Romans 15:17-25 (The Obedience of the Gentiles)

before I was afflicted I went astray but
now I abate your word you are good their hearts are callous and unfeeling
but I delight of all is good to me I might learn your decrees law from your
mouth is more precious to me Wow saying this one says gold and silver saying
thank somebody somebody went backwards on that baby pista silver and gold mine
says gold and silver okay here’s what we had Bob make these
two Corrections right now well actually one of them is in a correction but last
week I mentioned the word Latour Gus and I said it was connected to the word
liturgy and it wasn’t my friend caught me on that I was thinking of a
completely different word but I thought he’d correct that right now in case you
made a comment in your Bible and then the second one is he got down on me
because I mentioned flat earthers and I said at the time of Columbus um I wasn’t
talking about Columbus that’s why Columbus went is to look for a passage
to Japan but people at that time thought that the world he was gonna just sail
off the edge so but you know just want to make sure that people know that I
wasn’t making stuff up that one of them was wrong and one of them was just
somebody thinking I was saying something it wasn’t right here I got a email from
somebody I’m not gonna read the whole thing but I just thought it was nice and
too bad there’s nobody here yet to hear it but that’s okay
what yes unless it’s not working but as long as it’s on Sergio’s doing something
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our first Thursday Bible study we just want to praise God first and well she
just talks about the preaching and teaching and let’s see here she says
it’s a breath of fresh air and they listen to the prostitute updates and I
don’t want to read anything about me because you don’t want to hear that but
no no okay yeah let’s see here due to the apostate Church growth it has been
11 years since we have been around a body of true believers imagine
eleven years I can see how it’s blessed I won’t give the name while we listen to
the Bible study and she calls people by their name yesterday she said with
excitement oh Linda is right you must have said something man
so our small congregation certainly lifts her spirits so don’t change the
thing about how you preach or due process the updates yeah we love
everything about it so isn’t that wonderful and serving him until we meet
in the clouds they say so well I I will give their first names only because they
did say I could read this but they signed it Mike and Sonny so I’ll leave
it at that now I’m not gonna say any more and get him in trouble yeah they’re
from us they’re right here no and then we’ve got some prayer requests um Bruce
and George Bruce was having knee surgery next
Tuesday and he’s in great pain and then George has knee pain and so pray for
both of them and then Nance is still struggling with that loss of her mother
and the things that go along with that and fretta who is usually here is sick
today she she got something she was just wiped out so it could be a flu it could
be you know uh pollen in the air or something so she’s not feeling well and
then we also have obviously miss Magnusson still isn’t here so she’s
still not doing well we want to keep her in prayer and Darla’s you know until she
shows up in this church again we’ll keep praying for her yeah she had bronchitis
I meant to mention that so she wouldn’t come in here anyway with bronchitis so
she’s just gone through a whole patch of it yeah that came from the church from
the hospital her husband got it so it’s just been going around yeah but and then
we have of course lots of people that are in North Carolina and the people in
North Carolina right now are going through the storm it’s passed all the
way up to the north of North Carolina and it’s just on the Virginia border now
but we might as well keep all of them in prayer as well because you know this is
it’s just been winds it’s been rain but more than anything at this point in the
storm is just that maybe branches falling on somebody or something I don’t
think there’s going to be trees down but it’s they’ve had enough rain up in that
area and now they’ve got this so keep all of them in prayer and then let me
read this here this day Christian history would be 11 October
and then we’ll get into the Bible class let’s see here why would anyone sail
west to get to the east in 1451 a boy named Chris Dole for Oh Columbo hey
talking about Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa we know him as Christopher
Columbus Christopher means Christ bearer and he was undoubtedly named after Saint
Christopher the patron saint of travelers in those days people took the
meaning of their name seriously and Columbus took his name as a sign that he
was to bear the name of Christ across the seas to those who didn’t know him by
the age of 20 Columbus had already experienced shipwreck off the coast of
Portugal after making it to shore he joined his brother in Lisbon by 1484 the
two brothers were employed as map makers Columbus became convinced that the
shortcut to the oriental eyes West he calculated that the distance from the
Canary Islands to Japan was two thousand seven hundred and sixty miles he’d
obviously figured wrong but God knew there was something important to
discover just 150 miles further than where Columbus thought Japan would be
Columbus made a proposal to king john ii of portugal that he financed a westward
expedition to the Orient but it was turned down the king thought the earth
was flat no I just made that up he then became convinced that God wanted King
Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain to be his sponsors they finally agreed
before dawn on August 3rd 1492 Columbus knelt on the dock to receive Holy
Communion before rowing out to board the Santa Maria where his crew waited to
accompanying ships the Pinta and the Nina were captained by Mark Martin and
Vincent Penn’s own two brothers who shared his vision as his ship sailed
westward toward the unknown Columbus wrote in his journal Bible verses such
as listen to me all of you in far-off lands the Lord called me before my birth
from within the womb he called me by name I will make you a light to the
Gentiles and you will bring salvation to the ends of the earth on October 9th
there was an emergency conference between Columbus and Martin and
Vincent and Jean the brothers warned Columbus that they feared a mutiny
unless they immediately turned back to Spain
Columbus was unable to bargain with them for three more days agreeing that if
they had not slated land by October 12th he would turn back the next day the
convoy sailed hard covering the second most miles of any day on the trip thus
far that day for the first time Columbus was openly challenged by his crew
October 11th 1492 the men were 10 send the officers testy but Columbus was
confident that God would soon reveal the promised land then a shot went up from
the Pinta that I’ve read in a small piece of wood that obviously had been
shaped by a man were seen in the water next Nannini ax sighted a small twig
with roses on it the mood of the crew transformed with their eyes glued to the
horizon Columbus was a seaman briefly Columbus and a seaman briefly saw light
to 10:00 p.m. that disappeared within a few minutes at 2:00 a.m. the next
morning just four hours before dawn on the third and final day before turning
back to look at aboard the pinko sounded shouted land land there in the moonlight
they saw a low white cliff Columbus was the first person to set foot on land he
named the island San Salvador meaning holy Savior they all knelt in the sand
and with tears in her eyes as Columbus prayed Oh Lord Almighty and everlasting
God by thy holy word thou has created the heaven and the earth and the sea
blessed and glorified be thy name and praise be thy majesty which hath gained
to use us thy humble servants that thy holy name may be proclaimed in this
second part of the earth to what extent do you believe that God was involved in
Columbus’s discovery of America this second part of the earth do you believe
that Columbus was sincere and desiring the spread of the gospel do you see any
relationship between Columbus goal and the later success of the gospel in the
Americas psalm 2:8 says only ask and I will give you the nation’s as your
inheritance the ends of the earth as your possession that was Heavenly Father
we thank you we thank you for the many blessings of this life we thank you that
you’ve planted us in this land where we can enjoy freedoms and all kinds of good
to come from your open hand of grace and Lord we just love you we exalt you we
praise you for all that you’ve done for us here and we ask that you look kindly
and with favour on those that we mentioned who are sickened with trouble
and difficulties and storms and just all the things that keep us from being able
to praise you and worship you and lightness apart and enjoy of spirit we
would ask that you would just give us the ability to do that and turn our
minds to you and the things of this world will pass away they’ll seem like
nothing so I would pray that just once again be with these people help them to
know that you are with them even in their times of trouble and Lord we ask
that you bless this time together and we thank you for this class and we thank
you in Jesus name Amen oh yes we also pray for less who’s got a preach on not
he’s got a preach on Sunday his third time preaching and in a row and we would
ask that you would just bless him and keep him on a straight course of proper
preaching and edifying the people he’s preaching to and we do pray this in
Jesus name Amen okay here we go Romans 15 verse 17 okay well that was
long when you didn’t give me time to even open the thing okay put that baby
down and yeah that’s about the same I’m not gonna read mine 1517 in the previous
verse Paul clearly laid out his minis ministerial service as one of a priestly
role in this capacity and because of it he now states therefore in essence
because of that therefore this and then he moves directly into his explanation I
have reason to glory in Christ Jesus in the things which pertain to God in this
thought he uses the exact same term top restante on in things which pertain to
