Seth and Ina Garten Go Day Drinking

-Hey, everybody.
We’re at The Corner Bistro with Ina Garten,
the Barefoot Contessa. -I’m so happy to be here. -I’m so happy to be here
with you. And we are going to have
a refined afternoon of good conversation
and some libations, beginning with a Pimm’s cup. So cheers.
-Ooh, cheers! -Cheers to you, Ina.
-How fun is this. -It’s great. [ Laughter ] -[ Laughs ] I’m in big trouble. [ Laughter ] -[ Coughing ] [ Laughter ] “Day Drinking”
with Seth and Ina! ♪♪ All right, now Ina and I
are going to make drinks from her recipes to prove that
I can make them just as well. We both have them on cards, and there’s a partition
so she can’t cheat off me. And we’re going to start
with Duke’s Cosmopolitan. -Okay.
First ingredient is lemon. -Wait. Do you have
a measuring cup? -I have a measuring cup.
I brought my own. -That’s the problem
with you cookbook people. -I didn’t bring you one, though.
And a lot of vodka. Seven ounces of vodka. -Just going to eyeball it
over here. -[ Laughs ]
You’re going to eyeball it? -It says to shake it
for 30 seconds. Is that true?
-Yep, it’s true. -Do you think I’ve done it
30 seconds yet? -No. It’s only five seconds. -Has it only been five seconds?
-Yeah. -I think — I think
that’s more than enough. I’m going to let you try mine.
-It looks good. I’m going to drink yours?
-Yes. -I thought you liked me. Cheers.
-Cheers. -[ Laughs ] How’s mine? Oh, he’s going to drink
the whole thing. [ Laughter ] -Fair.
-Fair? -All right.
So, now we’re doing a mai tai. One egg white, lightly beaten. Oh, boy.
-Lightly beaten? How are you going to beat it
without a fork? -How do you just
get the white out? -I have no —
Where do I put this? [ Laughs ] Okay. Now I have to put
the glass in — Half a cup of white rum. -One, two, three, four, this is
how you count a half a cup. -You’re putting it in? -There. Okay! -Are you making scrambled eggs
over there? Wait a minute.
You’re done already. Okay. Hold on. Okay. Hold on. Hold on. [ Laughter ] I’m scared. -You really did a great job,
Ina. How is mine? -Oh, it’s delicious. -You know you have a face
you make that’s a liar’s face? -What’s a liar’s face? -Thank you, Ina.
That was so nice of you. -That’s delicious.
-Mmm! Mmm! -Whew! [ Laughter ] It’s good, isn’t it? -Is it bad that I think
I’m in Hawaii? -That’s good.
-All right. Now we’re moving on
to fresh whiskey sours. -Now, I have to tell you
this is my favorite cocktail. -This is your favorite cocktail? So you better be doing
a really good job over there. Because otherwise
I’m going to be very unhappy. Are you ruining
my favorite drink over there? -No, I’m garnishing it
with half a lemon. -Cheers.
-Cheers. -[ Laughs ] This isn’t fair. [ Laughter ] Oh, my God. I won this one. Was that good?
-It was great. So that one’s a tie? From your face, it’s a tie. -It’s a tie.
-Looks like a tie. All right.
We’ve had enough of these — Oh. It’s for my single. Hey, we’ve had enough
of these recipes. Let’s — [ Laughter ] -Just take a sip, and then —
-Yeah. [ Laughter ] -I’ve had enough of these
recipes. Let’s go get some — [ Laughter ] Here we go. Mmm.
Well, that’s enough for that. [ Laughter ] Let’s go get some food. -Cut! -Okay. I’m going to play
a game with you. You ready? -Wonderful, yeah.
-Okay, we’ve got two dips. One’s the Barefoot Contessa
mustard and horseradish dip. And the other one
is Arby’s horsey dip. -Okay.
-I’m not telling you which one’s which,
but you have to guess. -I have to guess.
If I’m wrong — If I’m wrong,
I’m going to take a drink. -Uh-oh. Okay. [ Laughter ] -That’s yours.
-You’re right. Does that mean
I have to take a drink? -Yeah, you have to take a drink.
-Oh, I’m going to be very drunk. -Why Arby’s? Have you tried it?
-No. -Are you too good for Arby’s?
-No. I’ll try Arby’s. [ Laughing ] Wah. [ Laughter ] Okay. The second test
is barbecue sauce. One of these is Barefoot
Contessa barbecue sauce, and the other one is
McDonald’s barbecue sauce. -Okay, here we go.
-Okay. -What does that taste like? -That tastes like a million
McNuggets I’ve had in my life. [ Laughter ] -I think that’s a dead giveaway. -And the other one’s okay. -That’s mine!
-All right. We’ll both drink. -We’ll both drink. [ Laughs ]
Are you ready for this? -Yeah, I am.
-Okay. It’s homemade gravy.
