaysians used to enjoy when the sun is scorching hot So, in Germany, it’s almost summer now and it’s getting really hot I really miss a bowl of delicious ‘cendol’ My fondest memory of ‘cendol’ is when my family and I enjoyed a bowl of iced cold ‘cendol’ under the trees… chatting with each other We really love this dessert so much So, today I’m going to create this with a few ingredients that you could also use to create a bowl of delicious ‘cendol’ First of all, we’ll need a bit of rice flour, corn flour and mungbean flour, also known as ‘hung kwe’ flour, a pinch of salt, some glutinous rice, water, a bit of cream corn, boiled kidney beans, palm sugar or also known as ‘gula melaka’, pandan leaves Last but not least, coconut milk This glutinous rice… I’d already soaked it for a few hours, at least four hours Now, we are going to steam it So, I’m going to pour away the excess water All we’re going to do now is to transfer the glutinous rice into another bowl or plate In a pan that is filled with a bit of water, I’m going to steam this glutinous rice until it puffs up While the glutinous rice is steaming, we’re going to prepare the ‘gula melaka’ or palm sugar I’m going to knot 1 pandan leaf We’re going to melt the palm sugar or ‘gula melaka’ with the pandan leaf so that the sugar gets infused with the pandan leaf Now, in a pot, I’m going to melt the ‘gula melaka’ with a bit of water Don’t forget the pandan leaf At very low heat, we are going to just let this simmer until all the ‘gula melaka’ dissolves Then, it would be ready This had been simmering for about 5 minutes now The ‘gula melaka’ had infused the aroma of the pandan leaf So I’m just going to pour this out and leave it aside to cool 15 minutes had passed and now the glutinous rice is ready We’re going to remove it from the pan and cool it Before we allow the glutinous rice to cool down to room temperature, I’m just going to add a bit of coconut milk and then some salt So you may use a knife or a spoon Just mix this Fluff the rice Make sure every grain gets a bit of salt, a bit of coconut milk When that’s done, leave it aside to cool to room temperature together with the ‘gula melaka’ Now, we’re going to make ‘cendol’ which is actually referring to these really nice green colour ‘worms’ First, we’re going to mix the rice flour along with corn flour and also mungbean flour Do not forget the salt Once it is mixed thoroughly, we’re going to prepare the pandan extract So, as for the pandan extract, I’m using fresh pandan leaves If you cannot get them, you may use pandan extract that can be bought at the Asian grocer I personally do not really like using that Fresh pandan leaves would be the best option So, to prepare that, we’re going to cut these pandan leaves into smaller pieces so that they could be blended easily Then, add water Now, this is also going to ease the blending process Now, we can begin blending All we need to do now is to sieve the blended mixture to get pure pandan extract We’re going to add the pandan extract into the flour So, I’m just going to sieve it one more time just to ensure there are no extra leaves/impurities Now that it’s all mixed, we’re going to just pour this into a pot and boil it until it becomes this really thick consistency that we’re going to need I’m going to show you that later on Just keep stirring the mixture until the mixture gets really thick Another very important thing to remember is that it will turn into this glossy consistency Then, you can just switch the stove off and leave it aside To create the strands of ‘cendol’, we’re going to remove this flour mixture and place it into a plastic bag Before doing this, you need to prepare a bowl of water with some ice cubes in it to make sure that the water is really cold Push the flour mixture to one side of the bag Then, this is where we’re going to cut the tip so that we can just squeeze out the pandan mixture You can actually control the length of the ‘cendol’ So, as you press it out… the moment you want the ‘cendol’ to reach the desired length, just release it a little That’s when the ‘cendol’ will just fall Besides using the plastic bag, there are also other ways for you to create these strands of ‘cendol’ One of it is to use this kind of strainer where you just place the mixture on top Then, using a spatula or a bowl, press the mixture to let it go through the strainer to create these strands of ‘cendol’ The other way is to use a potato masher Just the way you mashed the potatoes, that’s how you’re going to mash or push the mixture out of the potato masher Now that everything is ready… we have the ‘cendol’ strands here We’re going to assemble the ‘cendol’ Now, a simple bowl or cup of ‘cendol’ is really easy We need these ‘cendol’ strands, some palm sugar and then, coconut milk However, I love this really special ‘cendol’ which they called ‘cendol istimewa’ ‘Istimewa’ means special because there are added ingredients to it Earlier, I had introduced you to some cream corn So, that’s what we’re going to add So, some spoonfuls of cream corn, and then some kidney beans Now, if you do not have it or you don’t like it, you can just omit it The core to ‘cendol’ are these green strands of ‘cendol’, coconut milk and also ‘gula melaka’ What I really love is to have some glutinous rice in my ‘cendol’ There you go, we just place a bit Right…. Don’t forget, to cool this, we’re going to have some chunks of ice So, I’d crushed these ice cubes earlier Finally, to top it up… the star of this dessert… coconut milk So, mix them all up and there you go… you have ‘cendol’ Hmmm… delicious The only thing is that this straw is too thin So, you can see some of the ingredients are stuck Hmmm…. so good So delicious… What I really love as I had mentioned earlier… it’s this glutinous rice Hmmm… You can imagine the taste If you love coconut milk added with a bit of cream corn… Hmmm… Then you have this chunk of rice in this dessert Hmmm…. so good So, when you try this ‘cendol’ recipe, get a thicker straw or else just use a spoon or gulp it all down Enjoy this during summer I bet your summer is going to be different because of ‘cendol’ To those of you who had tried the recipes and uploaded photos on nyonyacooking.com, thank you so much Here are some photos that you had uploaded on the ‘laksa’ recipe, ‘laksa lemak’ They’re so pretty I really appreciate all those photos because it really inspires me to make more videos for you I love how you added ‘pok choy’ to the recipe and even fried shallots because I think it adds a bit of personal touch to the recipe to make it yours I’m glad that it turned out perfectly fine and delicious So, if you had tried recipes of nyonyacooking.com, remember to upload them directly on the website It’s very easy Just go to the recipe Right below at the website, there is a button where you can just click and upload the photos of recipes that you had tried Till then, remember to follow me on Facebook… Instagram I’m really active there I’m going to show you some really beautiful food photos I hope to see you again in the next video Till then, happy cooking!

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