God which is later used in Hebrews 5 verse 1 this then shows that what he was
referring to in verse 16 is to be interpreted as pertaining to functions
of a priestly nature his ministry which is directed to the gen
people has been specially instituted that the s he says that the offerings of
the Gentiles might be acceptable sanctified by the Holy Spirit and
because it is Paul has had a reason to glory as he says in Christ Jesus the
word to glory here is variously translated as boast be enthusiastic have
bribed brag and so on but despite the personal nature of the word it is a
boasting which is not for himself but in Christ Jesus ultimately Christ made the
selection Christ gave the strength Christ endowed with wisdom to convey and
so forth he is the author and finisher of our faith and thus whatever is our
boast it ultimately belongs to him just as Paul will later state in 1
Corinthians chapter 1 let me read you what he says there 1 Corinthians chapter
1 and verse 30 says but of him you are in Christ let me make sure I’ve got the
right yes 1 30 and 31 but of him you were in Christ Jesus who became for us
wisdom from God and righteousness and sanctification and redemption that as it
is written he who glories let him glory in the Lord some say he who boasts let
him boast in the Lord etc so there you go to personally boast in what one has
not earned is self-seeking and it’s conceded than the premise of our
salvation sanctification duties in Christ glorification and so on is that
all of it all is God’s work in and through us and so to God be the glory
without the cross none of it would be possible because of the cross everything
else in the process then comes by His grace no boasting on our part life
application when we accomplished a deed for the Lord be it smaller great we must
ultimately give God the glory for it we wouldn’t be in the Lord if it wasn’t for
the Lord’s work likewise the Holy Spirit wouldn’t have been granted without the
Lord’s work and the deeds could not have come about without either it all
inevitably goes back to the glory of God verse 18 what I have said what he is
said and done and finished too quickly again I’m trying to make a note here and
here you are finishing up so let me just take your time
let’s see okay I got a note down there that down all right let me check that
and see if it even matches what you just read that was 15 18 right yeah it’s
closed cor I will not dare to speak of anything any of those things which
Christ has not accomplished through me in his word and deed to make the
Gentiles obedient in the preceding verse Paul stated therefore I have reason to
glory in Christ Jesus in the things which pertain to God in substantiation
of this he begins this verse with for there was sufficient reason for him to
glory in the matters related to his ministry for God and to demonstrate his
apostolic Authority based on Christ is effective working in him and because of
this he says that he will not dare to speak any of those things which Christ
has not accomplished as he says through me and so when he notes his
accomplishments the words and the deeds were brought about not by his own power
but by the power of Christ in Acts and in the epistles there are evidences of
miracles and signs being brought about through him and yet they aren’t the main
focus of his ministry if they were one might think that they were either made
up or that he was somehow and dad with these in his own right which is what
people seem to think today you get these charismatic and Pentecostal said go out
and claim healing over people and they act as if they’re the conduit and they
are the initiating of the conduit you know they claim things that they have no
authority over it’s good point to stop right there and to just say as perfect
substantiation that these people are false teachers all we need to do is go
to the Bible itself and see that Paul didn’t heal everybody that was sick he
left appt afroditi sick he almost died he said he I’m returning a Packard itis
to you is my own heart he almost died for the sake of the gospel and he left
dumb trophimus sick and my Letus remember that okay here
to Timothy who we’ve been with a million times and Timothy constantly struggled
with what stomach problems right he didn’t are healed they he didn’t do that
over him right what did you he said go drink some wine
okay so there you go the the issue of healing is solely up to God even during
the time of the Apostles I don’t know what prompted an apostle to say I need
to heal this person I know I can do it but he just like the Old Testament
Saints prophesied and they knew what it was time to prophesy the Apostles knew
when it was time to heal somebody and it wasn’t all the time and they didn’t
claim it in Jesus name they just went up and they said well they did claim it in
Jesus name but they didn’t do it the way they do it
nowadays and charismatic and and Pentecostal churches it’s a false
teaching it’s a false doctrine and people that go there expecting to be
healed are going to be misled that’s all there is to it
the Lord I believe in faith healing I do not believe in faith healers there’s a
giant difference between the two when why would we pray for somebody like
Frederick miss Magnusson why would we do that if we didn’t believe that the Lord
would hear and respond according to his wisdom of course I believe in faith
healing but I do not believe in any person that says I heal you in Jesus
name nowadays he has no authority to do that that’s just not the way it works
he has no apostolic authority that was an apostolic gift and if you disagree
with me disagree with me I don’t care I just I have never seen anything to
substantiate that in any way shape or form there’s a matter of fact the only
time I’ve seen it is when it was obviously impact ly false no whatever so
let’s see here where was I verse 15 through me and yea it’s evident that
they were the result of Christ working in him it wasn’t him working in other
words okay in fact there are times when the miracles were lacking oh here I’m
gonna do it right here I just stopped the next page 2 Timothy 4 20 it says he
left trophimus 2nd – I mentioned that and 1 Timothy 5:23 told Timothy no
longer drink water but use a little wine for your stomach’s sake I had just read
these and then get my thoughts but I don’t want if I don’t want to forget
what I’m thinking of so all right anyway yeah he said they’re not only drink
water but use a little for your stomach sake and for your
frequent infirmities I you know what if you can’t sleep red wines the best thing
in the world I would never take for a while there I took uh what do you call
those things to help you sleep on it well it’s got a certain thing in there
that makes you sleep and not melatonin a true
well no no benadryl gives me hives anyway yeah well no there’s something
that you need anyway it doesn’t matter um it’s sleeping pill listen they are
not good for you they’re there they’re just not if you want to sleep and you
can’t sleep just have a cup of a glass of red wine that will help you okay and
you know I that because when I used to drink beer a lot you know before I met
the Lord and I would drink I had no idea why I was always having bizarre dreams
oh I I did I just my drinks or his bizarre and then when I stopped drinking
beer they went away but I didn’t make the connection and then I had a beer one
day and before I went to bed and I had these really bizarre dreams and I
realized and so when people post to me or they post on Facebook and say I’ve
been having bad dreams or somebody will email me and say I think you know
something’s I say have you changed your diet and almost always they’ll say yeah
I stopped taking Sarge’s or I started eating starches or so they changed your
time your dough you know what was it a Christmas carol when he wrote that he
was talking to the ghost of Jacob Marley and he says you’re just a piece of
undigested beef and I realized that people have always known that your your
diet will affect your dreams if you have you know I mean if you don’t drink don’t
drink and if you don’t like wine don’t drink wine but if you want to sleep well
don’t take sleeping pills just drink a glass of merlot and I’m telling you it
really does help okay well then don’t do it that’s what I’m saying I mean try it
out but it will work for me if I can’t sleep I will have a glass of merlot and
it’ll put me to sleep and I’ll have very nice dreams
very very nice dreams yes okay so whatever everybody’s different
I’m not saying that people are supposed to be drinking or not drink
or whatever but you know people will say oh you shouldn’t be drinking when you’re
a Christian right but then they’re the same people that’ll say well I take
sleeping pills because I can’t sleep it well which one is worse Jesus first
miracle was to make wine I mean come on people okay anyway let’s go on yeah 1
Timothy 5 3 drink not just a water put a little wine and then he says if Paul was
the one to wield these powers or if he had authority over the Spirit of Christ
in him he could have claimed healing in Jesus name and taking care of both of
these even more to the point was his own affliction he asked for it to be removed
from him three times and yet the Lord left it with him saying my grace is
sufficient for you my strength is made perfect in weakness you know somebody
was posting about Benny Hinn one day and I cited that verse to him he says well
faith healing doesn’t work on yourself and I thought well that’s a good excuse
for you know continuing to trust Benny in any way by these things that is
manifest that what is noted and the healings that were wrought were solely
by the work of Christ in him because this is so there was no boasting in him
but rather glory in Christ Jesus and I see I’ve got to make that a small age
right there okay and glory in Christ Jesus and what is
the purpose of these things it is that in word and deed Christ was working
through Paul as he says to make the Gentiles obedient Paul’s ministry was
unique and that he was the apostle to the Gentiles Christ worked through him
to secure for himself a people from every tribe tongue and nation kind of
like what we read there and the thing about Kris Kris Kringle or Chris
whatever Columbus thank you what is apparent from this is that the church is
