Serras del Priorat 2018 de Clos Figueras

How long do you not escape to the Priorat? I would come every week: landscape, history … and I saw … and ladybugs! Ladybugs?
Did not you look at the new white and red label of the Serras del Priorat? Traditional wine, but with a new look. Like the Clos Figueras winery. Mythical, but constantly renewed. They are in Gratallops, it is a charming town, surrounded by old vines. In this winery you would like to have a love story. We talk about love eh? In case you come with children. Yes, my love They have a bed and brekfast. Here everything is very silly There is an authentic winery and a restaurant where you can drink your wines. The Serras del Priorat is a wine of kiss. Smells of fruit and candy. And in the mouth it is a pinch of the Priorat: earth, stone, Mediterranean herbs and love. Yes. It is a wine ‘I Love Priorat’. Taste it with people you love. Do not you notice that each drink is like a ‘piquito’? If you finish it it will be like a ‘die.’

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