Summer Entertaining Tips For Serving Red Wine

I would say, serving reds in the summer, just
in general, always put them in the fridge for about 20 minutes before you serve them.
Because that’s gonna help the way they taste and feel in your mouth, just in general. We
always think room temperature. Well unless you’ve turned your air conditioner on, your
house is going to be bloody hot. And you don’t want to drink a really hot bottle of wine,
so throwing it in the fridge is going to help make it not feel as heavy and as big. And
I would do that from anywhere to, from a Pinot noir that light to a heavier Cabernet. I’m
a big fan of Cabernet Franc, but I drink Cabernet Franc from Le Marche, from either Saumur or
Chinon. Those are awesome areas to get it from. I also really really love Lacrima di
Morro, which is a great varietal from Le Marche, in central Italy right on the Adriatic coast.
A really vibrant color, but also really bright and light in the palate and higher acid. I
would also say [UNKNOWN] Zweigelt which is totally outside of the realm of what most
people are comfortable with. But it’s a red wine from Austria and it’s got those, you
know, high acid notes but that big bold color and flavor still.

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