Romania Road Trip episode – See what it’s like to road trip Romania with Mike & Mihaela

“Get off the road…”[car passes by] Hi I’m Mike of Mike’s Road Trip, and on
this episode I feature an epic road trip of Romania. I also have a special
guest… Mihaela Popa from
Welcome! Thank you…it’s nice to be here with a “Most road tripped man in the world.” Right?! Well, I am super excited about this
trip, but I have to admit…the only thing that I’m familiar with Romania about is
Transylvania and Dracula, so what else can I expect? Everybody seems to be pretty familiar with just that, but actually there is so much more to see in Romania.
We’re going to start with a very special place, the Danube Delta, which is
the third-largest biodiversity in the world. Then we are moving up, also to
Transylvania, to several villages. You’re going to see some castles and probably
the best road in the world [shot of Transfagarasan]. Okay, well I am excited to get this trip started, so why don’t we do it. Alright! A Romania road trip is one full of twists
and turns, both literally and figuratively. The country has some
absolutely stunning scenery, much of it unspoiled by tourism. Romania is a place full of contrasts, with classic European old-world cities, villages where man
still uses horse and cart, and of course, some of the most road trip worthy roads
in the world. This three-week Romania road trip started
off in a capital city of Bucharest, where We stayed at the Epoque hotel, the only
Relais Chateaux property in the country. Bucharest is fast becoming a hotspot for tourists, with its energetic vibe, beautiful parks, classic architecture and affordability. The latest splash in Bucharest is the evening water fountains extravaganza, a
45 minute show curated to many classic songs that is sure to put a
smile on your face. Our vehicle for this road trip around
Romania is the all-new B Class provided by Mercedes-Benz Romania . Our first
destination beyond Bucharest was the Danube Delta where we spent a
few days exploring a maze of canals that are teeming with the highest
concentration of bird colonies in all of Europe.
willow and oak trees lined many of the Passages provide a perfect breeding
ground to see this biosphere reserve. We stayed at the Hotel Mon Jardin ,which
has a fleet of boats and guides available to take visitors deep into the
Delta. After exploring the area both on water
and land, we set off for our next destination. We crossed the mighty Danube
River via a car ferry then drove to this incredible geological botanical reserve.
This is a captivating area where small mud volcanoes erupt every few seconds,
oozing warm goo down a hill that has been formed by the eruptive activity. Over
time, large crevasses have been created as the muddy area expands. The landscape
is quite remarkable and so too is the drive. Believe it or not Romania has a
burgeoning wine industry, so our next stop was at Dealu Mare, the largest
producing wine region in the country. While in the area we stayed at the
Ferma Dacilor, it’s sort of a boutique farm Lodge and kind of looks like a hunting
lodge set within an incredible landscape of rolling hills. There are rooms in the
main farmhouse, or for more privacy, you can stay in one of the raised tree
houses like we did. In the future, guests will have the option to stay in an
individual unit that looks like a yurt, but are more permanent rock wall
structures with thatched roofs. These new accommodations are inspired by the
ancient Dacian people. The Ferma Dacilor prepares much of their own food on site
and they have a wonderful wine menu where we did a fair amount of tasting.
The next day, we stopped by Lacerta Winery for a tour and tasting. We then headed toward Transylvania where
we stayed in branch off for a few days along the way we stopped at Peles Castle for a tour. Nestled at the foot of the beauty mountains in the picturesque
town of Sinaia. Peles Castle is a masterpiece of German new Renaissance
architecture, considered by many as one of the most stunning castles in all of
Europe. Right now we’re in Brasov, which has a Saxon influence. Yeah it’s really a fantastic place. I’m
surprised by the architecture, this seems like a very typical European
square. Yes, but it is quite different from the south, for example, this region now we are
already in Transylvania and it’s completely different from the south,
in Bucharest, and from other regions of the country. You can clearly tell the
difference when walking around. Now this is one of the more typical streets in Brashov, there are a few of these restaurants, so you have a lot of outdoor dining here, lots of
coffee shops, which are very trendy and charming. Here we have a very good one and on a
parallel street is my favorite wine bar. I’ve already had quite a few Romanian
wines and let me tell you I was quite impressed and surprised at how good they
are. Okay right now it looks like we’re making our way up this steep climb to
the gondola we’re gonna take up to the very top for some great city views.
Unfortunately, the weather is not cooperating too terribly well but it’s
still gonna be a neat adventure. We’re nearly 1,000 meters above the city
of Brasov here. So, Miha, we are traveling down a
pretty cool road right now, why don’t you tell us where we’re at right now. We’re somewhere between Brashov and Bran, where there are some really cool
castles and Citadel’s. So now, we have a surprise, we’re going to Dracula castle.
In Transylvania? Yep, this how you people know it, as Dracula castle. When you say “us people,” are you referring to foreigners or just
Americans? Next question… Look at this cheese, it’s wrapped in wood. It takes on the flavor of the wood? This a beautiful market. So, do you think that we should be getting some garlic? I’ve heard about this garlic thing, you know, to ward off the vampires. Do you have a cross? A cross? I need a cross too? My gosh, do you see my teeth growing?
Should I be fearful? Well, we made it to Transfagarasan, or as I like to say Trans F because I cannot pronounce it properly.