-Great. -I have Barefoot Contessa
homemade gravy and KFC gravy. And I don’t know if you can tell the difference
between the two of them. -I feel like you made it easy because you pointed at
each of them as you said it. -[ Laughs ] Oh, yeah. I did. [ Laughter ] I think it’s a dead giveaway.
-Yeah. -I will say, yours is better,
but try it. [ Laughter ] -Tastes like gravy.
-Yeah, it tastes like gravy. What high praise. They have your quote.
When you walk into KFC, on the sign, it says,
“Tastes like gravy.” Ina Garten. [ Laughter ] Okay, so we’ve developed,
devised a new drinking game, because you’re
the Barefoot Contessa. We’re gonna see
if you can match bare feet to the celebrities
they belong to. So, we got Julia Roberts.
We’ve got Scarlet Johansson. We got Jennifer Aniston, and we got three sets
of bare feet for you. But you match them up,
and then I tell you how you did. -I have no idea. Clueless. -Okay.
-Okay. How about this? Julia Roberts.
-Okay. -I’m totally wrong. I’m gonna get
so trashed in this. -[Bleep] you. 3 for 3. -Are you serious?
-Yeah. [Bleep] [ Laughter ] -Drink up. -Okay, now we’re gonna do
three men that are often mistaken
for each other. To make it even harder for you. -Okay, okay. -Matthew McConaughey.
-Yeah. -Ryan Reynolds.
-Yeah. -And Seth Meyers.
[ Laughter ] All collectively,
equally handsome. -Okay.
-And here are the feet. -I hope they have radically
different feet. This is Matthew McConaughey. Ryan Reynolds.
[ Laughs ] I’m gonna try that one.
-Okay. -And yours.
-Oh, that’s so great! [ Laughter ] These are my feet!
-Ah! -Oh, my gosh. Sorry, dummy,
you’ve got the weird feet. [ Laughter ] I’m gonna give you a quote.
-Okay. -You have to tell me who
the chef is who said it. -Yeah. -And if you get it right,
I’ll do a shot. And if you get it wrong,
you have to take a drink. -Okay.
-“Bam!” -Emeril.
-Emeril. -I got that one.
-You did. -I might know a few of these. -“Yummo!”
-Rachael Ray. I’m an expert on these. -“For what we are about to eat, may the Lord make us
truly not vomit.” -Gordon Ramsay?
I don’t know. -Yeah! Damn it!
-Really? Oh, my God. [ Laughter ] I’m good! Yes! -“These days,
people think a tattoo and a bottle of sriracha
equals success.” -Why do I think — I’ve never heard it, but I think
it’s Bobby Flay. -God damn it!
[ Laughter ] Ina. -You know when Jeffrey
was in college, they used to have
a burial at sea where they wrapped you in a flag and slid you out
the second floor. You’re the next one
for burial at sea. -Can we not talk about Jeffrey? Oh, my God!
[ Laughter ] Jeffrey, Jeffrey,
Jeffrey, Jeffrey, Jeffrey. [ Laughter ] First of all, cheers.
-Cheers. -I have so enjoyed our afternoon
so far. And I want to say, I know that
tomorrow is your birthday. -Oh, it is. -And so I actually prepared
something special for you. -Uh-oh. -And I’m gonna be right back
to surprise you. -Does it involve cocktails?
-No. -Good.
-Yeah. You’re actually okay this time.
-Okay. Uh-oh. What is this gonna be? -So I used your recipe and made
you a hot pink butter cake. [ Laughter ] And now I’m gonna
put the icing on. -This is literally the icing on
the cake? -Yeah. I’m gonna write —
I’m going to write “Ina.” -Okay. I want to see this. [ Laughter ] -Oh, my God! -Can I help you?
-Yeah. Why? What would you do?
-I’ve got my own here. -What would you do?
-I’m gonna write “Seth” on it. I want to see “Ina”
on the top of that. -All right, hold on.
Wait, hold on. Here, I’m gonna do it on the —
here. I’m gonna prove I can do it.
-On the bar? -Frame up for this.
All right, ready? I. Wait, how do you do this? -It takes practice. -Well, you know,
I got to be honest. If you can’t look at that
and feel like you’re loved, I don’t know
what your problem is. You know what?
If you’ve had — Look, if you had as much
as we’ve had to drink, it’s very clear what this says.
[ Laughter ] And you’re at home judging. Go have whatever he was telling
me drink, drink it. And then tell me that doesn’t
say “Happy birthday, Ina.” [ Laughter ] Please.
-I love my cake. -You do.
-Thank you. -You know what?
-Thank you so much. -Nothing is —
Nothing is more — -The best birthday ever.
-Can I have some? -Your name on it. Yes.
You have to eat your part. [ Laughter ] -[ Slurring ] This has been
day drinking with Seth. [ Laughter ]
Hold on. [ Normal voice ] This has been
day drink — shh. I’m trying to do an outro.
[ Laughter ] Shh. This has been day drinking
with Seth and Ina. [ Laughter ] -Cheers.
[ Cheers and applause ]

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