SOLUM ESL Case study The Whisky Exchange

Hello my name is Polina I’m assistant
manager for the whisky exchange we are a independent as wine spirits and be a
retailer in London we consist of a online website where we have a huge
amount of different products ranging from whiskies to wines champagnes and
when opening a new store we decided to implement several new systems one of
them was using electronic shelf labels instead of paper tickets as you can see
here the electronic shelf labels don’t look much different than tickets how are
they take much less time in creating cutting outs and changing them having an
accurate product name on the shelf labels very important a lot of customers
come in and they don’t have that much time to browse the shelves labels so
they have a quick scan of the prices and then when they find something that is
suitable for them they will see the product name the product name will also
have in some cases the barrel type the barrel type will help the customer
determine which flavour profile they would prefer to enjoy so behind me there
are some several examples of Japanese whiskeys specifically mini geekier and
Joey Chee those products have different barrel finishes ranging from American
oak to a rum cask bottles of spirits come in different shapes and sizes so it
was very important that we are able to adapt the electronic shelf labels to the
smaller sizes of the bottles as you can see behind me
we also had to adapt the shelves as well in the store so will be easier for
customers to browse the products and pick up whichever product they want at
the moment we have around 3000 products in the store and loose key exchange
fries itself at having a great team of experts to help you narrow down our
selection and choose exactly what you need so we can’t wait to see you in

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