Unfortunately we’ve come to the end of the road because this time a year late
May the road is actually still closed due to a lot of snow. As you can see up
into the mountains quite chilly but man it is absolutely spectacular up here
huge waterfalls. Yeah that’s true yeah I think literally
go in the clouds. We have to come back in this summer. There is a lake atop called Bâlea Lake. Buna ziua friends! Miha here is trying to
teach me a little bit of Romanian but I’m not very good at the multiple
syllable words like Transfagarasan. See it’s very simple just
roll your R’s. So where are we right now? We’re in Sibiu. In the Philippines? Yeah it’s kind of a
Philippines of Romania. It does sound very similar, you have to give me that. Okay. I have to admit this, probably is one of my most favorite cities that we’ve been to
so far we’ve been to some amazing villages but this city is just it’s got
that vibe. It’s really really cool for sure. I’ve been noticing all of these openings
these strange openings at the the roof line. Also called the lungs over the
city. These are attics where they store
their food and this ensures air ventilation. Okay so right now we’re at a
pretty interesting place okay now if I recall correctly this is your most
popular Instagram photo of all time is that correct it has been featured a lot
and you can search it on world travel dot bu g so this is customer the loot
beads the clay castle and we are in the valley of the fairies yes and this does
indeed look like a fairytale setting. it’s very close to Sibiu. So right now we’re at the top of…”Transfagarasan” Well I
was gonna say that. Transfagarasan. We came up with… what do you
call that, a gondola. Look, the lake it’s still frozen. Hey Mike, how are your shoes holding up.
Oh fantastic, they’re actually waterproof shoes, have a look. So you put the White
Socks. White Socks were the only ones I had available at the moment. So in the
winter months they actually have an ice castle hotel up here. That was a deep step, now my
waterproof shoes are a little bit wet. Transfagarasan. Help, how do you
pronounce it? Now we’re in Sighisoara. Did I say that correctly? Yes.
Fantastic! Now I have to say, I think that this is my favorite city now. I thought the
last one we’re in Sibu but this one is now taking the nod. Yeah I’m laughing
because you thought Brasov was your favorite. Yeah yeah. You know each place we go just seems to get better and better. We are staying right in the city
center in a gorgeous guest house. I agree, and what’s the name of the guest house?-
Taschler Haus. There is definitely a German influence
here. When staying in some parts of Romania, at
an inn or a guest house, it’s customary Tuica, which is a popular Romanian spirit. This is a high-proof spirits made from sour
cherries or plums. Our room was quite spacious with views in two directions underneath the inn is a wine cellar where you can buy some regional wine and enjoy it
down in the cellar, or on the patio which is what we did one evening . When visiting
Sighisoara don’t miss going up to the clock tower, just be sure to do it
shortly after they open or later in the afternoon near closing to avoid the
crowds, so you can dance like no one’s watching. So where are we now? Maramures. Can you say that in English. In the northern part of Romania,
it’s a very very special place. You know we actually had to wait for 10
people to arrive for them to operate this chairlift. Actually, we were going to
go on a train ride today but it was pouring down rain. It was a stream train. Okay a steam train ride. Now the sky has opened up beautifully and as you can see it is so
we made it to the top of this mountain and now we’re gonna hike down to a
really beautiful waterfall. Do you know the name? Horses waterfall. Ironically, we actually saw some horses climbing up. He’s pretending that he’s coming to get
me now. but he does care. Okay we’ve just thought of our new reality TV show, it’s Miha vs. Mihi. Miha
short for me Mihaela, and Mihi is short for Mike or Michael which
is my name, so we’re thinking this could be a very good start to our new reality
show coming soon to YouTube. Yes so now what we’re doing is arguing semantics. 😉 No it’s not, it’s like 70 (21C) degrees… she makes stuff up. I don’t usually look like this… She’s very concerned about how she looks on camera today. Actually both of us are. I’m actually a little bit under the weather, and I don’t know what her
excuse is. The sun is coming out, this is so awesome
all right I’m gonna fly the drone here, hopefully share with you all this.
incredible waterfall we’re hiking to It’s a wee bit cold. We somehow
neglected to put our jackets on before we got on this little chairlift. Yeah they’re here, in the bag, we just forgot to put them on. Our Romania road trip took us farther into Maramureș and the
landscape continued to impress. This particular region of the country is
really unspoiled and an area that went untouched by communism, it’s a place
where traditional Romanian roots are still alive and well. We are in one of these rural villages and we just had an incredible experience. We thought we would check out this graveyard area of this wooden church behind us and then as we were strolling around a women came through the gate. We thought she was going to kick us out, but instead she invited us in. The brought this church piece-by-piece
from another city across the river which now belongs to Ukraine (Used to be in Romania) carried by ox and cart. A distinctive sign that you are
in Maramureș are these wooden gates you’ll see them when you enter a village
or even a person’s home. One of the places we stayed while in Maramureș was this guest house. Yet another fascinating place we visited while in Maramureș was the
Merry Cemetery. We are in Sapanta now with Mr.
Dmitri pop Tengu he is the only person that is still continuing the
tradition that started here with a Merry Cemetery. He was just telling me
earlier in fact that this is the second most unique place in the world after the
Valley of the Kings. So this is for a very famous personality in Japan actually she’s an actress actress and this is not her real name
Emoto is her pseudonym and it was a joke that her colleagues made on her so they
brought her to Romania and they showed her the cross and her tomb here in the
Merry Cemetery. the Bârsana Monastery was another remarkable place we visited.
like everything in Maramures these churches are made of wood and the
intricate detail is extraordinary, it’s a very peaceful place to stroll providing
some sweeping views. Well I can’t believe it but this three-week road trip of Romania is coming to an end and I have to say I’m a bit sad because it has
exceeded my expectations in every way. It has exceeded my expectations too and I am disappointed as well. It’s been so much fun and I have to give you a
huge heartfelt thank you for planning and organizing this because it was
quite remarkable. I also have to thank Mercedes-Benz Romania for loaning us
their B Class vehicle, it too was fantastic. Thank you very much for watching and if you liked this video please hit the like button and
don’t forget to subscribe for more Road Trip travel videos. So, until next time…we’ll see ya on the road…

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