Shooting in Self Defense | Liquor Store Self Defense Shooting Video

Welcome sheepdogs to another real-world scenario brought to you by Tampa Carry. My name is Ryan and in this video, we’re gonna see two women in a fight for their lives and a wolf who won’t seem to die. Do you shoot to kill or do you shoot to wound? Should you carry on your body or should your gun be stored close behind? These questions have been debated over and over at gun stores and kitchen tables across the nation. In this video, these two questions are going to be put to the test. So, you can see these two women – the robberies, appears to already be in progress. The scumbag is grabbing the cash. And you know, they’re complying. I think they’re doing their job. They’re doing a good thing. Here, you can see the daughter. She’s just waiting for her opportunity to grab her gun. And it looks like, Man, this guy just keeps on. He wants more. So boom. There it is. She grabs. The gun gives one to the mom, one to the daughter and all of a sudden this idiot comes back and boom, first shot’s fired. Boom and the bad guy takes off running. Now the craziest part is what happens next. This scumbag decides to come back. So, trying to get on the phone to police. They’re not really taking the position of cover. Their firearms are down. They don’t have it pointed at the attacker and this scum bags back and they shot him again. I don’t know what his intent was, is he like trying to have a discussion with them? Is he trying to convince them? But see the mother she’s stopping. She’s talking. She doesn’t have her gun up and boom the wolf attacks again. He’s trying to get the gun away from the mother and Oh, man, it looks like he’s overpowering her. He’s got her on the ground and It looks like he’s got the gun. It looks like he’s got it and who knows what he’s gonna do, oh man and Boom. He tried to shoot the daughter and it looks like the revolver is empty. Thank God. The bad guy’s hurt. But he’s still alive, still functioning and the two women were able to get out of the store. Now let’s back this up for just a second and let’s take a look. So, if this daughter would have had the firearm on her body instead of under the register. She could have reacted to this bad guy significantly faster. Lowering your weapon slows down your ability to get sites back on target. When shooting at the range or in a defensive situation, allow the firearm to fall back into position so that you can fire your next shot. This will allow you to send a wall of lead at the attacker, Stopping them in their tracks. When the bad guy finally exited, they should have taken a defensive position and gotten cover behind this wall or behind the register and open fire as soon as he came back. Keep your sights on target and don’t you lower that gun. And these women keep taking their eyes off the bad guy. Bad guy’s back. Mom doesn’t take cover properly. Trying to get on the phone at the police, this is such a stressful moment. The mother shoots a guy again. But why would she be getting close to him? Why are you approaching this bad guy? Why does the daughter not have a proper grip on that gun? And why is she not continuing to shoot until the guy is dead? He grabs a mother and the daughter almost shot the mother in this process. Wow, how scary is that? The daughters more focused on the phone call than she is about the mother. It’s better to have a gun in your hand and a dead guy on the ground than a cop on the phone. And this just shows you, this bad guys been shot multiple times and he’s still functioning and he’s still a threat. You have to shoot until the threat is over. The final takeaway from this video is that in a self-defense situation, you must continue to shoot until the threat is over. Movies have made you believe that if you shoot someone one or two times, their guts are gonna fly out and the bad guys gonna fly through a brick wall. However, many times in real life, the attacker doesn’t know they’ve been shot because of adrenaline, drugs. The attacker can keep going even after a severely fatal shot. Thank God, these women are safe. And this scumbag is sitting behind bars. But that’s what you get for a life of crime. If you enjoyed this video, please give me a big thumbs up. If you haven’t already, subscribe to my channel. What do you think these two women should have done? Should they have run to the back of the store when the bad guy exited the first time or should they stay and fight? Leave a comment below and until next time. Stay safe.


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