Scotch Experts Review Cheap Whiskey

– My grandfather always told me that breakfast is the most
important drink of the day. (upbeat music) The word whisky comes
from an old Gaelic word called, “uisce beatha”. Uisce beatha means, “water of life”. – I like the way that
when you’re drinking it, you’re drinking art and history. – What I look for in whiskey
is that first impression. We drink whiskey with our eyes, our nose, and our palette. Oh, that’s a lovely whiskey right there. – It’s aggressive. – That nail polish remover kind of, um, acetone characteristic. – Chocolate orange, you know, that you get at Christmas that you– – And, a little rubber. – A prickly finish. – It’s a lovely draft. I would give this four stars. – I’ll give this a three. – A very shiny, new penny. – Pleasant on the nose. – It’s not jumping up to me. – Really smooth. I appreciate this. – There’s a hint of waxiness. One of the things about
single grain whiskies or grain characteristics, to me, I’ve always gotten
cotton candy and bubble gum. – This is tolerable. – I’d give this a three. – Four out of five. Looks like an oilier one. – Good God, oh Lord. – Werther’s Original. – I want to shave my tongue right now. – Can I dip my finger in it? Smelling a little toasty oak. – If you were to make
a cocktail out of this, the best thing to add to
it would be more whiskey. – So, I would give this a two. – This barely gets a half star. – Spicy on the nose. – So, I see a nice balance
between age and elegance. – Like a baked cinnamon apple. – Ah, man, I tell you,
I’m confused on this one. – This tastes very bready. – Sweaty shoes and butterscotch, with a hint of sweaty saddle leather. I’m getting drunk.
(laughs) Ah, but, you know what? Yeah, okay. – Maybe 3.5. – Four stars. (chokes) (coughs) – I would not consider that a whiskey. – There are so many beautiful expressions available to drink. – It’s like I took a handful of Red Hots and a mouthful of Big Red and then just took grain whiskey and threw it down the hatch. – This is no way to live, you guys – I can’t drink this. It gets one. – Negative infinity. – You guys were cruel
on a couple of those. – It’s important to know why you don’t like what you don’t like. So, that was a good refresher course. – There were also some whiskies that I thought were fantastic. – I believe that everyone will find their whisky that they really love. (upbeat music) – It speaks to you, you know.

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