Rioja Wine Types

in recent years Rioja has become the most famous Spanish wine preferred by drinkers worldwide despite
its popularity often people find it hard to describe a Rioja or understand its
types don’t worry, we are here to help so, let’s dive deep into the Rioja wines Tempranillo is the dominant grape and is usually blended with garnacha delivering a wine rich in structure and tannins but also with the fruity taste perfect for someone who loves Cabernet but is also looking for the pinot noir cherry flavor How are Riojas classified? basically into four categories sorted by the aging time in oak the more oak the higher the quality level we start with the Riojas in their first or second year known for low structure and
abundant fruity elements that deliver freshness to these young Tempranillos then comes Crianza aged at least one year in cask and a few months in the bottle
aim to be a high quality daily drinking wine with quite a bit more body than Merlot Reserva is where Rioja takes serious as they are vintages aged for a
minimum of three years At this level, winemakers often age their wine longer than the minimum and select better grapes And we finish with the Gran Reserva exceptional vintages that spend at least two years in oak and three years in the bottle giving it the most intense tannin strucutre and age worthy potential


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