dependent on the letters of Paul for its direction and edification what he writes
is our doctrine at some point the church age is going to end and Israel will
again be the focus of God’s attention but until that occurs we are to rely on
the directives given by call not because they’re from him personally but because
they are from Christ through him and specifically designed for this
dispensation the church age that’s what if your dispensationalist
you want to go to where the source of your doctrine comes from if you are
living before the time of Christ where would you go for your doctrine the law
of Moses right of course will the law of Moses is annulled in Christ why would
you go back and use that for your doctrine you can use it for instruction
you can use it for any Kate edification you can use it for training in
righteousness etc its own but you don’t use it for your doctrine of how you are
going to conduct your affairs because it’s not applicable anymore right what
is applicable right now is the letters of Paul to the church that is what
applies for our doctrine everything else is some type of explanation some type of
useful purpose for us but it is not the doctrine not where we get it Paul’s
letters or where we go to get that I could say that a million times and I
don’t think I could say it enough because people will continuously deviate
from that precept it’s it’s very easy to do because you know somebody starts
quoting Matthew something whatever and you think well John through well John
3:16 is different and Jim and I were talking about that the Gospel of John is
a transition Gospel unlike the three synoptic Gospels it is a transition
gospel if the words in John apply as much under the law as they do during the
church age its transition it’s showing a fuller sense of Christology Christology
then you’re going to get in Matthew Mark and Luke Matthew Matthew Mark and Luke
are solely Christ fulfilling the law on our behalf that’s what it’s focusing on
it’s not written to the church it has nothing to do with the church until
after his death burial and resurrection 0 after that then you have things that
do apply when Jesus said go and baptize in the name of the Father Son and the
Holy Spirit making disciples of all nations or whatever I know I got that
out of order but that’s what we’re to do why because he is the Lord he is now
giving instruction to his people to do something new okay when he says baptize
he means baptize when he said the Lord’s Supper right before he was crew
fight but it was now time he gave the instruction for the Lord supper and
guess who repeats them in 1 Corinthians chapter 11 Paul right because the Lord
is saying this is now doctrine even though I’m not yet dead crucified and
and buried and raised again this is what you are to go for the New Covenant in my
blood anticipating that he would shed his blood and in fact he did we use the
exact same thing there that we use in the Lord’s Supper
well that’s true with baptism as well we baptize because the Lord told us to all
right there’s not a lot about baptism once you
get out of the book of Acts it’s irrelevant they baptized believers from
the very beginning and that’s what we are to do Paul says people who use the
verse of Paul so some I was not sent to baptize but to preach the gospel right
are we apostles right no that was his job he did baptized and other people
were baptized within that church as a matter of fact it’s very clear that all
the Gentiles in that church were baptized but Paul was making a statement
about his ministry some people baptized some people preached some people do this
and some people do that right but baptism is a part of what we’re supposed
to be doing I just say that because sometimes people email me and they’ll
have their own view on that issue that comes from the doctor known as hyper
dispensationalism where they completely cut in half the book of Acts and they
say this applies this doesn’t blah blah blah when in fact it’s a transition from
one to the other it’s not just dividing it so just so you know hyper
dispensationalism is has in correcting doctrines but it’s not entirely
incorrect it’s just you know what’s that it’s just hyper that’s right
so one thing and I said this to a friend who posted about it on Facebook a while
ago and I said you know they said well that’s hyper dispensationalism and and
you know that’s just wrong and I said well that’s like taking the baby and
throwing it out with the bathwater they believe 47 precepts you agree with 46 of
them and one you don’t you say the entire doctrine is bad you can’t do that
right we’ve got reformed theology which has got if there are 47 precepts in
reformed theology I disagree with 32 of them it doesn’t mean I still don’t agree
with the other 47 – 32 whatever that is 15 right I agree with them okay don’t
throw the baby out with the bath was just because somebody teaches things
that are incorrect doesn’t mean that they also don’t think teach things which
are correct as long as they are safe to believers of Jesus Christ I’ll listen
them okay even if their doctrine isn’t perfect once you get into things like
the jobs witness I don’t want to hear anything they say even if it’s correct I
don’t want to be infected by their theology in any way shape or form but
something like reformed theology I’ll just laugh at the parts when they’re
wrong and we’ll go on anyway so here we have what is apparent from this I’ll go
back and read the last sentence Christ worked through him meaning Paul to
secure for himself a people from every tribe tongue and nation what is apparent
from this is that the church is dependent on letters of Paul for its
direction and edification okay oh I’ve read that entire
paragraph I’m going down to the next one um life application Paul never claimed
anything as his right he doesn’t do it healing miracles wonders and so on he
never claimed any of them as his right he did it when he was prompted however
he knew that it was time to raise Eutychus was it Utica Sevilla the window
yeah right and remember when Peter went and raised Dorcas who is all that
Tabitha he didn’t do that to everybody there’s no other record of them doing
that but the Lord was making a theological point with Peter and then he
did the same thing with Paul with Eutychus falling out the door okay but
they never claimed that as a right something that they could do all of the
time okay so it wasn’t something that he claimed and steady allowed to work
through Lord to work through him and so let’s use this as an example in our own
lives by claiming something in the Lord’s name to which we are not entitled
we bring embarrassment on ourselves and discredit upon his name so that’s you
know like you’ve said if you want to go to a charismatic church no problem yeah
I’ve just I’m going to teach against it in this one I disagree with the entire
premise of what they teach they take ax and use it in addi a prescriptive manner
etc etc bad theology verse 1590 yes Galatians 6 verse 14 hang on just a sec
here just to say Burke is trying to get me in trouble right now something I said
he’s angry at me but God for oh yeah it’s not but god forbid that I should
boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ by whom the world has been
crucified to me and I to the world that’s where it all matters right yeah
that’s the reason for boasting his boasting in the cross of Christ boasting
in him boasting in his work boasting in the things that matter which is all
centered on Christ all of it in the glory of God
excuse me go ahead have the power of signs and miracles to the power of the
Spirit so from Jerusalem all the way around to like if L or I
come here I come I have fully proclaimed the gospel of Christ okay very close
this one says sign some wonders instead of science in that Marilyn Hill or I
come yeah anyway yeah that’s how I word pronounces probably pronounce something
completely different but that’s yeah okay anyway let’s see here first 1519
this verse is the second half of what pulse started in verse 18 in context and
in its entirety it says for I will not dare to speak of any of those things
which Christ has not accomplished through me in word and deed to make the
Gentiles obedient in mighty signs and wonders by the power and the Spirit of
God and then it goes on so that from Jerusalem and roundabout to Hill or I
come I have fully preached the gospel of Christ
Paul’s boasting was in what Christ accomplished through him not in his own
deeds Christ’s work was manifest as he says and mighty signs and wonders a good
example of this was found this type of deed is found in Acts chapter 19 very
quickly do they oh yeah yeah yeah you’re talking about the NIV lines right and
I’ll be there in a couple months I’m still in I’m in 2 Kings right now wait
one King I ain’t going for them listen that one at a time until I finish it ok
here’s what it says here now you’ve got me I forgot why I was looking for I got
it now God worked unusual miracles by the hands of Paul so they even
handkerchiefs or aprons were brought from his body to the sick and the
disease’s left them and the evil spirits went out of them remember Peter read the
same thing a shadow fell on people and they be healed so there you go that’s
that’s a good example of that working those are descriptive verses they’re not
prescriptive having been so blatantly interrupted by Burke that made me forget
my ax I’ll tell you what I get so I hate to
say this I hate to say this but they really
butcher the Hebrew names and places you know they they just say and run it’s
like yeah so I’m constantly every time they say one wrong I say it the correct
way and then sometimes yeah yeah I’m like cocky I’ll be like talking to them
sometimes oh he’ll get it right now saying good job you know and then
sometimes I’m not sure to because I haven’t gotten to that name and I’m not
really positive but when I know that it’s just completely wrong I I let him
know it he doesn’t answer though he just keeps talking unlike so many charlatans
who fill the halls of Christianity today with false workings which have nothing
to do with the spirit but are often acts engaged in for profit or those in played
employed in the tricks these were truly manifestations of the work of Christ by
