RSP Corporate Partner Orange, John Waterman – Wine Making Part 1

Robinson Sewell Partners visiting Matt Atallah
from Atallah Wines. Matt can you tell us a bit about Atallah wines
and what you are trying to achieve? Yeah, Hi John. Thanks for that. Atallah wines is focusing on producing single
vineyard single batch wines from the best vineyards in the Orange region; focusing on
chardonnay, shiraz and this year I’m making my first cabernet franc. I’m just wondering if you would give us
a bit of a run down on the wine making process and where we are up to here? Well, what we’re doing here John is we’re
about to plunge one of my cabernet franc ferments. Plunging involves keeping the skins submerged
in the wine, as you know with red wine you ferment the wine and the juice together and
the fermentation helps extract the colour and tannins from skin. As you can see from this beautiful colour of
this red wine. Beautiful. Thanks Matt. Matt can you tell us a little bit about the
yeast that you put in the wine and why you do that? Sure John. Without yeast wine is effectively just grape
juice; the sugars in grape juice are converted into alcohol by yeast. You can use natural wild yeast, or you can
use commercially cultured yeast. I have chosen to use two different types of
yeast in my ferment. One will help accentuate the bright fruit of this
particular wine; the other one will help develop the mouth feel of this wine. So, the two of the together will be a nice
blending component. And Matt, why do you test the Baumé? The Baumé is the level of sugar remaining
in the ferment; we test is two or three times a day to ensure that the ferment is tracking
healthily: so the sugar level is dropping and the alcohol level is rising. The easiest way to do that is to check the
sugar level. I’m just about to do that now. You give the hydrometer a spin to knock off
any CO2 that is collecting around it; as fermentation produces CO2. What’s the reading Matt? This wine is actually in negative Baume, which
means the fermentation is fairly well complete. We’re actually planning on pressing this
tomorrow which sits well with where the sugar is right now: the taste, the flavour and the
mouth feel are all pretty much where I want it. Fantastic. Thanks Matt. Robinson Sewell Partners with Matt Atallah,
Atallah Wines.

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