Sheldrick Redwine Wins Super Bowl MVP

This would be 3rd and 6 here, let’s see if they can get a first down… to extend the drive. Russell Wilson dropping back, throw is intercepted by Sheldrick Redwine! He’s gonna score! It’s gonna be a pick-six to start the game off! What a play, Sheldrick Redwine! His second pick-six of the year! An impressive read by this defense and that just goes to show, why it’s revered as the number one defense in the NFL. Sheldrick Redwine – Two minutes to go in Super Bowl LVI. 1st and 10 at the 37. Russell Wilson looking to pass… …And it’s intercepted by Sheldrick Redwine, again! And he’s looking! He’s got no-one near him! He’s gonna get a second pick-six for the day! And the Cleveland Browns might have just sealed the deal! [mispronounced] Sheldrick Redwine! With another 44 yard interception for a touchdown! An athletic, reaching play; able to… …Keep his feet, and able to outrun the linemen and Russell Wilson to the endzone for a touchdown! Wow! What a play! What has been a sensational, defensive performance by Sheldrick Redwine might go down …in history… …As potentially the greatest defensive performance of all time. And yes, there you have it, your Super Bowl MVP, the free safety, Sheldrick Redwine!

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