the power of the Spirit of God they are attested to in God’s Word and they were
given and confirmed in order to establish the Apostolic work of Paul and
dad with this power in which Christ worked through Paul he made a circuit
from Jerusalem around to eel or I come as it says although his ministry let me
Circle something really quickly here my pen is falling apart and dad with this
pen I’m sorry although his ministry didn’t actually begin at Jerusalem he
uses Jerusalem as the center of his discourse because it is the center of
the Gospel message from which Christ’s word has gone out Paul like the other
apostles carried this message from Jerusalem and outward Paul’s ministry
was in a circular Rutten he used ear ill Rackham as a destination because it was
in the outward part of the arc of his circle being in the area of modern-day
Croatia which is way way up I mean he really did some traveling whether he
actually went into ill or I come or not is not known but he traveled at least to
its borders in his travels he covered an immense amount of land and came in
contact with many many cultures and people he was a tireless servant of the
Lord and all that he did he fully preached the gospel of Christ this
Gospel message and those endowed with its witness are noted in his first
letter to the Corinthians here’s what he says there for I delivered you first
of all that which I also received the Christ died for our sins according to
the scriptures and that he was buried and that he rose again the third day
according to the scriptures and that he was seen by caphis then the twelve
campuses Peter after that he was seen by over 500 brethren at once of whom the
greater part remain to the present but some have fallen asleep after that he
was seen by James then by all the Apostles then last of all he was seen by
me also as one born out of due time life application paul’s ministry was one
of bearing apostolic authority the apostolic age guess what it’s over it
ended with the completion of the Bible the Amen at the book of at the end of
the book of Revelation that’s the end of the Bible and that is the end of the
Apostolic age if people disagree that’s fine disagree with me don’t try to
change my mind on it because I will not come to any other conclusion than that
the Apostolic age had a purpose yeah it had fossils Jesus that’s right the
apostle means sent one an apostle of jena pasal can be anybody I could say
Jim I want you to be an apostle for the superior worth and you would be an
apostle you would be one sent from the superior word an apostle of Jesus Christ
is a person who was commissioned and sent by Jesus Christ that’s right
his yeah I’ve heard them and I’ve also heard of the apostolic authority being
transferred from Pope to Pope and I’ve heard of the apostolic authority being
transferred through the Episcopal Church I’ve heard it all it yeah they believe
that they have the laying on of hands which has been a right in succession for
it well guess what as bad as they are I wouldn’t want to be a part of that right
of succession so you know it just people make claims on things that are unfounded
you go to the Word of God you see what it says an apostle of Jesus Christ is
somebody commissioned by Christ okay Paul even admitted I was one that was
born out of due time he was commissioned by a vision of the Lord right he was he
was an exception and he was for a very good reason an exception we talked about
that in the book of Acts and maybe we’ll do X again sometime but other than that
there are no apostles today of Jesus Christ there are apostles of churches
but why have that type of a title it just made
muddies the water well they’re out there there are all kinds of people that claim
that so anyway just so you know so let’s see here um where was I it proclaims
yeah the Bible bears the work of God now it is our job to use this witness the
Holy Bible for building up and edification of the church
okay the foundation of the prophets and fossils which proclaim Jesus Christ has
been laid it’s laid once that is it Christ is the foundation and then in
Corinthians it says that the prophets and the apostles are the foundation and
Christ is the cornerstone you say well that’s a contradiction no because the
word of the prophets and the word of the Apostles spoke of Christ so he’s the
foundation in both of them okay it’s just different terminology coming to the
same conclusion Christ is the foundation first 15 20 pound Asians there you go
somebody else’s foundation okay in his previous thoughts Paul has said that it
is Christ working through him and the things which pertain to God endowed with
this ability and with this gift of this ministry he went from Oh mm oh yeah I
said that was last last verse he went from Jerusalem around to iller I come
fully preaching the gospel of Christ in this capacity and so he’s here states he
lets the Romans know that I have made it my aim to preach the gospel the Greek
word translated as made it my aim reflects an earnest desire or ambition
it has been his heart’s goal to preach not where Christ was named Paul saw this
ministry as a foundational one he set out to establish churches rather than
move into those areas where one who was already established and thus build on
another man’s foundation God has endowed all people with certain desires and
abilities there are those who are missionaries telling the gospel for the
very first time there are others who will establish churches thus bringing
together those who may already oh Christ but have not had a place of
worship to be it there are preachers teachers and congregants everyone has a
place within the body and at times the duties or missions will over lens we all
know that Paul’s goal was preaching and teaching to new converts he didn’t just
give the gospel and move on but after receiving converts you would disciple
them this is seen for example in x19 again I’m gonna take you there x19 and
here’s what he says x19 we’ll go tonight but some were hardened and did not
believe but spoke evil of the way before the multitude before the multitude he
departed from them and withdrew the disciples reasoning daily in the school
of Tyrannus and this continued on for two years so that all who dwelt neisha
heard the word of the Lord Jesus both Jews and Greeks so there he is he
spending two years in the Hall of Tyrannus and he’s teaching people about
the the gospel there it wasn’t like he just went into town said let me tell you
about Jesus and then left right he stayed and preached to people people get
down on Billy Graham I’ve heard this many many times they get down on Billy
Graham because he preached to people and then he left all right that’s his job he
is what was it what did what did would you call Billy Graham began with
evangelist that’s exactly right Billy Graham was an evangelist that was his
job was to evangelize but he never left people without saying something before
he closed what did he do if you want literature write to this address and we
will send it to you and he also said one more thing to every person in his
Crusades he said every single crusade be sure to go to church Sunday morning he
said that to everybody he understood his job as an evangelist in the understood
that there are churches to teach people and to train them up and to give them a
place of fellowship I had no problem with what Billy Graham did he was a man
of faults just like everybody else and when he died it was the most despicable
display I’ve ever seen people posting about him on Facebook and you know on
blogs in the light yet supposing Christians just tearing the guy apart
because they are Ellis because he spoke to people and he
preached to people and he gave people the gospel and they’d find them I
noticed little things to tear him a partner I tell you what that’s the kind
of thing I have no tolerance for here it is evil it’s a bunch of people that just
have nothing to do but tear other people apart I just I find no joy in that at
all anyway so that was Paul he went into the hall of Tyrannus and he did that for
two years he was there to evangelize and he stayed and taught daily for two years
but he also wrote letters of instruction and encouragement such as this epistle
to the Romans there in Rome was a group of believers who had already come
together probably without any apostolic leadership these confort smite have been
from the group who came to Christ in Jerusalem such as those recorded in Acts
chapter two at the first Pentecost in the church age however they were
established Paul was writing to them for the sake of both exhortation and
doctrine he was exhorting them on to greater
things and he was giving them sound doctrine which is what this entire
epistle is all right he hoped to eventually go to Rome and meet with them
but without violating his precept of preaching where Christ was not named but
rather as a stop for fellowship on his way to anybody Spain he was hoping to go
to Spain that’s Romans 15 24 coming soon to her verse near you life application
in order to be an effective member of the church one needs to decide what it
is that they can do to benefit the body if sitting in church listening to
instruction is all you wish to do make sure to leave a gift or an offering if
you wish to go overseas and be a missionary it takes planning and it
takes funding first think about what you wish to do and then determine to do it
through reasonable planning in in a way which will benefit the church you just
go to church and you listen and you leave and you don’t help out the church
you’re not actually helping out anybody because you’re not going out and telling
people about Jesus and going on to do your own thing okay everybody’s got
something that they should be doing if you’re not doing one thing then do
another okay but encouragement is one great thing you take Chris Wright she’s
a great encourage or girl we do missionary work with she she’s just a
great encourage or she ants have more Bibles in a week than
the whole whole church together hands out tracks I mean it’s amazing so you
know everybody’s got their gift everybody needs to do something for the
Lord verse 15 21 rather as it is written those who were not told about him will
see those okay it’s very close on this one
