Schott Zwiesel Red Wine Glasses by Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn Party Planner:
Schott Zwiesel Red WIne Glass This is Schott Zwiesel’s triton crystal
red wine or white wine water goblet. This is a very versatile shape and size, almost your all purpose wine glass.
This is made with triton technology, which replaces lead with titanium. The titanium makes the glass more break-resistant, chip-resistant, and also, is great in the dishwasher. It holds up to every day use, and resists the normal breakage that is caused with
other crystal. All of Schott Zwiesel crystal is made to
emulate hand-made glass. There’s no unsightly lines, when the stem is joined to the bowl, and all the seams are removed through out to give beauty and appearance to the crystal. This is the most versatile size wine glass,
it’s perfect for. red wines, white wines,
even as a water goblet. It sets an elegant table for all beverages. Pottery Barn Please visit for
more ideas and inspiration.

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