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(rock music) – [Host] Our state is one of
the most beautiful and unique states in the U.S.A. (rock music) We wanna show you why traveling
within the great state of Oklahoma is a great idea. This is the Oklahoma Road Trip. (electric guitar) From the Tree-sort in Eufaula
the team heads southwest down Highway 69 towards
McAlester and Krebs, an area known for its
rich Italian heritage, thanks to the many immigrants
who settled in the area to work in the coal mines
around the turn of the century. And that brings us to our
first stop of the day, lunch at a family-owned
sandwich shop called Lucy’s Two. – Our grandmother, we were
always in her grocery store. People would always refer
to us as Lucy’s Two. “Those are Lucy’s two,” or, “Those are Lucy’s granddaughters.” – Well, we wanted to name
it after our grandmother, where there could never be another Lucy’s, so, we did a play on words. So, we’re Lucy’s Two granddaughters. So, we have pictures of Lucy
here, and she loved food. That’s kind of how we came up with that. – [Natalie] We’ve worked
really hard and we’ve created a really nice business and
our customers are really nice clientele locally as well
as people who travel. We have a lot of repeat travelers. – I would say sandwiches,
salads and deserts are all a big portion
along with the special. We try to do a special every day. I like to go off and be
inspired by something and try to bring it back. – They have given us a full sampling of just about everything amazing. It’s time to eat. – The potato soup. – Oh! – When it’s a hundred degrees outside they love the potato soup. – I’d actually say, that
might be the best potato soup I’ve ever had.
– I would say the same thing, yeah. I don’t throw around carrot
cake compliments lightly, but this is probably the best
carrot cake I’ve ever had. – Tamale corn bread. Unquestionably, first thing I tried. This is worth driving here. – We want everybody to have a good time. You know, if they are not
happy with something specific that they ordered then we
want to give them something, we’ll change it out for them. You know, that’s just kind
of the Italian in you. – You’re only as good as your last meal, so you gotta make it a good one. – Yes, there you go. – [Female Offscreen] That was awesome. (guitar chord) – [Host] After enjoying a
tasty lunch at Lucy’s Two, the gang heads east on
Highway 31 and into Krebs. Krebs is considered to be
Oklahoma’s Little Italy and is home to a large Italian population and several Italian restaurants. As well as our next stop of the day, Lovera’s Italian Market. (funky music) We are here in Krebs, small
little town by McAlester. And we are at Lovera’s, a unique
little Italian marketplace. – Yeah, we’ve got quite
a story to tell here. Sam Lovera, his father
started the business in ’46. The Lovera family came
from northern Italy. A lot of folks came to Krebs from Italy to work in the coal mining industry at the turn of the last century. Coal mining was big all
through this part of the state and it was really dangerous work. And indeed, the Lovera family
lost three if not four people. And so, the family was
left with no bread winner. Sam’s grandmother knew the
Italian sausage recipe, made the Italian sausage and
sold it out of her kitchen and when Sam’s father, Mike
Lovera, got back from the War he was able to open this store. It started off as Mike’s Meat Market and it’s just kinda grown from there. My son Matteo, he’s the
fourth-generation Lovera making cheese and helping
to make this thing work. So, it really is a family-run business. And it’s really neat, one of a kind place. We’ve got a beautiful
array of Italian products and a lot of the stuff that
we make right here ourselves, including our famous Italian sausage. And we also do a whole line
of Italian-type cheeses. Our cheeses have won 17
national, international awards. We buy a lot of our
milk from local dairies. It really is a made-in-Oklahoma
product through and through. – I’d say this is road trip worthy. What do you think?
– Very much so. Yeah, road trip worthy,
come take the cheese tour, come get sandwich, try the
muffuletta, come check it out. – Awesome. Thanks, Shawn. (musical chords) (upbeat country music) – [Host] From Lovera’s
Italian Market in Krebs we head back into McAlester
and cleanse our palates for our final stop for the
day, Whispering Meadows Winery. – The building was built by
J.J. McAlester in the 1900s. And it was originally
a mercantile building and then a jewelry store. And we acquired it back in the early ’80s and converted it into a winery. Full production Oklahoma winery. – [Host] Was this a
passion of yours, or what? – Five generations in our family. And we choose to ferment all
of our varietals separately and then we do the blending
on the final stages. You get a lot stronger flavors, you get a lot of aroma that way. All the characteristics
that people are looking for in a fine wine. Our clientele are Tulsa, Oklahoma
City, Edmond, state-wide. And you know, we are the
largest city once you cross the Red River and you’re headed north. I mean, really, McAlester,
we’re the county seat, we draw from a large area.
(camera clicks) Our sister winery is Urban Wireworks. And they are a full production
Oklahoma Winery as well. Our oldest son, it’s his creation. They have a restaurant with a chef. They do wine tasting and some
really unusual blends as well. He pairs with a lot of
things like potato chips and left over pizza and fun
stuff that you would probably have at the time that you’re
gonna open the bottle. And we have such a
large portfolio of wines there’s something for everyone. But I would say, if they’re
wanting the ultimate Oklahoma wine tasting experience they need to come to McAlester. (guitar chord) (upbeat rock) On today’s road trip we
experienced some of the history and great tastes that make the McAlester and Krebs area so special. First we had a tasty lunch at Lucy’s Two, where Lucy’s two
granddaughters Kim and Natalie told us all about the
history of the restaurant and its Italian inspired roots. Everything we tried was amazing. We definitely recommend the potato soup, carrot cake and tamale cornbread. Next we made the short drive to Krebs to explore Lovera’s Italian Market. Shawn told us the rich
history of the family business and gave us a tour of
the many homemade Italian products that they have on display. You can also find some of your favorite Lovera’s products in select grocery stores throughout Oklahoma
City, Edmond and Tulsa. Finally, we enjoyed a glass of wine at Whispering Meadows Winery, where Karen filled us in on
the product that her family has been perfecting over
the last five generations. One top of their exclusive
hand-crafted wines, Whispering Meadows also
features their own cheeses, gourmet food items and even home decor. Join us next time on
the Oklahoma Road Trip as we head east toward Wilburton. We’ll take you rock climbing, explore Robbers Cave State Park, and we’ll finish off the day
with dinner at Maw and Pa’s. We’ll see you then. (rock music)

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