other than told it says announced but it’s other net really really close 15 21
once again and for the last time in his epistle he does something what does he
do he quotes scripture that’s right last time in the Epistle Paul turns to
scripture to confirm the validity of his apostolic ministry to the Gentiles he
begins with but as it is written the but is given as a contrast to what he just
said and so I’ve made it my aim to preach the gospel not where Christ was
named lest I should build on another man’s foundation instead of building
where others had already laid a foundation he was determined to go where
the word had not yet been preached as Israel has already received the news
about yes as Israel had already received the news about Jesus then this implies
that the word was to go beyond Israel to the Gentiles with this thought in mind
he says as it is written Paul returns to the scriptures to substantiate the going
forth of the gospel beyond Israel and therefore there must be a Herald of this
message an apostle to the Gentiles yes Paul saw himself as this instrument of
God imagine that he’s writing Scripture and he’s saying this pointed to me
somehow maybe he realized that maybe he just wrote it but in the end it points
to Paul way back in Isaiah his work would be what Isaiah was bunking up
spoken up speaking up the final portion of Scripture that he will cite in Romans
comes forth from his often-used prophet Isaiah he cites there the intent the
intent of Isaiah 52 verse 15 that’s alright
Isaiah 52 verse 15 hang on here Isaiah 52 verse 15 the intent is close but it’s
not an exact quote he says Sookie shall sprinkle many
nations Kings shall shut their mouths at him for what they had not been told them
they shall see and what they had not heard they shall consider so there you
go right out of right out of the Bible 27 26 24 one happens all the time okay
as long as it doesn’t happen on Sunday morning that’s the important one okay
this is a fun class and we can have papers flying around in people talking
and whatever okay so this is from the suffering serpent passage of isaiah
52:13 through 53:12 which speaks of the work of jesus as the messiah on his
first Advent from the unsighted portion of the verse we see that I say was
speaking of Christ sprinkling what Israel the Jews only
many nations this implies that his blood would be shed not only for Israel but
for all of the Gentile people as well many nations next Isaiah said the Kings
shall shut their mouths at him again Kings is in the plural and how many
kings did Israel have at any one time – they had one well yeah but no they well
yeah no that’s Judah in Israel I’m talking about one king in one place that
that was the divided nation but yes they had one king okay and guess what at the
time of Christ’s coming man have any king right they were under Roman
Authority so obviously if I say is speaking about the time of Christ than
he’s speaking about the Gentile nations okay Kings is in the plural this
indicates that rulers of many nations will be silent before him acknowledging
his his lordship okay Paul citation then begins at this
point he amends the verse for the context of his epistles but he doesn’t
substantially change the meaning the message is about the about the Christ
whose blood would be shed for the Gentiles that would be carried out to
them they would go from a state of unknowing to that of perceiving what God
had done they would go from having not heard – clarity of understanding and the
only way that this could come about was if someone actually
and told them Paul understood this and is conveying the message that he is the
messenger once again that to me is just an amazing thought that here he’s
writing these letters and he probably had the understanding because he was
already told by Jesus I’m sending you to the Gentiles but he probably made the
mental connection Isaiah was actually writing about him about his ministry for
Jesus Christ ultimately is writing about Christ and about what Christ would do
but somebody had to be used to do that and there’s Paul is that messenger okay
rather amazing to think about if he went went if he went where someone had
already laid the foundation then they would have already had that word
announced they would already see they would have heard and they would have
understood but Paul’s ministry was one of carrying the word to ears that had
never heard imagined his thoughts as he wrote to the Romans
God was speaking about me through the words of Isaiah it must have been a
humbling notion about 700 years before his birth got implied that Paul would be
God’s Herald of the good news of Jesus Christ to the nation’s and then people
dismiss Paul they belittle him they marginalize his writings all because
they want to stay under the law of Moses it’s hard to figure it really is it’s
very hard to figure and then you read the commentaries of people that that
when they have that type of mindset and they immediately get away from the fact
that the sons of japheth meaning you know that the Greeks and the Romans and
then up into England in Europe and then in the Americas they have been the
instrument of getting this message out for the past 2,000 years for the most
part okay after Paul that’s kind of the way it’s
gone right and when you read these comments by people that are in the
Hebrew roots movement they say well this is after the church got Christianized
and they used these terms as if it’s a bad thing
oh yeah no you get these people that will argue these things and I’ll say
they got away from the understanding of the Hebrew roots well of course we did
that’s what the Bible wants us to do they want us to get away from the shadow
to the the substance that’s right the reality
of things and that’s why Paul wrote his letters is because everything in the
Hebrew roots movement is shadow and as I said during that one sermon if you have
a table and it’s got gold settings on it and everything and somebody comes up and
he’s tried to grab the shadow they come out with nothing but when you take the
table and the gold on it you get the substance and you get the shadow with it
you get everything because the shadow is leading to the reality if you have the
reality then the shadow is already possessed by you so don’t uh don’t let
people fool you into that type of theology Christianized I you know for
2,000 years it’s what Paul warned about in the book of Galatians that’s almost
the entire substance of the book of Galatians is get away from this Old
Testament thinking all right for 2,000 years this has been going on in its
reared its head from time to time but now there’s a couple of things that are
going on one Israel’s back in the land to the language is re-established once
again three we now have communication where we know that these things are
going on and when somebody walks into a church and they say I’m Jewish guess
what the first thing people do is fawn over them as if he’s a specialist right
okay it doesn’t work that way it does not
work that way you have to be trained in theology just because somebody is Jewish
does not mean that he is very insightful in the things of theology he may have
good insights into one thing and not in another but if you don’t have sound
theological training it doesn’t matter if you’re Jewish or if you’re African or
if you’re American or if you’re but whatever from Sweden it just doesn’t
matter you have to be trained in the Bible okay that comes from reading the
Bible learning the Bible studying the Bible and then getting theology added
into that and that was one of the things that when I first came to the Lord mom
knows I’ve read the Bible lots and lots of lots right but I had no theology
understanding the Bible does not mean that you have good theology okay
theology is different than knowing your Bible when you have the two together
understanding the Bible understanding how things fit together and
understanding the concepts of theology which actually takes a lot of training
then you will be a sound teacher okay and I’ve got a long way to go in
theology I’m not trying to say that I am a number one in theology but I have been
I went to the seminary that I went to they taught on apologetics they taught
on the doctrines the major doctrines of the Bible there’s ten of them you got
soteriology harmatuk are mythology you’ve got Christology you’ve got
theology proper on and on there’s about ten major theologies and you can study
the rest of your life on those things and never know it all believe me you’ll
never know it all but you need to have at least a good roundness of those and
geology is another one pneumatology yeah well they’re easy once you think of it
pneumatology what is that no no no Newman PNE you have made the spirit okay
the doctrine of the Spirit Hammar theology okay that comes from the Greek
word hamartia which is sin the doctrine of sin so once you know the word it’s no
longer a big thing right so it ain’t geology that’s pretty easy no angels
right so there you go but you’ve got these major subject areas and once
you’re trained in them at least you can take what you know about the Bible and
then put them into understanding if you just know the Bible
and you don’t know the the doctrines you’re gonna have a lack if you know the
doctrines and you don’t know the Bible which a preacher I knew knew the
doctrines very very well and won’t give his name but he had never he had never
read the Bible through even though he knew the doctrines of the Bible he was a
great preacher he gave great sermons but he did not know the Bible yeah I won’t
give his name because everybody in here knows him but when he admitted that to
me I couldn’t believe it couldn’t believe that okay you you have
to have a working of the two together anyway let’s go on where was I we’re in
what first we in twenty two okay oh we’re still in twenty one then okay yeah
okay life application what’s that we’re still seeing an understanding okay life
application in a way when we participate mission work to have the Gospel message
carried to those who have never heard it we’re actually participating in the
fulfilling of prophecy without boasting or thinking too highly of the part we
play we can tenderly look at the words of Isaiah and say to ourselves God knew
that I would be a part of the fulfillment of this great plan of his
now that’s on blink thought right you think about it what we’re trying to send
ray in just over to a place that has never been evangelized right Isaiah had
to be writing about them as well the message of Paul came from Christ
it went from Christ through Paul and now it’s gonna go from Christ through Paul
through them so in some way they are also included in what Isaiah was
prophesying and when we support missionaries like that
we’re actually fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah 52 verse 15 okay
15:22 okay short and sweet we’re going through a lot of verses
today we’ve gone through more verses today than I think we’ve ever gone
through in 14 in Romans 1 9 through 15 Paul explained his desire to come to
Rome and fellowship with them and in verse 113 he said now I do not want you
to be unaware brethren that I have from planned to come to you but I was
hindered until now since that verse he has given his
discourse on the many issues which were on his mind finally in verse 22 he has
stated that for this reason I have also been much hindered from coming to you it
is as if that opening statement way back at the beginning was the impetus for
this masterful epistle only after explaining the many issues of the faith
that he has now returned to explain why he was centered he gave his thought at
the beginning he went through the entire epistle and now he’s getting to the
point that he wanted to make at the very beginning okay in other words this
concern was his foot in the door for explaining the many doctrinal matters
that he wanted to impart in his statement I have been hindered he uses a
word which is in the imperfect tense this denotes that it was a continuous
problem which implies that he had one hindrance after another as he strived to
reach his desired goal of visiting the Romans everybody got that the imperfect
tense means it’s something that just keeps going on and on and he’s trying to
get to Rome and maybe he gets in a shipwreck or he’s trying to get to Rome
and he gets arrested or he’s trying to get to Rome and the Holy Spirit says
listen I want you to go to Macedonia he’s trying to get to Rome and he keeps
getting hindered from his his goal of getting to Rome that’s the imperfect
tense in the Greek okay so these hindrances are part of his thought at
verse 15 19 when he noted that from Jerusalem randhir in his evangelistic
endeavors and in his preaching of the gospel where it had not been previously
preached in these actions he was held back from actually making it to Rome
this then it shows Paul’s dedication to the ministry to which he had been called
despite his great desire to fellowship with the Romans the call of preaching
the gospel had to be a paramount importance in this he hoped the Romans
would understand the reception of a letter rather than the welcoming of the
person into their presence he wanted to go I can’t go I’m writing you a letter
and eventually you would hope that he got there and did he get there he got
there in Chains but he got there the Lord worked it out anyway all right life
application I can’t believe there’s another verse just sort when you get out
of the major doctrine the verses go quickly I mean 15 and then chapter 16 is
a bunch of names greet this person and greet that person who are you done with
that in 30 minutes yeah we’ll be into 1 corinthians no time okay life
application what Oh as followers of Christ there are things we should be
doing and there are things we wish to be doing these will at times conflict with
each other using Paul’s example in the book of Romans we will find what is
right and pleasing to the Lord Paul strongly desire to visit those in
Rome but he knew that preaching of the gospel was of supreme importance and so
he placed his desires on the back burner and proceeded to continue walking on the
path laid before him proclaiming the gospel to those who needed to hear it
good stuff on Sunday I want if that lady comes up and talks to you I want to hear
what she says okay this I have been tickled me to death I was at Lowe’s
today just else and we were talking this lady at the return counter and she said
something and I said oh that’s because I preached and she said oh well where do
you preach and I said oh it’s over a desert yeah I just kind of blew it off
and I said it’s over on Superior Avenue and I said she said what’s the call I
said the superior work and she said the superior something I said no no word I
said it superior Avenue God’s work put him together and got something good and
she says oh yes and she says I attend 360 I said well so does Burke I’ll be
seeing him in a couple hours and she knew him so anyway but he cannot think
of who she is right now so I’m wondering if she’s going to come up and saying hi well that’s in that you know she may
have been thinking of John Kirikou she heard the name caracal and she may have
been thinking of her son but she might have been thinking of you – I didn’t
describe you or anything I didn’t say you were ultra handsome and you know but
yeah yeah bad on me but anyway I I I just it was nice to me – Christian and
she just did because you usually go to especially the return section or the
customers and those people get so much abuse they get so much
Buse and my heart goes out to him so I’m always extra nice to him like I had to
go to Publix and do something at customer service today and I was just
trying to be nice to her people just walk up while I’m there 20 people walk
up and half of them are just belligerent why they have to people like they have
to be that way but hey well let’s go on 15 23 but now that there is no more
place for me to work in these regions and since I have been longing for many
years to see you okay there you go that’s very close differently worded but
very close so we’ll go on speaking of his ministry which went in a circle from
Jerusalem around you you’re like um Paul felt that he had covered the entire area
in a manner sufficient to say that there was no longer any place that wasn’t
evangelize now imagine that that’s an area like from here all the way up to
North and South Carolina in Georgia all about it yeah by foot or by by boat
maybe but can you imagine saying I’ve been to every town in Georgia every town
in North Carolina every town and I mean this guy went all over he went from from
Israel all the way through you know the part of Syria and then he was up the
first Croatian on just Turkey everywhere he says I got a more place to go I don’t
know about that guy I don’t know that guy okay anyway that you know that was
just the best trip I I gotta tell you that was just I mean it was I was so
tired I was tired six months later it took everything out of me but it was oh
I’ve been the batter right now all of those well they’re all oh that you know
what that was that was Mark Twain’s desk it will became the governor’s desk but
yeah it what it was it was two desks that pointed to each other I think it
was him and his brother could sit and work together or something or anyway
yeah Mark Twain used that word okay we’re in the battle right now look those
are pictures from the bed and they’re all in the Capitol building okay anyway
okay speaking of his ministry went around there was no longer any place
that he could evangelize and considering the amount of area the immense number of
towns in people it was making quite a claim but
it should be remembered that he certainly instructed those he
evangelized to continue on with the effort just as he had therefore along
with his work those he brought to Jesus would have continued the process Paul’s
letters to Timothy and Titus though written later give his instructions on
the establishment and conduct of the churches when writing to Titus he says
this let me read you something from Titus Titus small little books all you
have to do to find Titus is you just go to the T books 1 Thessalonians 2
Thessalonians 1 Timothy 2 Timothy and Titus right those are for the T books
anyway Titus 1 verse 5 says for this reason I left you in Crete that you
should set in order the things that are lacking and appoint elders in every city
as I commanded you right so that’s that’s what Paul is doing he’s
continuing on what he had started so it is not at all I probable that the
message either directly by Paul or by those he trained got to the entire
region just as he claims right here in Romans and because of this he now tells
the Romans of his yearning to come to them he had set aside his desires for
the sake of spreading the gospel and he now felt that he could follow through
with what he’s so long wished to do without compromising everything in the
process life application stick to what it’s necessary first and or most only
when that is accomplished should we endeavor to follow our other less
important desires this is a world full of people who need to hear the good news
don’t let TV or fun parties dull you to what should be the first priority in
your life okay I talked to a guy yawn oh you didn’t ask me for this before you
leave I got to give that to you I talked to him on the phone I gave him a call
and we were talking and when he emailed me to set up an appointment to talk I
said you can call on Monday but I ain’t gonna answer I said that sermon typing
day and I do not want to be bothered you know if people it’s got to be a real
emergency for me to pick that up if somebody calls it it’s somebody that
knows that I’m sermon typing I get angry at them I don’t care who it is
but if it’s an emergency I’ll pick up and sometimes I just unplug the thing
all I’m having so much difficulty with the
passage and then on Tuesday I’ve got something I do and it takes all day same
thing and then Wednesday of something I do which I do every Wednesday and this
is priority even though there are other things that are probably more important
in one way these have to be done and so I take care of that on Wednesday morning
and then so in other words if you’ve got to set your priorities of what you are
doing for Christ first if you say I’m going to read the
Bible every day that should be your priority before anything else that you
do if you say I’m gonna do it at 9:00 o’clock in the morning then you better
set aside nine o’clock in the morning may I do it when I first get up so I
don’t get distracted by anything else but if you have a priority for the Lord
if it’s mission work you would better make sure that you are there on Saturday
morning at 9:30 right Tom knows that he’s been doing it now for he’s almost
up to 12 years he’s 11 years he’s got what is it it’s October November two
more months and he’ll be in twelve years and he has missed a couple of Saturdays
and they’ve all been because of valid reasons all right I won’t discuss what
those valid reasons are but it’s never missed other than really really valid
reasons in 12 years if that is what your calling is for mission work you need to
be there unless somebody is there to fill in last week I couldn’t oh you said
they’d be there at one o’clock I said I had workmen coming Saturday to
do something at the house you said they’ll probably be there one o’clock
one o’clock I Tom said it because they’re supposed to be that 9:00 in the
morning and I thought well that may be Thomas right they didn’t show up until
Monday afternoon yes yes I wasted my entire mission work Saturday waiting on
workers who didn’t show up until Monday afternoon I’ve just it’s okay you know
what with the weather it you you just have to accept it I but you know I would
much rather have been out with you guys on mission work but you know when you
got something to do and and you know and that’s the only time that I really can
get free is Saturday morning and sometimes on Friday and that’s about it
so there was no penny fighting okay well we’ll find it this week okay let’s go um
yeah prioritize yourself put your whatever it
is for the Lord first and make sure that you stick to it if you say I’m gonna
start going to church and I hope this convicts
whether it’s attending church online or whether it’s actually coming to the
spiri word if you say I’m gonna start going to church you I’d be there you
know I mean that’s that should be a priority and I’m not saying that just
because it’s this church Bert goes to a different Church Carol goes to a
different Church Tom goes to a different Church so and mom sometimes goes to a
different term so when it comes down to it there’s only two people that I’m
really trying to convict here but if you say I’m gonna attend church online be
there right I was talking about I know she’s here I know she’s here right now
I’m gonna wave to her this is Lisa over in Australia I was talking to somebody
about her today I said there is the girl it was at the bank do you know that the
bank on Siesta Key is closing its closing so Tuesdays last day that was my
last day because I always go in on Thursday after 53 years of that Bank
being there and me right it’s gone anyway okay so here we go I was in there
and I was thanking the girls for their time and one of the girls it was sitting
with a customer I said ma’am I hope I can interrupt for just a minute I want
to thank this girl and I gave her a tract because I don’t believe in
witnessing to people while they’re working I just don’t think that’s the
right thing to do but I’ve never had a chance to have her when she’s not
working so I gave her a tract and then they started talking about the church
and I mentioned Lisa I said we’ve got a girl that attends from Australia two
o’clock in the morning you have to be up on Monday morning to be if the Superior
word she watches live it’s always posted you have to be live to post it and it’s
always posted and then the Bible study I’ll get up tomorrow morning and that
Bible study will be there which means she was there what Friday afternoon or
whatever Lisa you have my heart I gotta take anybody that is willing to do that
she is dedicated so just unbelievable what a precious soul but if you’re gonna
make a commitment to go to church go to church if you’re gonna do mission work
do your mission work if you’re going to read your Bible which I pray you would
read your Bible the Lord’s things should come first everybody has time for TV
everybody’s got time to go out for dinner into a movie
everybody’s got time for that but they don’t have time to put the Lord first yeah and you do it and suddenly out of
nowhere the Lord to time it becomes available it is just
like insane absolutely always have you’re right you’re right well I will
give you I I may have said this in this class and I hate to repeat myself and
something like this but I will say this because you brought that up is when I
first met the Lord if I said this tell me to stop and I’ll stop when I first
met the Lord I work seven days a week and I worked before the Sun came up till
after the Sun went down every day seven days a week
I did that for years and years and I met the Lord and I said I’m going to take a
day off and I said I’m gonna do it cuz I gotta do these jobs I’ve got this
account I got discount I got all these jobs plus I got the wastewater I’ve got
to do these things and I said I’m gonna do it and I took a day off and I did
nothing right I couldn’t even eat because if I ate I get energy and I’d
want to go out and work so I wouldn’t eat all day long right but I found that
every single job that I did in seven days I could now do in six days and I
didn’t give up one job not one of them that’s the truth that’s a key to call it
tell you I think it’s the way it works you put the Lord first he is going to
honor that so there you go 15:24 I plan to do so when I go to Spain I hope to
visit you while passing through and to have you assist me on my journey there
okay I’m kick like them after I have enjoyed your company for a while okay
this is this is structured differently so read it again and then I’ll read it
okay I plan to do so when I go to Spain I hope to visit you while passing
through and to have you assist me on my journey there after I have enjoyed your
company for a while okay it’s just structured differently
whenever I journey to Spain I shall come to you for I hope to see you on my
journey and to be helped on my way there by you if first I might enjoy your
company for a while so the last of it is closed but the rest of it is just all
completely differently structured so okay here we go
15:24 we got a few more minutes we’ll get that done and maybe one more Paul’s
intent intent which is expressed in the previous verse was to come to Rome for a
visit but this was not the purpose of coming there rather it was only to be a
stop on the way to Spain once again Paul’s life
directed to mission type evangelism he desired to preach the gospel where did
not yet been preached and to establish churches as he went his desire to visit
Rome was merely to fellowship with them encouraged them and as a point of
stopping for help along the way in this verse he uses the term the Roman term
for Spain he says Hispania rather than the common
greek term which is to say buddy no the greek for spain we still used the term
when we talk about the peninsula to this day know the i iberian peninsula the
greek term is Iberia that’s right the iberian peninsula included the entire
region of Spain and Portugal this was Paul’s next goal in his work it’s not
clear if he actually ever made it to Spain he was imprisoned in Rome but some
early writings state that he was released for two years before being
imprisoned again in these two years it is claimed that he actually did go to
Spain we can’t prove that but it is claimed regardless of whether he made it
there or not he stated that he hoped to be helped on my way by you this
sentiment is found at other times in the New Testament a notable one is found in
the book of 3 John where it says this is just a very short little passage yeah
you yeah you get to ask him someday alright stand in line buddy 3 John yeah
chapter in 3 John 3 John first I go to five first beloved you do faithfully
whatever you do for the Brethren and for strangers who have borne witness of your
love before the church if you send them forward on their journey in a manner
worthy of God you do well because they went forth for his namesake
taking nothing from the Gentiles was very similar to what Paul did Paul did
take from one church to rob for another and as he admits there in other words he
didn’t want to be a burden on these people so he actually was a burden on
the people that could afford it less in order to not be a burden on them he had
reasons for it it’s discussed in the book of Acts until they again discuss it
in the book of Corinthians because it’s Corinthians that he rubbed Macedonia for
so anyway let’s see here it was incumbent on the established
churches to assist missionaries because there was little help to be expected
from the Gentiles well guess what has anything changed our rayon just gonna go
over to Papua New Guinea and have them pay their way no the people are poor
they’ve got their own lives they may not know Jesus and if they don’t come to
Jesus guess what they’re not gonna help them anyway they have to be funded on
their way this is the way of the world when it comes to missionaries very few
are self-sufficient there’s one that I know that I met through the Romans Bible
studies and I won’t give her name or where she is because I don’t want to
compromise anything but this person is almost self-sufficient as a missionary
that is somebody does help her that I do know of but for the most part you know
some people just go there and they get to work and they don’t they they’re
doing the Paul thing the tent makers right they’re doing something and
they’re keeping themselves active and and my hat is off to people like that I
got to tell you what now you do know that there is one organization called
tent makers right have you heard of them okay Ted makers is an organization I
don’t know maybe they’re not around anymore I’ll have to look on the
internet but years ago they were a missionary organization like why wham or
all these other organizations and they’re called tent makers and the
reason why is because they did what Paul did they would go to countries where you
could not be a missionary and the only way they would do that would be to go
there on work visa and so they would get a work visa for like I’ve got a skill as
a wastewater technician and they need wastewater technician so ok we’ll hire
you but he actually had the intent of evangelizing while there and so the tent
makers would do that as a kind of a subterfuge to get into the country
they’re legally doing what they’re doing but then they would go further and they
would be trained by the tent makers and how to evangelize and be a missionary
while working in that country right English teachers a lot of people will do
that etc but are they just find them they’re still around ok what is it
called the tech makers or the makers okay there you go
that’s that good during recruiting do they need wastewater people because if
they do I just did my CEUs so I am up-to-date
for two more years yes Josiah’s venture which yeah and that oh
yes to get their foot in the door to get their visas and then they go do that
that’s exactly the same thing Josiah’s venture yeah okay same thing they go
with one person purpose but they’re actually intending because they have a
heart for missions so there you go but yes I just finished my see use for waste
water I will be certified as a wastewater a operator and water sea
operator for the next two years that means from 20 1920 until 2021 I’m
certified so if they need me overseas I’m going yeah don’t call me called call
roto-rooter okay okay let’s see here yeah but I keep my my licenses up just
in case and that was a lot of work this past month I spent I had to do 30 hours
of courses yeah CEU is a continuing education unit that’s right so I did 30
hours of those last month yeah well it used to be they didn’t but guess what
they get money for every CEU taken if you take third you see use there’s three
$400 now multiply that times 10,000 operators and the state breaks it in
right that’s all it is it’s big business okay so here we go
okay I’m gonna read this paragraph again it was incumbent on the established
searches to assist missionaries because there was little help to be expected
from the Gentiles okay this wasn’t because of the coldness of the Gentiles
so much as it was a policy of the missionaries the less burden on those
being evangelized the better Paul remained a tentmaker during his
working years in order to not be a burden on those he ministered to this is
still seen in the mission world today support normally comes from the sending
churches not from those who receive the missionaries and so in order to receive
their help and to fellowship with them he desired to visit them in Rome that he
says he might enjoy their company for a while the term he uses implies being
gratified or satisfied in their fellowship he was looking forward to
coming to them and the need of their encouragement and leave
fully encouraged good job Paul life application the need for missionaries
has never ended the world still has many places which haven’t heard the gospel
but mission work is not an end in and of itself it should be a means of
establishing churches and then moving on too often and I’ve been critical about
this in the past too often mission work devolves into a constant state of
externally supplied ministry rather our missionary should encourage
self-sufficiency among those they evangelize and then move on because
there’s always more fields that they can go to they should not just say this is
our home and we’re gonna be here and preaching to you for let the natives
take over and run the the affairs and you know we’ve got these people over in
Africa that actually are their own support group like Isaac I mean people
help him from externally but that guy even if he didn’t have support he’d be
out there ministering to his people but people need to be trained they need to
be educated they need to know what to do that should be the job first and
foremost of missionaries is to get the gospel out to get the people trained get
them established and then to go and come back once a year come back whatever it
at frequent intervals but they need to let those people advance in their their
lives okay that it’s just an important thing it’s if not then it’s just like
you know the government gives people welfare and what happens you become
dependent on it and you just tend to rely on it well if the missionary dies
then what they haven’t been properly trained and everything falls apart
people need to be trained okay we got the time for just one more 1525 and
we’ll be done in verse one he says that I can impart something to you and you to
me right oh yeah he’s carrying that theme one I
don’t know you firstly but you know absolutely heard of you and through all
the world and so he’s going to get something from them just as much as
absolutely Paul is a great encourage all the way from beginning to end
absolutely okay here we go 15 25 now however I am on my way to Jerusalem
and the service of the Saints there okay yeah when I lift in my hand that was
just talk ladder because somebody emailed me said I had a hard time
hearing people talking last week and it was two weeks ago when I forgot to say
it last week so okay 15:25 before he makes any anticipated visit to Rome on
his way to Spain Paul notes that he first intends to go
to Jerusalem to minister to the Saints this is one of many internal clues that
this epistle is authentic we’re gonna read this in acts 19 verse 21 and
that’ll show us I’m going the third time I’m in annex 19 today but we gotta go
there X 19 verse 21 says when these things were accomplished Paul purposed
in the spirit when he had passed through Macedonia and a haya
to go to Jerusalem saying after I have been there I must also go see Rome so
there you go okay it’s there’s no doubt that these official everything confirms
itself in the Bible it’s a self validating you know when people say when
you are speaking in the New Testament you’re writing a commentary or reading a
commentary on diverse and people will say oh well how do you know that’s true
well because it’s breast-side in the Old Testament and normally that is what’s
called circular reasoning you’re using the source to get back to validating
itself okay and that’s not normally a good way of doing things but with the
Word of God it is because the Word of God in the Old Testament has done what
it has validated itself in prophecy of the New Testament so we don’t need to
worry if the Old Testament is the Word of God or not we know that it is it’s a
self validating text and then when it comes to the New Testament the New
Testament fits in seamlessly with it when they cite the Old Testament saying
this is confirmed and they knew the Bible validates itself we don’t need to
say well that circular reasoning because you’re arguing from the source there’s
another term I’m using it’s another fallacy where you’re arguing from the
source as well but anyway we don’t need to use that as a fallacy when we’re
talking about the Bible because the Bible validates itself through purple
fulfilled prophecy and other type of ways historically archaeologically on
and on it validates itself okay let me get we got just a minute we got
to get done X supports Paul’s words and Romans and his words here and in other
epistles support the account in Acts the Bible is a unified work which internally
validates itself again and again as we read its pages we can have the
confidence that there truly was a guiding hand of inspiration as the Holy
Spirit breathed out God’s words through the various authors in both 1 and 2
Corinthians Paul speaks of the collection for the Saints in Jerusalem
and he will explain the necessity for this collection in ministry a bit more
in the verses ahead that must be remembered that Paul was the apostle to
the Gentiles and therefore in order to maintain harmony between the Jewish
believers and the Gentiles whatever he could do for the Jews in Jerusalem would
help in that endeavor and so he painstakingly and meticulously prepared
his collection for them and wanted to be present when it was transferred to those
in need in Jerusalem life application gifts and offerings are still as
important today as they were in the early church they should be considered
carefully and given in a way which the most beneficial use of the money is made
why would anyone into a church which supports issues such as abortion sexual
perversion either locally or within the hierarchy we are accountable to the Lord
for what we do with our gifts so just as Paul did consider cautiously how you
will handle your given right just it’s an important thing too often we overlook
those type of things and we find out that we’re gonna have to scan before the
Lord and we’re gonna have to make it in accounting for where we spend our Sunday
morning or you know who we gave to what church and for what reason and you know
when I attended the Methodist Church that’s why I left yeah I eat I remember
that the whole class was full the next weekend I mean but you just have to say
I love this place I love the people but I’m bailing out I am NOT gonna give my
money to a church which is going to promote this okay we got to pray it’s
fun to go Heavenly Father we thank you so much for this wonderful book oh my
goodness Booker Romans is just so filled with
beauty and we thank you that it relies on the Old Testament it shows us the
prophecies fulfilled in shows us how they were fulfilled and it
shows in whom they were fulfilled and even that today they’re still being
fulfilled in certain people that have dedicated their lives to the spreading
of this wonderful message of Jesus and so Lord tonight we’d like to say a
special prayer for our missionaries those who are overseas and those who are
maybe alone and struggling with their own trials and troubles and be with them
let them know that you are there and help them to understand that they’re
doing wonderful things and they are appreciated even if it isn’t said to
them specifically at times that it’s on the hearts of your people that know the
goodness that they are sharing in their lives and with their lives and Lord we
also pray for those people we mentioned at the beginning of the church hoping
that they’ll all come to restoration whether it’s in their their life as
physical life or their their dealings with things that have occurred which
have worn them down and especially also we pray for those that are still facing
heavy rains and winds right now with the storm up in the North Lord we thank you
we love you we praise you and we exalt you in Jesus beautiful name amen okay
here we go yeah it is okay are we good
we’re Linda

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